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DAMNADAS -Cryptid Research- by ancestorsrelic DAMNADAS -Cryptid Research- :iconancestorsrelic:ancestorsrelic 252 43
Cold Case
WARNING: Contains soft vore and suspenseful situations.
This is a story for dragonaddict involving his friend, Jed, and himself as a character. I hope ya'll enjoy it!
Many centuries ago, in the small kingdom Tyros, the country was being ravaged by famines and pestilences while its' good-hearted King Pius tried to keep his people safe in these trying times. Tyros was a country where, beyond the rolling hills and icy plains, little occurred. The lands were often affected by the cold climate of the area and caused most of the problems with growing food and trying to live. Most of what this medieval country on depended for food were the native bears and elk that naturally roamed the plains and hills.
Ryan was a young man who resided in the small village below and always looked at a situation like it was the best in the world. Ryan was the son of the village's most famous baker and always loved helping his dad cook some of the most appeasing dishes and making people happy. Many times
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What Friends Can Do
WARNING: Contains blood, suspenseful situations, and slight vore!
Kazio belongs fully to Jenae, the scenery was made by the wonderful Ragingfire1, and Mark, the character, belongs to me!
Ragingfire1 wrote the breathtaking introduction and the scenery and I wrote the interaction and befriending. Raging said he wanted it to be me interacting with Kazio so I'll just use myself but please, thank him for his huge contribution of the beginning/middle and the initial, amazing idea to do this. Without it, this story wouldn't exist. Hello, this is a co-story that I'm doing with Ragingfire1. We decided to do a story dedicated to Maw-Eats-People10 aka Jenae as she is one of my closest friends and we both saw that she was very sad, angry, and depressed earlier this week. We as her friends wanted to write this to make her feel better and hope that we portrayed her featured character, Kazio, with all her merit and beauty. For you Jenae…
The eerie silence of the abandoned town unner
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My First Vore
Part 1
An awkward meeting.
It was a very hot night, the heat bothering me as I lay there, wide awake on my bed. I sighed.
My parents had left for an overseas trip for 8 days, and I was in charge of the house. I turned to my side, staring into my back yard.
I saw the trees behind my pool waving around, as if inviting me outside for a swim. I turned away and tried to get some sleep.
After a few failed attempts, I thought,
"That does it, I'm going for a swim,"
I slipped on some bathers and walked outside. The warm wind battered me, as if teasing me. I went to the edge of the pool and slid in to the cool, clear water. I sighed with relief. I submerged and swam a few laps around the pool, enjoying the cool, fresh water.
A few minutes later, I decided to get back to sleep. As I turned to grabbed the steps, something touched my leg.
I recoiled in surprise. "Who's that?" I said to no-one. I put my head underwater and looked around. Nothing. Just shadows. Confused, I continued up the steps. The
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Ninetales vore
Ninetales! :D
Yes a ninetales vore. Seeing as how a lot of people love ninetales vore. I'm making this! ENJOY!
Our story begins with a young child. Named Henry. (Yes that's my name. Deal with it. I like first person) I was about 7 years old. I liked to wander constantly and went out on my own alot. I stayed at an orphanage with no memory of what happened to my parents. I wandered off yet again today. But this time something unusual would happen...
I had just woken up. It was about 7:00AM. I was tired and hungry. So I got up and went outside my small cramped as hell room through the window and headed towards a nearby diner. I ordered my usual and when finished. I headed off to a nearby forest to explore. I walked through it feeling happy seeing that no one else was here. I walked thriough to a nearby sheltered galde where I found a nice place to rest. I laid down and slept for a bit under a tree in the sheltered glade...
Three hours later...
I woke up seeing a ninetales in front of me.
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Meg vore 2
After a few hours Meg woke up and rubbed her eyes she yawned and stood up and walked to  the bathroom.
After a few minutes she came out and sat back on her bed rubbing her hands togeather as she went to go grab the purse.
