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Warrior by Aerenwyn Warrior :iconaerenwyn:Aerenwyn 1,288 84 Valkyrie headdress by Fairytas Valkyrie headdress :iconfairytas:Fairytas 1,434 27 samurai warrior by harveytolibao samurai warrior :iconharveytolibao:harveytolibao 2,150 379 Sniper by AlexJJessup Sniper :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,897 90
Warrior Cats Name Dictionary
Hello and welcome to the warrior cats name dictionary! Here you can look at all the prefixes and suffixes and what they mean, helping you create the perfect name for an OC or character. Let's get started!
    Acorn - Naive; outgoing; curious; appearance of an acorn.
     Adder - Aggressive; loyal; appearance of an adder.
    Alder - Reserved; cautious; wise; appearance of an alder tree; see Bark; see Timber.
    Amber - Pushy; strict; amber-furred.
    Ant - Cooperative; cocky; appearance of an ant.
    Apple - Sweet; friendly; multi-skilled; appearance of an apple.
    Arch - Strict; aggressive; observant; arched body part/marking.
    Ash - Independent; moody; determined; appearance of ashes.
    Aspen - Reserved; intelligent; cold; natural leader; appearance of an aspen tree.
:iconsparkythewingedcat:SparkytheWingedCat 1,669 2,187
John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter by SharpWriter John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 6,832 381 Battletech - Sword of Light by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Sword of Light :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 962 52 Diamondback Recon by AlexJJessup Diamondback Recon :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 2,043 118 Battletech - Summoner by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Summoner :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 659 71 Battletech - Ostscout by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Ostscout :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 247 48 Battletech - Locust by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Locust :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 455 75 The Portal by GeneRazART The Portal :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 566 75 The last soldier of the Empire by 88grzes The last soldier of the Empire :icon88grzes:88grzes 2,754 37 Recon Marine by AlexJJessup Recon Marine :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 2,520 118 Rise of the Overlords by 88grzes Rise of the Overlords :icon88grzes:88grzes 1,419 28 warrior cats EDIT1 by brownwhisker warrior cats EDIT1 :iconbrownwhisker:brownwhisker 3,693 1,250 Alanna Exclusive by faestock Alanna Exclusive :iconfaestock:faestock 942 35 Swordsman vs suspicious vampire by Whiluna Swordsman vs suspicious vampire :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 788 25 Badass by 88grzes Badass :icon88grzes:88grzes 1,816 43 Dominator by TamplierPainter Dominator :icontamplierpainter:TamplierPainter 2,497 98 North man by Liancary-art North man :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 1,021 121 Calvary's Knight advanced by 88grzes Calvary's Knight advanced :icon88grzes:88grzes 4,086 81 Blood Armour by conorburkeart Blood Armour :iconconorburkeart:conorburkeart 742 12 Azeron by 88grzes Azeron :icon88grzes:88grzes 1,926 56 Battletech - Wasp by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Wasp :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 192 39 Inspiring STOCK Example VI by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example VI :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 1,778 98 High Inquisitor Hopps by TheWyvernsWeaver High Inquisitor Hopps :iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 193 24 Die for Honor by Valentina-Remenar Die for Honor :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,379 73 Unholy Knight by cobaltplasma Unholy Knight :iconcobaltplasma:cobaltplasma 124 2 City guard by Windmaker City guard :iconwindmaker:Windmaker 1,593 24 Sedeas by NathanParkArt Sedeas :iconnathanparkart:NathanParkArt 883 9 Drafted Eminence - Stock by MariaAmanda Drafted Eminence - Stock :iconmariaamanda:MariaAmanda 2,326 154 Battletech - Wolf's Dragoons by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Wolf's Dragoons :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 597 79 Toad Rider by ClintCearley Toad Rider :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 2,052 85 Centurion | House Leo by L3monJuic3 Centurion | House Leo :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 864 19 The White Devil by TomEdwardsConcepts The White Devil :icontomedwardsconcepts:TomEdwardsConcepts 2,754 59 Vampire King by 88grzes Vampire King :icon88grzes:88grzes 1,032 15 The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology by okiir The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology :iconokiir:okiir 2,381 269 Sniper STOCK X by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK X :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 684 91 FREE TO USE warrior cats icons by iyd FREE TO USE warrior cats icons :iconiyd:iyd 4,064 866 Wonder Woman by mioree-art Wonder Woman :iconmioree-art:mioree-art 2,009 36 Warrior Rogue Leather Armor by Azmal Warrior Rogue Leather Armor :iconazmal:Azmal 1,243 33 City guard captain by Windmaker City guard captain :iconwindmaker:Windmaker 1,830 37 Centaur Warrior Stage 1 (SuperRare) by mictones Centaur Warrior Stage 1 (SuperRare) :iconmictones:mictones 1,553 23 Petrified by JJcanvas Petrified :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 2,685 64 Aftermath by noiprox Aftermath :iconnoiprox:noiprox 4,231 146 Warrior bundle by Finchwing Warrior bundle :iconfinchwing:Finchwing 2,973 201