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Faux Programming - Agents of SHIELD Wedgie Story
Agent Daisy Johnson of SHIELD let out a stretch and yawn as she entered the lab of the SHIELD base. It was there where she’d find Jemma Simmons. Daisy was unsure as to why Simmons wanted to see her (and not Fitz or literally anybody else), but Simmons was her friend, so naturally, she went.
Upon entering the lab, she found Simmons, leaning over the body of the artificial intelligence known only as Aida.
The robot girl’s eyes were closed and her chest literally opened up, all of her wires and circuits peaking out. If Daisy didn’t know Aida was a robot, she’d have thought Simmons had just killed someone.
Instead, she walked up to Simmons and put her hands on her hips, eyeing the robotic woman on the table.
“Hey Simmons, what’s going on?” Daisy asked curiously.
“Well, Aida’s programming has been experiencing some kinks recently, so the director asked me to look her over as opposed to Dr. Radcliffe. However, upon further inspection, I f
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Bird Brain by Rayryan90 Bird Brain :iconrayryan90:Rayryan90 194 11
[LiveRP]Doesn't Feel Like Christmas-Maizono wedgie
"Hey, come on guys! This really isn't funny!" Maizono squealed as her classmates began to lift her off of the ground. Her light pink panties with light blue frills started digging deeper into her as she left the floor.
Ikusaba quickly pushed the nail into place as it secured the stretching fabric where it would be staying.
As Asahina and Enoshima let go of her shoulders, easing her down slowly into her wedgie, the swimmer stepped further back with a hand to her chin. "Actually... it kinda is." She flashed a toothy, mischievous grin.
For the most part, the other girls in the room had agreed to this idea not long after Maizono had started pestering them about a Western Christmas tradition she'd heard about on tour.
Her excitable tone combined with the Enoshima's trouble-making "guidance" had been more than enough motivation to meet both girls' demands half-way.
"I must admit, it can be fairly amusing through a change in perspective" chimed in Kirigiri, who had retrieved the nails.
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E.W.S FINAL - Twilights end by WDFan74 E.W.S FINAL - Twilights end :iconwdfan74:WDFan74 66 5
A Very Wedgie New Year!
    It was a bitterly cold evening in Hyrule. Snow covered the quickly-darkening landscape, but neither that nor the cold deterred the festivities raging outside. After all, it was mere hours until the new year dawned on the kingdom and her citizens were making the most of it. Children screamed and laughed out in the snow-covered streets and parks, building snowmen and making snow angels with their friends and family. Though, the adults mostly huddled inside or off to the side, smiles on their faces and drinking large mugs of hot cocoa.
    But this year in Hyrule, it was special. They were not just celebrating their own new year, but were hosting many worlds in a combined new years extravaganza. When the worlds first began to become linked, there was a lot of tension. Unknown peoples, completely different levels of technology, radically different systems of government… it was a lot to take in. As the years marched by and the links strengthened, it w
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Gwens Atomic Wedgie  by Commander1237 Gwens Atomic Wedgie :iconcommander1237:Commander1237 107 5
The Incredibles wedgie
It was a bright sunny day in the city and Violet had just awoken from her bed, it was a pink sheet bed with the Incredibles logo pock-a-dotted around the sheet. She had a purple pillow and it sank in where she had been lying down. Her hair was messed up and her eyes where drowsy. She got out of bed in her long sleeve purple shirt with a kitten on the front with her pink and black stripped long pyjama bottoms.
She looked at her phone with fake jem case to check the time, it was 7:35, almost an our before she had to leave for school. She went into the shower and stripped off her clothes while unpicking a wedgie she had developed over night while she was sleeping.
Once she was done she wrapped a fluffy white towel around her and she made her way to her room. She got out a pink shirt along with some light brown jeans, also got out some white granny panties with pink daisies on them, pretty childish but she didn't want to seem to goth as all of her pairs of underwear where all dark, with an
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Wedgies by Daylight - Barbara Baker's Journals
Journals by Barbara Baker
This morning I…awoke and found myself in a strange place. I have no memory of how I came here, and I had nothing in the way of alcohol last night. My last known memory was falling asleep at my computer while I was grading tests, and suddenly I find myself awake in a classroom which I have no recollection of. Three other women were in the classroom as well, each of varying ages and other distinctions. The windows were barred shut and gave no hope to looking outside, and there was only a solitary door that proved to be any sort of exit. Confused and afraid, the other three women and I dispensed of any sort of introductions and immediately made our way outside of the door.
I found myself back in that horrid classroom once more, and after the venture outside I learned what awaits us. When I stepped outside the door, I fell asleep, albeit briefly. When I awoke again, I found myself in the hallways of yet another unfamiliar school, a
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The Incredibles Babysitter wedgie (Requested)
It was a late evening and Violet was in the house with her brother Dash, her mom and Dad were about to go out to a nice late dinner along with Jack- Jack, while they had called over a babysitter to come and watch Dash and Violet.
Violet did not agree with their choice as Violet was way too old to have a babysitter and was more than qualified to look after her little brother, however they did feel it was necessary as Syndrom's daughter was at large and was currently roaming the streets so they needed protection from her.