"Hey  where did everyone go" she said as she turned the purse up side down trying to see if they had hid on the bottom.
"Urrgh! she said as she lied back down holding her head and as she turned to to her left she saw somthing small running out of her room.
Meg quietly followed him trying not to be seen.
"SSshhh" I'm hunting tiny people" as she tippe toed down the hall.
Suddenly Chris came out out of the bathroom.
"Hey meg how come your crawling on the floor like that."
The man looked up saw meg and bolted as fast as he could into Louies room.
"Way to go chris just get the hell away from me she said heading to her moms room.
She opend the door and headed in as she opend the door she could here them talking.
"How long are we going to have to wait her
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Prey to Be a Pet!
Prey to be a pet!
Warning for, blood, pain and suffering as well as suspension bridges. Not to be read by people who suffer a heart condition or peanut allergy. All the characters are all mine! No animals were hurt in the making of this. Except two ants and a fly, but they deserved it.
My name is David Paliabro, a skilled marksman born into a noble family, I lived within the castle walls as did most nobles. From a young age I was taught to fight with a blade... But even with an average height I don't have the weight or the strength to pose any threat in a battle. Thankfully to much relief, I showed some expert skills with a crossbow.
All seemed happy and well until the great armies from the south began to close in on us. The war had been going on for years as the invaders conquered everything in their way. Word had reached our castle of scouts spotting the southern king's personal army, heading directly toward us. The south's armies have been strong, but the southern king's army is the
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Hate in the Vore Community
    When I first became a part of the vore community, I assumed that, since it was such a strange and unusual topic, the fans of it would be very open-minded and accepting of others. And that is true, for the most part.
    However, there is a surprising amount of intolerance and hatred over nothing but differing opinions and interests in the community, and it needs to stop.
    The first thing anyone who likes vore needs to realize is that, to the standards of "normal" society, we are weird. Words to describe vore-lovers include freak, pervert, dangerous, etc. But those of us who like vore know the stigma isn't true; not in the least.
    So why does the community stigmatize its own members in the same way society stigmatizes them? For the exact same reasons. The "stranger" forms of vore (let's be honest, all vore is equally strange), may be difficult to understand or connect to by the majority, which leads to the reponse of
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Raven's appetite
Raven flew over the city, gritting her teeth.  She was starving, and her stomach was killing her, so she decided to go back to the tower.  That way, noone would get hurt.  As a demon, Raven had an immense appetite, and this appetite included humans at it's worst, so she tried to stay home when hungry.  But today, she wasn't so lucky; she had nearly run into a telephone pole, and had nearly fallen out of the sky afterwards.
  But, she was nearly there, and everything seemed okay.  Then a store's alarm rang, as a window broke.  Looking up, Raven could see the store was almost right beside her.  "Why me?"  Raven groaned, flaoting down to the store.
  When she came inside, she quickly looked over what was happening.  There were four thugs, each wearing ski masks, and an unconcius store owner on the floor.  Three of them were women, and the fourth was a man.  Rav
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In The Claws Of Trust: Vore
Warning: sadness, safe soft vore, fear
Deeth the magician was making his way through a snowy mountain range. He was planning to reach the mountain-based town of Cairn within half a week. Deeth pulled a map from his cloak. "There should be a small cave around here somewhere..." Deeth stops.
Mike a human boy was in the same mountain and was being blazed with icy weather. Mike was fighting back all he can from the cold "Damn it is cold, is there a cave near?" Mike mumbled to himself as his cold body thrashed through the tall snow "he....hello?..." Mike calls still hoping to find a cave "hello......." Mike felt like he's about to collapse.
As Deeth was looking for a cave, he hears what sounds like a younger human swearing.
"What the hell?" The magician shouts to himself then goes to investigate the sounds he had heard. Deeth runs across the way until he spots a young man. "Holy hell!" The magician dashes over quick as a flash.
