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Clockwork II by lucid-light Clockwork II :iconlucid-light:lucid-light 1,080 194 Orphiel by Hellobaby Orphiel :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 3,796 107 Sunset in a miracle forest by Hellobaby Sunset in a miracle forest :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,942 60 Garden of mystery by Hellobaby Garden of mystery :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 2,000 54 Koi by xiaobaosg Koi :iconxiaobaosg:xiaobaosg 1,451 116 Silver Lady by Hellobaby Silver Lady :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 2,194 47 Commissh - Wu Daji by kasai Commissh - Wu Daji :iconkasai:kasai 2,437 58 Treasure Hunt by Foxfires Treasure Hunt :iconfoxfires:Foxfires 929 187
Opposable Positions.
Opposable Positions.
So if...
Good girls are really bad girls that never got caught
Kings and queens are insecure people that hide behind their forts.
Survivors are cowards that run away when they could’ve fought.
Which means
Celebrities are strategists and opportunists that utilise their thoughts
Teachers are failures who couldn’t make use of the lessons life taught.
It would seem then you are either one way or the other.
There is fine undefined line between enemies and lovers.
So pick and choose wisely when deciding what side you are on.
Because you can never know the person you one day might become.
Kela Lewis-Morin
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 61 12
Casual - East meets West by Xeno-Photography Casual - East meets West :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 741 77 Orum - Hidden Forest by Petros-Stefanidis Orum - Hidden Forest :iconpetros-stefanidis:Petros-Stefanidis 292 20 Places BG 112 by Peace-of-Art Places BG 112 :iconpeace-of-art:Peace-of-Art 241 13 Fractal: Autumn Shades by simonsaz3 Fractal: Autumn Shades :iconsimonsaz3:simonsaz3 181 188 Join Me? by TitusWeiss Join Me? :icontitusweiss:TitusWeiss 159 30 Inu x Boku SS - Ririchiyo by Xeno-Photography Inu x Boku SS - Ririchiyo :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 346 17 Blackshire Manor (The Snake Whisperer) by Anacondrix Blackshire Manor (The Snake Whisperer) :iconanacondrix:Anacondrix 63 5 Ballet headpiece - Gamzatti, La Bayadere by arcticorset Ballet headpiece - Gamzatti, La Bayadere :iconarcticorset:arcticorset 80 7 Life under lace by MissLadyMalice Life under lace :iconmissladymalice:MissLadyMalice 284 45 Karasu's Office by JakeBowkett Karasu's Office :iconjakebowkett:JakeBowkett 102 1 a mossy crawl by andyp89 a mossy crawl :iconandyp89:andyp89 144 15 For No One by ftongl For No One :iconftongl:ftongl 196 22 Final Platina by MokaSooN Final Platina :iconmokasoon:MokaSooN 487 131 Silverback Apparel by arpad Silverback Apparel :iconarpad:arpad 306 81 Lester by NEOmi-triX Lester :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 130 14 Des Taylor's Sexy Spy - Scarlett Couture by DESPOP Des Taylor's Sexy Spy - Scarlett Couture :icondespop:DESPOP 121 8 Paid to Eat Page 3 by AloysiusEroticArt Paid to Eat Page 3 :iconaloysiuseroticart:AloysiusEroticArt 1,068 42 Paid to Eat Page 1 by AloysiusEroticArt Paid to Eat Page 1 :iconaloysiuseroticart:AloysiusEroticArt 855 23 Paid to Eat Page 2 by AloysiusEroticArt Paid to Eat Page 2 :iconaloysiuseroticart:AloysiusEroticArt 807 22 High Class by brokencreation High Class :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 304 95 The War Machine by Party9999999 The War Machine :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 269 440 Scrooge McDuck by FerryQueen Scrooge McDuck :iconferryqueen:FerryQueen 147 33
Fake Democracy
I can't live in a world
Where dreams grow old
And memories are sold
I don't care what they say
I don't care what I'm told
This place you call America is a joke
A lie thicker than smoke
It gets so thick I can't breath
I choke.
Don't tell me that I'm wrong
Because I really don't care
Everywhere I look
Two names, Two parties
And you try to tell me
That our elections are free and fair?
It seems I can't look anywhere
Tax breaks for the wealthy
Soldiers for the war
Scandal on the news
Money, money, more
What ever happened to the Great Society?
Help for the poor?
When did this become the homeless man's fight?
Since when was the working class a blight?
Welcome to America
Land of the Gross
Home of the faithless
In the end, I suppose
I'm just one of the lost
A moth to the flame
Someone to blame
A man with no name
You sicken me.
:iconvelikorossiya:Velikorossiya 30 35
Merchants' Guild for Talisman The City by feliciacano Merchants' Guild for Talisman The City :iconfeliciacano:feliciacano 121 9
It was a peaceful spring day.  Most of the small town was out and about their day like the one before.  Everything was as it should be with the farmers in the field, the shopkeepers in the main streets… and you at the piano.
You were the only daughter of the wealthiest family in town.  You lived in a mansion up on a hill with a long drive in the front and a garden in the back.  You were around 8 and a usually well-behaved child.  You had a staff of servants and maids to care for you, a few friends, but you hardly ever saw your parents since they were usually busy.  Still, you made the best of it.  You were a very bright artistic child who managed to see the good side of things no matter what.  In particular you were very skilled at the piano.
Still, it did get rather lonely sometimes.  You wished you had someone to play with.
As you finish your daily practice, you notice a squirrel on the windowsill looking at you and smile.
:iconfaeths:FaethS 133 20
+FetFort+ Lucretia +OC+ by ScreampunkArts +FetFort+ Lucretia +OC+ :iconscreampunkarts:ScreampunkArts 106 12 Soft persuasion by brokencreation Soft persuasion :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 127 41 Victorian Wallpaper 1 by MJK-Stock Victorian Wallpaper 1 :iconmjk-stock:MJK-Stock 196 65 Comm: Celeste by BlossomPPG Comm: Celeste :iconblossomppg:BlossomPPG 261 59 Vespa by PurpleDaizie Vespa :iconpurpledaizie:PurpleDaizie 99 160 The United States, 1862 by Hillfighter The United States, 1862 :iconhillfighter:Hillfighter 42 14 Money by AmericanDreaming Money :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 40 59 Sharp by CruellaX Sharp :iconcruellax:CruellaX 59 10 The Iron Trader's Son by KimDingwall The Iron Trader's Son :iconkimdingwall:KimDingwall 181 21 Taria Pg4 by TitusWeiss Taria Pg4 :icontitusweiss:TitusWeiss 107 73 Gleam by CruellaX Gleam :iconcruellax:CruellaX 74 10 Golden tree by myweri Golden tree :iconmyweri:myweri 61 13 Captain by Kerneinheit Captain :iconkerneinheit:Kerneinheit 103 22 Street Fighter: Dudley by PioPauloSantana Street Fighter: Dudley :iconpiopaulosantana:PioPauloSantana 160 29