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'Spectre' crossover (Markiplier, Kids w/ Problems) by Shuploc 'Spectre' crossover (Markiplier, Kids w/ Problems) :iconshuploc:Shuploc 921 55 Sherlock BBC - The ghost by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - The ghost :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,365 175 Floorplan of Sherlock Holmes apt. from BBCs series by nikneuk Floorplan of Sherlock Holmes apt. from BBCs series :iconnikneuk:nikneuk 230 16 I don't believe we've met by ryounkura I don't believe we've met :iconryounkura:ryounkura 921 87 Don't be shy. by FarTooManyIdeas Don't be shy. :iconfartoomanyideas:FarTooManyIdeas 7,657 721 Holmes VS. Holmes by Sadyna Holmes VS. Holmes :iconsadyna:Sadyna 1,321 147 Isometric Shapes II by thesuper Isometric Shapes II :iconthesuper:thesuper 857 183 Teenager Sherlock- John Watson by DrSlug Teenager Sherlock- John Watson :icondrslug:DrSlug 1,236 237 morning by br0-Harry morning :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 1,217 263 BBC Sherlock x Watson - Long Overdue Return by VoydKessler BBC Sherlock x Watson - Long Overdue Return :iconvoydkessler:VoydKessler 1,613 322 ah stupid ideas...why must you plague me by nebezial ah stupid ideas...why must you plague me :iconnebezial:nebezial 6,303 308 Sherlock BBC - Blue by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - Blue :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 343 31 Isometric Shapes by thesuper Isometric Shapes :iconthesuper:thesuper 346 45 Doll Repaint Emma Watson Beauty and Beast Belle by noeling Doll Repaint Emma Watson Beauty and Beast Belle :iconnoeling:noeling 2,405 275 Peni's School Life by Xelku9 Peni's School Life :iconxelku9:Xelku9 372 75 Mary-Jane Watson by crystalunicorn83 Mary-Jane Watson :iconcrystalunicorn83:crystalunicorn83 477 27
Apology - Sherlock x Reader
‘I’m home,’ you call up the stairs of 221B Baker Street.
You lugged the shopping bags with you until you finally reached the flat that you shared with your best friend John and his roommate, Sherlock. You’d been living with them for about 2 months now and you were never bored with the antics that were going on.
‘Thank god you’re back (y/n), I need to go out. Anywhere but here, just make sure he doesn’t blow the place up or something,’ John sighed as he indicated to Sherlock who was lying on the sofa curled up and facing the back of it. John threw his coat on, kissed your cheek and ran out the door before you could even speak.
You sighed and began to move into the kitchen with your shopping. For once there were no experiments or body parts in the kitchen. When you emerged minutes later, Sherlock was still sulking on the sofa.
‘What was that all about?’ you asked quietly, sitting down in Sherlock’s chair. He shifted slight
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The lonely - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber The lonely - Sherlock :iconmi-caw-ber:Mi-caw-ber 445 49 lots of sherlock, john, and jim by MachoMachi lots of sherlock, john, and jim :iconmachomachi:MachoMachi 4,992 387
Ice Cream (BBC Sherlock x Reader Drabble)
You shoved a spoonful of chocolate ice cream into your mouth happily, content watching daytime television from John’s chair with your feet pulled up and your tub of ice cream. That is until your boyfriend, Sherlock, emerged from his room and plucked it from your hands, causing you to immediately protest, “Sherlock, give it back!”
“You’ve already eaten half the tub, love. It’s bad for you.”
You let out a pathetic whine, “Johhnn.”
Your brother didn’t even look up from his computer, “Give her back the ice cream, Sherlock.”
“You know as well as I do that that much sugar is not good for a person’s system, she-“
He cut Sherlock off, looking up with an entirely unamused expression, “Just give it back.”
John opened his mouth to respond but caught a glimpse of you and let out a heavy sigh, shooting Sherlock a glare as he moved to crouch in front of you. You’d started to
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Stay with Me- Sherlock x Reader
The last thing Sherlock had expected in his return was that you would welcome him with a smile and open arms, especially after how John had reacted. He’d walked up the steps to 221B and hesitantly knocked on the door, sure that he was going to get slapped or worse, but you’d pulled the door open and after the initial moment of shock gave a soft chuckle, “Welcome home, Sherlock Holmes.”
In all the time he’d known you, there had never been anything between you beyond a friendship that for some reason worked better than most and was stronger than he ever could have anticipated. It was something that had happened without him ever realizing, that friendship, but right now, sitting in his chair watching you making tea, he wished there had been more- not really for the love but to have a deeper connection, to escape from the loneliness he’d discovered in his heart.
He gave a fleeting smile at the skull still on the mantle before observing the rest of the fl
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