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Commission - Supernatural wedgie war by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Supernatural wedgie war :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 123 17 Commission - Smash Bros Ultimate wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Smash Bros Ultimate wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 111 11 Commission - Kiyotaka Ishimaru wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Kiyotaka Ishimaru wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 84 7
The Incredibles Babysitter wedgie (Requested)
It was a late evening and Violet was in the house with her brother Dash, her mom and Dad were about to go out to a nice late dinner along with Jack- Jack, while they had called over a babysitter to come and watch Dash and Violet.
Violet did not agree with their choice as Violet was way too old to have a babysitter and was more than qualified to look after her little brother, however they did feel it was necessary as Syndrom's daughter was at large and was currently roaming the streets so they needed protection from her.
Her gang had been expelled from school and had been sent to prison, but Sydney was still at large, she even was still at school and was more professional at bullying other kids even without her band of misfits, she gave bigger wedgies, worst swirlies, more intense ways and forms of pain for pleasure and some said that she might also had powers.
"Now you guys stay here ok" Bob said walking past clipping his cuff links together, "We'll be back late and I expect you to be
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Request - Marco wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Marco wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 209 21 Commission - Naegi wedgie by Black-Chocobo99 Commission - Naegi wedgie :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 133 18 Spiderman wedgie by TylerKelex6 Spiderman wedgie :icontylerkelex6:TylerKelex6 51 4 Archer and Lancer Wedgie (Art Trade) by ElliPayne Archer and Lancer Wedgie (Art Trade) :iconellipayne:ElliPayne 100 18 Request - Sasuke + Neji wedgies by Black-Chocobo99 Request - Sasuke + Neji wedgies :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 102 15 When the sand strikes back by Black-Chocobo99 When the sand strikes back :iconblack-chocobo99:Black-Chocobo99 85 21 Tiger Wedgie by wedgiedog Tiger Wedgie :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 73 5
Tighty Whities From A Sadist P.O.V.

Sadist- A person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others.
If you've read my previous stories, you'll see that I have quite a liking to Dom/Sub storylines along with a lot of humiliation involved. I am proud to say that I am a sadist. Not so much on the inflicting pain (unless asked for in the bedroom with sexual partner) but the humiliation is something I love to dish out.
The backstory and trigger are true. Enjoy!
Backstory: On my days off from work or if I have some down time, I will occasionally drive for Lyft. I do it to make some extra money on the side along with giving my people skills a nice workout for the passengers that choose to want to talk. I come across all types of people with different personalities. There
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Mini Wedgie Comic 4 by KazukiInoue21 Mini Wedgie Comic 4 :iconkazukiinoue21:KazukiInoue21 50 5 Nice panties by MysticFloof Nice panties :iconmysticfloof:MysticFloof 27 0 The whole gang hanging wedgie by TylerKelex6 The whole gang hanging wedgie :icontylerkelex6:TylerKelex6 51 0 Group of Wedgie by holleren46 Group of Wedgie :iconholleren46:holleren46 14 3 Mini Wedgie Comic 5 by KazukiInoue21 Mini Wedgie Comic 5 :iconkazukiinoue21:KazukiInoue21 52 7 Toshiro's Wedgie by TheCaliforniaBoy1989 Toshiro's Wedgie :iconthecaliforniaboy1989:TheCaliforniaBoy1989 66 13 Timmy Turner Hanging wedgie by TylerKelex6 Timmy Turner Hanging wedgie :icontylerkelex6:TylerKelex6 43 8 Takato Matsuda wedgied at Shinjuku! by TaKaTiK00 Takato Matsuda wedgied at Shinjuku! :icontakatik00:TaKaTiK00 50 14
What I Learned in 5th Grade 2
What I Learned in 5th Grade
Principle 2:
'Wear plain undies to school.'
No matter how fun it is to wear those bright dinosaur-printed cartoon briefs you got for your birthday, you shouldn't put them on for school. If you do, I guarantee that, somehow, somewhere, that big bully who has been picking on you for weeks is going to catch a glimpse of your sky-blue elastic waistband and give you a massive wedgie by the swings after school.
Shriek as much as you want, but the bully's not going to stop there just because the big T-Rex that is supposed to be on your butt is now covering your back. That wedgie is going to be atomic, and then just when you think it couldn't get any worse, the bully mercilessly pantses you. So now you're blinded, waddling around in your dino-wear with your hands outstretched, begging for mercy and wailing; the bully on the other hand laughs and tells you you're running in circles until he knocks you down and leaves you struggling to get the elastic off of your fore
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Jessie: Luke's Humiliation
The sun is shining bright today on an average Thursday. The day is going by really good especially for a certain black hair teen. He was walking down the hallway with a big smile on his face, heading to his locker. He was wearing a dark blue dress shirt with a white muscle shirt underneath, black jeans, and blue vans.
He got to his locker and he was putting stuff in it and then out of nowhere, another teen with black hair appeared behind him. He was a bit shorter than him. He was wearing a Green shirt, khaki pants, and green vans.
“Hey Luke.” Said the shorter teen
“Hey Ravi. What’s up?”
“I was wondering what time you gonna show up tonight? We still need to find the right size costume for you to wear for the play.”
“I’ll be there after I’m done with my last class.”
“Ok. We will have the outfits ready for you to try on and after that, we will have you do some rehearsal.”
“Ravi. Please. I got this. My line
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Rufus gets wedgied by waistbandwarrior Rufus gets wedgied :iconwaistbandwarrior:waistbandwarrior 43 3 Hanging wedgie prank by TylerKelex6 Hanging wedgie prank :icontylerkelex6:TylerKelex6 37 5