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the beautiful edge of ugly -co
"you know, we are made of ugly things."
"yes, but have you not heard? ugly is the new beautiful. like the way you always seem to pry at my thoughts and know what i'm thinking; the way you make me talk when i really don't feel like parting my lips and lying to you. it's just like the cyanide and razor blades i keep in my medicine cabinet, waiting for the day when i master the definition of defeat."
"then we are the most beautiful thing in the world, because we are spending our days chewing on gunpowder and wilted roses. i spent ten minutes this morning carving your name on the inside of my thigh; somehow, replicating that pain makes me think of you. makes me think of the day when you broke my skin and told me you liked me better when i was coming apart at the seams. i never did tell you, but i've been falling apart ever since."
"i know you've been falling apart, because i've been picking up the pieces i find scattered around. it hurts me more than you would think, but i a
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We Watched Ourselves Dissipate
we caught our breath with butterfly nets
                and exhaled
the pieces of each other's wings
that stuck in our lungs.
the sky gave a shiver and the stars
unsealed, their firefly cores shimmering
       and fluttering
toward us.
plucking them from the air, they slip
between our fingertips
       and fall like butterfly wings
to the ground.
we conduct the celestial engagement with
       our metallic hearts
that control this unsteady rhythm of
       love crescendos
and staccato love-making.
like conductors in an orchestra.
our lives write the love songs.
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