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What would you do if your were trapped, face to face with a maniacal wolf?
Most people would scream, others would freeze up. It was really good you weren't most people. The moment the wolf had entered the clearing, it's teeth bared and hackles raised, your survival skills had leapt into over drive.
You had run to the nearest tree and climbed up it, moving like a monkey. The dark auburn wolf howled and snarled, trying in vain to climb after you. You stared down at it, trying not to pass out from fright.
Your heart pounded against your ribs, beating at an erratic pace. You locked eyes with the creature and shuddered. It had magenta eyes. You had heard of wolves with icy blue eyes or beautiful violet eyes, but never magenta.
Saliva flew from it's jaws at it snarled a frenzy, scratching and biting the tree. You shuddered each time the wonderful oak was jolted.
'If I live through this, I'll never use anything m
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