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British Isles in 2100 by JaySimons British Isles in 2100 :iconjaysimons:JaySimons 1,064 431 Autumn in the Blue Mountains by SteveCampbell Autumn in the Blue Mountains :iconstevecampbell:SteveCampbell 1,432 58 Y Ddraig Goch by arvalis Y Ddraig Goch :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,200 109 The Final Hours - Infrared by SteveCampbell The Final Hours - Infrared :iconstevecampbell:SteveCampbell 777 79
Broken Fools (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
Broken Fools (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
A/N: Another inspirational one-shot! This time I was listening to the English singer Lauren Aquilina. Her music is beautiful!! She not popular like most artists are these days but she is definitely worth listening to ^^ so go check her out! She mainly plays piano and sometimes along with strings (acoustic/orchestra) as well as she sings. But other than that please do enjoy!!
Please don’t be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! >w<
    A small crinkle echoed from within your arms as you smiled and walked down the street towards a very familiar house. You weren’t sure on why you had gotten this gift for your one good friend, Arthur, but for some reason you had a small feeling in your heart that he needed something liked this soon. So trying not let your giddiness get the best of you, you quickly stuffed your gift into your purse before walking up the cemented walkw
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Vyrnwy Straining Tower Stock by XerStock Vyrnwy Straining Tower Stock :iconxerstock:XerStock 270 84 Mari Lwyd by Abz-J-Harding Mari Lwyd :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 511 14 The UK BROTHERS are OFFICIAL!!! by janikol The UK BROTHERS are OFFICIAL!!! :iconjanikol:janikol 628 200 Send Me On My Way. by Wolf250 Send Me On My Way. :iconwolf250:Wolf250 106 29 Brothers Keeper by Arkham-Insanity Brothers Keeper :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,763 408 National Personifications by humon National Personifications :iconhumon:humon 4,956 1,161 United Kingdom by Annciel United Kingdom :iconannciel:Annciel 1,262 224 Clint Eastwood - Woodburning by brandojones Clint Eastwood - Woodburning :iconbrandojones:brandojones 1,757 495 Valley of Woolly Jumpers by JonnyGoodboy Valley of Woolly Jumpers :iconjonnygoodboy:JonnyGoodboy 1,608 507 fantasy landscape bg 8 by joannastar-stock fantasy landscape bg 8 :iconjoannastar-stock:joannastar-stock 722 216 British Stamp by Kezzi-Rose British Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 2,464 625 framed by nature by photo-earth framed by nature :iconphoto-earth:photo-earth 1,496 306 Stonehenge by Izz2000 Stonehenge :iconizz2000:Izz2000 821 774 Old Maps of the United Kingdom by mellowmint Old Maps of the United Kingdom :iconmellowmint:mellowmint 254 23
England x Reader : Father's Day
"Daddy! Daddy! Wake up, Wake up!"
Arthur groaned and you giggled
"Your daughter is awake" You said, hugging him close
"Yes, I had noticed" He said
The two of you stayed lying there in bed with your eyes shut; hoping Alice would give up and go back to bed. Your daughter was cute, but she had annoying little habits. Like waking you up in the middle of the night to go to school, yet throws a fit when it is time to go in the morning. She had [Hair colour] hair, just like yours and her father's dazzling green eyes. You thought she looked like the pictures that he had shown you of his mother, who died when he was very young … but he kept insisting that she was looking more like you by the day
"Wake up! Wake up!"
Arthur sighed, indicating he had decided to give up. He sat up and you opened your eyes, watching him rub his eyes and stretch as your daughter jumped up and down on the bed
"Alright, Alice … what is it?" He asked
"It's father's day! I have to give you a present!" She repli
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Kirkland Brothers x Reader Chapter 1
Kirkland Brothers x Reader: Magical Babysitting Adventure!?
Request: Reader is babysitting England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. They think reader is awesome and they all go on a magical adventure.
Hehe this should be interesting F3
~.~.~ Normal/ Kirkland Brother's POV~.~.~
The young boys couldn't wait for (name), their babysitter, to get there. England had prepared and learned some new spells to show (name), Ireland had found a four-leaf clover that he wanted to give her, Wales had dyed and threaded some wool for sewing, and Scotland had a bottle of whiskey to share if (name) wanted any.
Scotland looked to be around 18. He had bright red-orange hair that stopped passed his ears, dark emerald green eyes, and he almost always seemed to have a cigarette, but you had been breaking him off that nasty habit. He was also able to keep a great hold of his liquor, as well as the fact that he was a huge flirt.
England looked to be about 5, with his messy blond hair and his bright gre
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Heartless Howl by saramondo Heartless Howl :iconsaramondo:saramondo 840 54 Rampant Welsh Dragon Tribal Design by WildSpiritWolf Rampant Welsh Dragon Tribal Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 558 18