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List O' Wedgies
The Wedgie
It’s safe to assume that ever since people have worn pants there has been the complaint of fabric packing itself into the tight space of any butt crack it could find. The annoyance of having material bunched up in the back and the shame of having to deal with it in public has plagued mankind for centuries. This unbiased felon went unnamed for many years of its undie-scrunching spree until an unknown genius gave it a name: wedgie.
Once underwear started becoming increasingly available to everyone with a variety of fabrics and styles to choose from the runway was set for the wedgie to begin its true reign of terror. The almighty wedgie quickly became a feared weapon in the bullys’ arsenal of tactics. Just saying the word would make band geeks’ clench their butt cheeks in fear and fill fetishists’ stomachs with butterflies as they let their waistbands peek out for an easier target.
Leaving a trail of shredded fabric, enlarged leg holes,
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Ben 10: Gwen Tennyson Wedgie Story
Gwen Tennyson Wedgie Story
   As Gwen moved her pawn to Ben's king she smiled, smashing it off the board and declaring herself as the winner. "Oh my God Ben! You're so bad at chess! I took your king with a pawn you loser."
  "Shut up, I let you win Gwen, don't make me teach you a lesson!"
  "Ben, with my magic, I'd be teaching YOU a lesson." Gwen taunted.
  "We'll see about that!" He angrily yelled back to her. As he reached for his omintrix. As he was about to hit the button, and become unstoppable, he suddenly was lifted into the air. Ben felt a burning sensation and realized she was using her magic to wedgie him.
  "Oh, you want a wedgie fight? You are so on. I'm gonna wreck those frilly little panties of yours Gwen!" Ben slammed on the omintrix, becoming the alien know as grey matter. He ran to Gwen hiding under the picnic table they played chess on.
   "Stop running Ben!" Gwen ordered. Snickering, Ben reached her leg and began climbing up it
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Merida's wedgie
It was a bright, misty day in the wonderful land of Scotland, and in the castle of DunBroch on the top of the green, emerald hill stood the 16-year-old princess Merida. Merida had long ginger locks that curled their way down her back, her skin was pale and was covered with light freckles over her rosy cheeks, her lips were pink and contrasted with her blue eyes that shined with the light of the sun. She wore a dark teal cotton off-the-shoulder dress with long arms, gold trimmings and beadings, her skirt draped across the floor as she walked through her room on this morning, clearly it was a long night last night as she was still in her normal attire.
As she strolled through her room she looked out her window to see the sun high in the sky, it was almost noon, but she also noticed a strong stench coming from within her chambers, it was her, mostly her clothes. She went into her en-suit and de-robed and entered her shower to wash herself, once she was done she stepped out and picked up h
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Darling in the franxx wedgie by StarfishArt Darling in the franxx wedgie :iconstarfishart:StarfishArt 149 14
Locker Room Wedgie 2
    Harriet was practically stomping down the hallway toward the school gym. She hated gym class. It was just a complete waste of time; the only good part about it was that Jared Gleeson got to see her in her short tennis shorts (that really shouldn't have been allowed by the school dress code). Other than that, Gym was just a bore. Yesterday was the exception when the new girl arrived... what was her name? Ginny or Jenny or something like that. She had stepped on some random bag on the gym floor, and Harriet had exploited the moment to have a little fun. The girl never even knew the bag wasn't Harriet's.
    Her friends Billie and Danielle, two tall girls, had pulled down the new girl's shorts and Harriet had given her a hanging wedgie in the locker room throughout the entire period yesterday. The new girl had had some stretchy panties, but Harriet doubted this class period would be as fun as yesterday's.
    Billie and Danielle were already in the
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Kale vs Caulifla (Requested)
Caulifla was training around in her little personal gym that she had been built by her older brother, she was currently punching a punching bag repetitively to try and get her strength to a high standard of power, she really wanted to the best at fighting in case anyone tried to attack her, or if she wanted to attack someone and they just didn't fall over.
Down, sitting in a corner observing with caution was Kale who was meant to be supervising team mate but she was kinda shy at this point to even interact or speak up to her team mate, Caulifla intimidated Kale so much, she thought if she had one wrong move she would be kicked high up into the sky and ground pounded into the dust, she knew that Caulifla would not show mercy towards her.
Caulifla was getting quite bored doing the same exercise over and over again, she needed something knew to work on, she looked around the room, noticing her team mate still being her wimpy self in the corner of the room, "Wow what a nerd" Caulifla thoug
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Rwby and the wedgiesaurous (Requested)
It was a misty day at beacon academy, where team rwby where currently resting in their dorm room, Weiss was polishing her sword to its finest touch in her white and shiny blue nightie which had a dress like aspect to it's design, Blake was sitting in the usual corner reading her book wearing her black Japanese styled nightie with her legs holding up her book and Ruby who was flat face first in her bed almost falling off the side was wearing her black strapped pyjama shirt with a pink heart on the front, along with her long white pyjama trousers with pink rose petals printed on them.
Yang was on her bed looking around in her really short black pyjama shorts and orange strapped shirt with a slightly darer orange flamed heart on the front of it, she was looking round, already had waken up way too early she had nothing to do and was so bored, all she could do is get up and train which she didn't want to really do as much, but then she looked bellow her to check if Ruby was awake, but she f
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