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Ezekiel Final by Wen-M by ezekielwrath Ezekiel Final by Wen-M :iconezekielwrath:ezekielwrath 726 16 samurai warrior by harveytolibao samurai warrior :iconharveytolibao:harveytolibao 1,972 373 Lord Of The Stick by Mizu-no-Akira Lord Of The Stick :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,347 247 100 Chibi Cat Lines [Paint friendly version below] by Ribbon-Wren 100 Chibi Cat Lines [Paint friendly version below] :iconribbon-wren:Ribbon-Wren 3,208 989 Human Warrior - Guild Wars 2 Fan Art - Speedpaint by SkavenZverov Human Warrior - Guild Wars 2 Fan Art - Speedpaint :iconskavenzverov:SkavenZverov 351 93 Warrior Mulan by Skirtzzz Warrior Mulan :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 6,378 359 Icebound by AlynSpiller Icebound :iconalynspiller:AlynSpiller 330 12 Loper by Keithwormwood Loper :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 1,002 119 ORC by Grafik ORC :icongrafik:Grafik 544 63 Dead Revival by Peter-Ortiz Dead Revival :iconpeter-ortiz:Peter-Ortiz 1,955 76 Swordsman vs suspicious vampire by Whiluna Swordsman vs suspicious vampire :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 760 25 BARLOCH Fire Colossus by Grafik BARLOCH Fire Colossus :icongrafik:Grafik 848 116
Warrior Cats Name Dictionary
Hello and welcome to the warrior cats name dictionary! Here you can look at all the prefixes and suffixes and what they mean, helping you create the perfect name for an OC or character. Let's get started!
    Acorn - Naive; outgoing; curious; appearance of an acorn.
     Adder - Aggressive; loyal; appearance of an adder.
    Alder - Reserved; cautious; wise; appearance of an alder tree; see Bark; see Timber.
    Amber - Pushy; strict; amber-furred.
    Ant - Cooperative; cocky; appearance of an ant.
    Apple - Sweet; friendly; multi-skilled; appearance of an apple.
    Arch - Strict; aggressive; observant; arched body part/marking.
    Ash - Independent; moody; determined; appearance of ashes.
    Aspen - Reserved; intelligent; cold; natural leader; appearance of an aspen tree.
:iconsparkythewingedcat:SparkytheWingedCat 1,504 1,904
notherrrr Elf by DaveRapoza notherrrr Elf :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 3,000 170 Going into the woods... by Mizu-no-Akira Going into the woods... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,532 204 Day 7 - Inktober 2016 by AaronGriffinArt Day 7 - Inktober 2016 :iconaarongriffinart:AaronGriffinArt 469 7 Warhammer 40K: Conquest Box Art by wraithdt Warhammer 40K: Conquest Box Art :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 2,135 74 Tristan - The Druid by GobGrael Tristan - The Druid :icongobgrael:GobGrael 1,207 553 the scourge of cats by mechanicalmasochist the scourge of cats :iconmechanicalmasochist:mechanicalmasochist 1,953 627 Monkey Warrior by JasonTN Monkey Warrior :iconjasontn:JasonTN 712 46 Valkyrie headdress by Fairytas Valkyrie headdress :iconfairytas:Fairytas 1,412 27 Centaur Warrior Stage 1 (SuperRare) by mictones Centaur Warrior Stage 1 (SuperRare) :iconmictones:mictones 1,525 22 Now I see... by Mizu-no-Akira Now I see... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,713 297 When We Start Killing... by Mizu-no-Akira When We Start Killing... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,291 413 Sniper by AlexJJessup Sniper :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,874 90 True love... by Mizu-no-Akira True love... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,548 320 Diamondback Recon by AlexJJessup Diamondback Recon :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 2,016 118 Same Old Empty Feeling... by Mizu-no-Akira Same Old Empty Feeling... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,644 246 One Day You'll Understand Why... by Mizu-no-Akira One Day You'll Understand Why... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 3,385 317 New Terra by JayGraphixx New Terra :iconjaygraphixx:JayGraphixx 191 79 FREE TO USE warrior cats icons by iyd FREE TO USE warrior cats icons :iconiyd:iyd 3,909 846 IV: Vessel by ErikShoemaker IV: Vessel :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 3,733 362 Veloce Visrin by shilin Veloce Visrin :iconshilin:shilin 17,292 592 Nomad by jameszapata Nomad :iconjameszapata:jameszapata 13,949 468 The White Devil by TomEdwardsConcepts The White Devil :icontomedwardsconcepts:TomEdwardsConcepts 2,742 59 war veterans by sandara war veterans :iconsandara:sandara 12,270 481 John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter by SharpWriter John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 5,841 344 Same Shade of Amber -C.E.- by Mizu-no-Akira Same Shade of Amber -C.E.- :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,516 384 City guard by Windmaker City guard :iconwindmaker:Windmaker 1,574 24 Wonder Woman by mioree-art Wonder Woman :iconmioree-art:mioree-art 1,683 34 North man by Liancary-art North man :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 995 121 Sniper STOCK X by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK X :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 673 88 And You Let Her Go... by Mizu-no-Akira And You Let Her Go... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,491 243 Super Sailor Mercury by daekazu Super Sailor Mercury :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,510 129 In Search of by ertacaltinoz In Search of :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 453 68 Warrior Cats by wadifahtook Warrior Cats :iconwadifahtook:wadifahtook 7,636 3,190 Blood Armour by conorburkeart Blood Armour :iconconorburkeart:conorburkeart 705 12 Eldar Faction Splash by DiegoGisbertLlorens Eldar Faction Splash :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 1,140 90 We Must Be Crazy... by Mizu-no-Akira We Must Be Crazy... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,837 173