Her gang had been expelled from school and had been sent to prison, but Sydney was still at large, she even was still at school and was more professional at bullying other kids even without her band of misfits, she gave bigger wedgies, worst swirlies, more intense ways and forms of pain for pleasure and some said that she might also had powers.
"Now you guys stay here ok" Bob said walking past clipping his cuff links together, "We'll be back late and I expect you to be
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Taste (A Short Wedgie Story)
       Izzy adjusted the center of the blue dress' seam until it was perfectly in line with her front. She arranged her hair carefully, anxious with excitement.
       Some weeks ago, she'd been nervous to the point of sickness. She'd been rehearsing for what she was planning to do in the mirror for over a week, constantly changing the specifics. Just such a small question, "Do you want to go out to prom?" But it had so many different formulations; so many different ways of being said, and interpreted. She had to get her delivery perfect.
       She'd heard Amanda Collins boast to her circle of friends talking about her plans to get Mark to ask her out, instead of the other way around. Like a trophy of some kind. Izzy was scared Mark would fall for it; she had to ask him before Amanda could get ahold of him. In the end, fourth period came around, and before Amanda or the rest of the class had entered the room, Izzy had pulled
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Maggie and Eve by WritingStoriesForFun Maggie and Eve :iconwritingstoriesforfun:WritingStoriesForFun 67 2 Battle Aboard A Marine Ship (DarkDoodlesArt) by Retroann01 Battle Aboard A Marine Ship (DarkDoodlesArt) :iconretroann01:Retroann01 134 3
Forest of Wedgie-ing - rwbyfan98 Request
It had been a long day for friends Asuna, Silica and Sinon. A long day of nothingness. The three had decided to go off on a quest to find Silica’s adorable pet dragon: Pina. She had lost Pina in the Forest of Wandering, and Asuna and Sinon had volunteered to help her look for her beloved companion, mainly because of the ear-piecing pleas of Silica. The three were trudging along a beautiful path with their heads covered by trees with thick branches and bushy leaves. They didn’t have on their typical outfits, as they were on what they had deemed their “day off”.
Asuna wore a loose-fitting white V-neck that showed off some of her cleavage and, inadvertently, most of her pink bra. She also had on incredibly tight leggings that not only gave her wedgie, but highlighted the pantyline of her granny panties. If she ever squatted down, the pink teddy bears that decorated her panties could also be seen. Her long brown hair was in its usual form, with her signature braids
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Amy Rose's terrible day
It was calm day on the sunny beach, the waves were calm and the breeze was cold to chill the air for a refreshing day, the sun was shinning giving an intense ray of heat which was prefect for tanning or cooking in this matter.
On the beach there was not a sound or a footstep only sand and water, until Amy Rose had just arrived wearing her red dress with slight various details on it, she was strolling along the sand without her hammer and was trying to relax as best as she could listening to the ocean as she wondered.
She came across this huge rock that she had found and thought it would be a good idea to climb it, as she climbed up the rock trying to reach to the top she noticed something odd about her underwear, it had risen u into her butt by itself, she took a second to pick it out and scurried up the rock.
She reached the top and got a glance of the top of the rock, it was covered in green grass and a few little flowers, as she looked round the rock she noticed she was not alone on
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Kale vs Caulifla (Requested)
Caulifla was training around in her little personal gym that she had been built by her older brother, she was currently punching a punching bag repetitively to try and get her strength to a high standard of power, she really wanted to the best at fighting in case anyone tried to attack her, or if she wanted to attack someone and they just didn't fall over.
Down, sitting in a corner observing with caution was Kale who was meant to be supervising team mate but she was kinda shy at this point to even interact or speak up to her team mate, Caulifla intimidated Kale so much, she thought if she had one wrong move she would be kicked high up into the sky and ground pounded into the dust, she knew that Caulifla would not show mercy towards her.
Caulifla was getting quite bored doing the same exercise over and over again, she needed something knew to work on, she looked around the room, noticing her team mate still being her wimpy self in the corner of the room, "Wow what a nerd" Caulifla thoug
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Tracer's Wedgie by WritingStoriesForFun Tracer's Wedgie :iconwritingstoriesforfun:WritingStoriesForFun 75 0
Boys, Boys...
    Why am I doing this?
    It was a question that had been running through my head for the last few days.  Of all the things I could be doing to take a break from studying Pokemon, why this?  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt for a fella my age to occasionally get out and explore the great Kanto region but...not like this.  Let me take it from the top: you all know me as Professor Oak.  Pokemon scientist, inventor of the Pokedex, resident of Pallet Town, yadda yadda yadda.  And I'm sure you're familiar with my grandson, Gary.  Young aspiring Pokemon trainer, rival to Ash Ketchum, kinda cocky and arrogant.  Some of you may even think he's...kind of a dick.  And I should tell you that I highly resent that labeling, as inclined to agree with you as I may be on occasion.  Unfortunately, it was his arrogance that had brought me out to the outskirts of Celadon City.
