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Diving Board Wedgie
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[LiveRP]Doesn't Feel Like Christmas-Maizono wedgie
"Hey, come on guys! This really isn't funny!" Maizono squealed as her classmates began to lift her off of the ground. Her light pink panties with light blue frills started digging deeper into her as she left the floor. Ikusaba quickly pushed the nail into place as it secured the stretching fabric where it would be staying. As Asahina and Enoshima let go of her shoulders, easing her down slowly into her wedgie, the swimmer stepped further back with a hand to her chin. "Actually... it kinda is." She flashed a toothy, mischievous grin. For the most part, the other girls in the room had agreed to this idea not long after Maizono had started pest
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Ben 10: Gwen Tennyson Wedgie Story
Gwen Tennyson Wedgie Story *Both Gwen and Ben are 18 in this instance*    As Gwen moved her pawn to Ben's king she smiled, smashing it off the board and declaring herself as the winner. "Oh my God Ben! You're so bad at chess! I took your king with a pawn you loser."   "Shut up, I let you win Gwen, don't make me teach you a lesson!"   "Ben, with my magic, I'd be teaching YOU a lesson." Gwen taunted.   "We'll see about that!" He angrily yelled back to her. As he reached for his omintrix. As he was about to hit the button, and become unstoppable, he suddenly was lifted into the air. Ben felt a burning sensation and realized she was using
Wedgies by Daylight - Barbara Baker's Journals
Journals by Barbara Baker ********* This morning I…awoke and found myself in a strange place. I have no memory of how I came here, and I had nothing in the way of alcohol last night. My last known memory was falling asleep at my computer while I was grading tests, and suddenly I find myself awake in a classroom which I have no recollection of. Three other women were in the classroom as well, each of varying ages and other distinctions. The windows were barred shut and gave no hope to looking outside, and there was only a solitary door that proved to be any sort of exit. Confused and afraid, the other three women and I dispensed of any s
Christmas: The Season of Giving... Wedgies!
Commander Keyes Atomic Wedgie
Wedgie War page 2 (commission)
The Incredibles Babysitter wedgie (Requested)
It was a late evening and Violet was in the house with her brother Dash, her mom and Dad were about to go out to a nice late dinner along with Jack- Jack, while they had called over a babysitter to come and watch Dash and Violet. Violet did not agree with their choice as Violet was way too old to have a babysitter and was more than qualified to look after her little brother, however they did feel it was necessary as Syndrom's daughter was at large and was currently roaming the streets so they needed protection from her. Her gang had been expelled from school and had been sent to prison, but Sydney was still at large, she even was still at s
Astolfo Atomic Wedgie
Wedgies By Daylight - Thrasher Journals
Journals of Barbara Baker – On the topic of Thrashers ********* The Tinkerer The first of the Thrashers I encountered, and the one I frequently found myself going against in my first few attempts at escape. Clad in nothing but blue overalls and grease, The Tinkerer is a master at making contraptions designed to keep their victims locked in place. As such, one needs to be careful around her. Even when she’s not around, one wrong step and you’ll be left to dangle by your panties until The Tinkerer seems fit to grab ahold of you and bring you to one of those accursed hooks. Especially since triggering one of her traps emits a l
Kale vs Caulifla (Requested)
Caulifla was training around in her little personal gym that she had been built by her older brother, she was currently punching a punching bag repetitively to try and get her strength to a high standard of power, she really wanted to the best at fighting in case anyone tried to attack her, or if she wanted to attack someone and they just didn't fall over. Down, sitting in a corner observing with caution was Kale who was meant to be supervising team mate but she was kinda shy at this point to even interact or speak up to her team mate, Caulifla intimidated Kale so much, she thought if she had one wrong move she would be kicked high up into t
Gwens Atomic Wedgie
Doki Doki Wedgie Club (2)
After that session of wedgies, Monika, Natsuki and Yuri started with the round 2 of the game as Sayori continued hanging by her underwear in the closet, feeling how she was splitted at the half by her own underwear second by second. It had been 15 minutes since she was left hanging there, her ass was on fire and her crotch wasn’t better. The pain was killing her and her legs were starting to get numb. This was definitely the most painful experience in her life. “W-When can I get down from here?” Sayori asked in the huge pain she was living. The hanging adding with the previous wedgies turned a funny prank into a hell for he
Doki Doki Wedgie Club (3)
Pain; that was all Yuri and Sayori could feel after being in painful hanging wedgies for a good while. Sayori spent more time hanging, but Yuri had also an atomic that added more pain to her torture, so any of them got it better. They waited for Monika and Natsuki to finish the last round of the cards game, holding the huge burning pain they both had in their almost destroyed asses. “Guys… why are you taking so much…?” Sayori asked weakly in her painful state, grabbing her crotch in also big pain and avoiding move so much in the air to not add more pressure at the wedgie. “You’re making it on purpose, jus
Spartan Ruby Atomic Wedgie
Samus Aran Atomic Hanging Wedgie
Hailey the Bully: Chapter 4
4 The Dark Side    Hailey stood to the side of the hallway, leaning against the lockers. While everyone else in Michelle's gang laughed as they surrounded the two nerdy girls, Hailey watched in silence as their underwear was pulled up. Her music was playing in her earbuds, but although it was a slow song, she had the volume all the way up to drown out their pleas.    The first nerd was a girl named Charity Coy, who was yelping as she was bounced up to her tiptoes by a pair of green Animal Crossing panties. The meek girl looked around, seeing only laughing bullies in every direction, and her face lit up red as she struggled to deal with th