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Dolbadarn Castle by somadjinn Dolbadarn Castle :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 178 7 Dolwyddelan Castle Path by somadjinn Dolwyddelan Castle Path :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 561 32 British Isles in 2100 by JaySimons British Isles in 2100 :iconjaysimons:JaySimons 1,061 431 Sychryd Falls by somadjinn Sychryd Falls :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 239 2 Cwm Idwal Mountain Trail by somadjinn Cwm Idwal Mountain Trail :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 253 25 Dinorwic Woods Trail by somadjinn Dinorwic Woods Trail :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 337 16 Autumn in the Blue Mountains by SteveCampbell Autumn in the Blue Mountains :iconstevecampbell:SteveCampbell 1,451 60 Kidwelly Castle Tower Path by somadjinn Kidwelly Castle Tower Path :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 169 12 Foel Tower and Carreg Ddu Viaduct (freebie) by somadjinn Foel Tower and Carreg Ddu Viaduct (freebie) :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 210 21 Y Ddraig Goch by arvalis Y Ddraig Goch :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,260 109
Scotland x Child Reader
England opened the letter a snail’s pace. His emerald eyes darted across the paper reading it. The Brits massive eyebrows knitted together, clearly confused. “Come on already,” France snapped and plucked the letter from his hands. He read it and frowned. He mouthed an ‘O’. The other countries looked at them in anticipation.
    “Are you gunna tell us?” America asked. England stayed silent and tense. “It’s Scotland,” France said quietly. A few others in the crowd made quiet noises, but most of them were unphased. “I bet he’s not even here,” England crossed his arms over his chest.
    Then a group of men walked up to the front. There was only one girl in the group. (Name) looked up at China, “Who are they?” she asked. “That is the United Kingdom,” China said quietly. The country was holding her a little tighter. He then quietly point
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The Final Hours - Infrared by SteveCampbell The Final Hours - Infrared :iconstevecampbell:SteveCampbell 787 80 The UK BROTHERS are OFFICIAL!!! by janikol The UK BROTHERS are OFFICIAL!!! :iconjanikol:janikol 629 200 Vyrnwy Straining Tower Stock by XerStock Vyrnwy Straining Tower Stock :iconxerstock:XerStock 271 84 Brother dear by Zweri Brother dear :iconzweri:Zweri 869 155 Rampant Welsh Dragon Tribal Design by WildSpiritWolf Rampant Welsh Dragon Tribal Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 557 18 Mari Lwyd by Abz-J-Harding Mari Lwyd :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 534 14 National Personifications by humon National Personifications :iconhumon:humon 4,941 1,161
England x Reader : Father's Day
"Daddy! Daddy! Wake up, Wake up!"
Arthur groaned and you giggled
"Your daughter is awake" You said, hugging him close
"Yes, I had noticed" He said
The two of you stayed lying there in bed with your eyes shut; hoping Alice would give up and go back to bed. Your daughter was cute, but she had annoying little habits. Like waking you up in the middle of the night to go to school, yet throws a fit when it is time to go in the morning. She had [Hair colour] hair, just like yours and her father's dazzling green eyes. You thought she looked like the pictures that he had shown you of his mother, who died when he was very young … but he kept insisting that she was looking more like you by the day
"Wake up! Wake up!"
Arthur sighed, indicating he had decided to give up. He sat up and you opened your eyes, watching him rub his eyes and stretch as your daughter jumped up and down on the bed
"Alright, Alice … what is it?" He asked
"It's father's day! I have to give you a present!" She repli
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Clint Eastwood - Woodburning by brandojones Clint Eastwood - Woodburning :iconbrandojones:brandojones 1,753 495 Clyne Gardens Tower Path by somadjinn Clyne Gardens Tower Path :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 150 17 Old Maps of the United Kingdom by mellowmint Old Maps of the United Kingdom :iconmellowmint:mellowmint 260 23