    About a week ago, I had start
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Scooby Doo wedgie
It was a dark and full risen moon night and the gang was up to its usual ghost capturing. In a warehouse on the outskirts of town a man had been up to no good and had been forging paintings, as evidence showed. He had given the Mona Lisa a mono brow, the scream had tighty whities over his head and the yellow submarine picture had been made portrait, it was awful.
But coincidentally a ghost had been seen robbing museums of these paintings, and other ranges such as sculptures. The gang, Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Velma and Daphne had tracked this ghost down to this location. The warehouse. They had confronted the ghost hours ago and where still chasing and being chased by it, going in circles and walking through hall ways.
At this point they were going to set up traps, Fred decided that he, Shaggy and Scooby where going to set a trap on the front driveway of the warehouse, while the girls distracted the ghost and possibly lure him to the trap themselves, while avoiding it.
They had split up a
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Freedom of Expression: Chapter 1
               Going Down
       She swore at the sound of tearing tape and backwards shift in weight on her back. Damn. She swiftly got down on her haunches, swinging the mangled backpack off her shoulders. The motion sent pencils skittering across the sidewalk--she wasn't going to find them in this darkness. Either the masking tape from the open drawer in class had been old and weak when she'd fixed the failing flap of cloth with it, or the sheer weight of the books in her bag had proved too much for the fix. She didn't have the patience to guess.
       She needed to move.
       She checked to see if her calculator was broken. To her relative relief, the black plastic was only scratched. She collected the books together, stacking them up before reinserting them. "Not now, not here," she muttered angrily, looking swiftly around her. There was no one else. Not a single soul. Yet
:iconarbitrarydrachen:arbitraryDrachen 38 6
DC wedgies: Black Canary and Cupid
                     (Black Canary)
It was a dark night at Star City, the things were quiet for now, no crime or anything else; nothing, expect for a certain heroine chasing a certain villain. Our heroic woman was no more than Dinah Lauren Lance, AKA Black Canary; and our evil and crazy villain was a peculiar woman enemy of Dinah. Her name was Carrie Cutter, AKA Cupid, who was now desperately trying to escape from her nemesis. She made a lot of troubles to Black Canary and her husband Oliver Queen, AKA the Green Arrow, and this time Dinah was determined to catch her once for all.
They both were running through the roof of some buildings, Cupid tried a lot of things to mislead Canary, but her arrows were useless against Dinah because she was capable to dodge the attacks or simply destroy them with her canary cry. As for Dinah, she was getting tired of this after a few hours of go after this woman ‘Damn it Cupid, I can&
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Spider-Man Briefs and A White Mage
“ Let me go please!” I plea as Thaddeus pulls sharper in the front part of my briefs, “ How about this?” Thaddeus replied, as he took me next to an open desk and straps the back of my briefs to the chair. He forces me to sit down in chair, I wince in pain as the wedgie tightens. I sigh as class begins while I'm stuck in a chair wedgie, The teacher walked in smiling at the class, he walked around the class passing out textbooks. He was a tall Caucasian man with silver hair in a modern quiff, his nametag read; Dr. Jonathan Holmes. "Sorry this late notice class, but you need textbooks Today. Pick up your books and turn to page 133, Today we are focusing on cell respiration. Read the section and go pick up the worksheet at the front of the class, once you complete it, feel free to do what you please. I'm still preparing tomorrow's activity." I open the book trying to focus, however my reading was interrupted by Thaddeus behind me mischievously pulling on the leg hol
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Wedgie Story
The door to the weight room opened and in walked Mia. She dried off her face with a towel before tossing it aside and looking into the weight room. Everyone seemed to be gone, even Coach P.
Well, everyone except for Destiny and Kristy.
Kristy was bent over the weight bench, her pale blue skirt was rolled up to her waist, her hands were bound with duct tape, and her frilly pink panties were being rammed up her ass by Destiny.
Mia watched like a deer in headlights as Destiny brutally stretched out the panties, ignoring the constant screams Kristy was making.
Just watching made Mia feel the pain. The panties were so far up Kristy’s butt, leaving nothing to the imagination. Destiny was pulling with brute like strength, showing no mercy or care as popping sounds were heard.
Then, with one final violent yank, Destiny brought the panties over Kristy's head and snapped them on her nose. Destiny brought Kristy to her feet and admired her work.
"You look like such a dork" said Destiny.
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Alexa's Wedgie Torture
Alexa was walking down the hall at her school after the bell rang for the end of the day. Alexa is a 17 year old girl with great ass and medium size breasts, today she wore strong stretchy red panties with matching bra. She had on a blue shirt sleeve shirt and yoga pants with black Nike socks pulled up over them. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. She walked outside and saw the softball team practicing on the softball field. She had thought about joining the team but wasn't sure if she would like it.
Alexa walked closer to the softball field and noticed the door to the field house was open. She thought "maybe I can go in there and see what kind of equipment I need" so she walked over and went into the field house.  There were lockers and benches everywhere in there and she noticed some duffle bags with bats and gloves and other equipment in them. Alexa walked over to one of the bags and picked up a bat to see how it felt. It was light and she liked the feel of it. She wanted t
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