Before Mike could black out he saw a man in clock standing befo
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A First Encounter, Part One of 'The Relationship'
Note: This is a story, with vore. If you do not like that, do not read this. It is also my first story I have submitted. Critique is welcome, but do keep in mind I am new to this.
In a dense patch of wilderness, far from any civilization, was a village. The village, though self dependent, was a decent place to live. It looked like something straight out of the middle ages; the houses were built out of common materials, such as wood and straw, and many of the people in the village were farmers. The village knew about the world outside, but kept to itself; they found life in the wilderness appealing. There was no village leader; it was a completely democratic society, where they would join together and decide in issues in a clearing to the south. It was not paradise, but it was home.
In this village lived a young man by the name of Daniel. Daniel was about age eighteen, and not particularly athletic. He was very good with politics in his village, however, and his father was looked up to
:icongrammer1994:Grammer1994 120 18
Vore and Transformation
Warning! The following contains soft Vore and Transformation.
High in the mountains, a boy just sat there, on his rock, thinking about what got him there. He had been a beggar in the town where he was born. His parents had died when he was 5, and he had always had to depend on others.
One day, he was begging for food in the town square, when the richest person in town saw him. This man turned to the town guard's men that were standing nearby, and ask them to remove the boy from the town. "Take him to the mountains," He had said, "Maybe an animal will get him." "We can't do that without a reason." Said a guard, the boy knew this guard well. "And he hasn't hurt anything." "How about this for a reason?" he said, holding out money for the guard. "No we can't take-" he started to say.
His buddy interrupted him. "Well this time I can make an exception." His buddy said, taking the money from the man. The guard walked over to the boy. "You there, get up!" he said angrily, "You're coming with m
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The 'Bond' of Friendship
WARNING: Contains violence, signs of torture, slight blood, suggestive innuendos, vore, and implied digestion.
Happy Birthday Wyldfire7!!! I hope you had a fabulous day! My sincerest apologies for the latest of this story but I hope it cheers you up. I know the beginning so somewhat grim but I tried to make a very cool ending. This is non-canon in Wyld's history, just a stand-alone story referencing the events depicting in his own series entitled, "Humiliation"!
It was a quiet day in the city. The sun had just crept over the azure horizon and the mail trucks were starting on their normal routes throughout the tar crafted streets. The flipping of 'open' signs, the click of businessman walking to work, and the noise of the bikes and carriages going down the street, signified a new day had begun. Although the city, in its own right, was modern, cars and large vehicles were not permitted in the immediate streets of the city because of the reduced space. Instead of the normal automob
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Secrets in a Ruin
Secrets in a Ruin
Warning: This story contains soft vore, very long reptiles and a happy ending. If you do not like any of these, leave.
A man was sitting in an open-roof horse-drawn carriage, flipping through pages of a book. He was dressed somewhat casually, with a black vest, white shirt and brown pants, all looking somewhat renaissance-era. His age was around twenty-five years, and boredom was quite visible in his demeanor. Closing the book, he started to think to himself. After a while, the driver, noticing his passenger's behavior, proceed to engage in idle chat.
"So, what takes you on such a trip to the grand city of Karostat? I know many have their reasons, but what are yours?"
Noticing that he was being spoken to, the man turned his head back up, and replied.
"I've never traveled much. Seemed like an interesting place to go. As an added bonus, I'm pursuing archeology, and I've heard that the city has some... history."
"Indeed it does," the driver said, smirking. "Have you hear
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Wanderer's Luck
WARNING: Contains soft vore and some suspenseful situations
All characters belong to me.
This is my first attempt at a fantasy vore story so please, work with me. I welcome any comments and suggestions as long as they're not too demeaning! Thanks hope you enjoy!
In the west of the great continent world of Sounos and deep in the Ballenhill Valley, past the mountains with their ice-tipped peaks and steep summits, there were settlements where small groups of villagers resided-a mainly agricultural people who tended towards the sturdy thatched roof houses and warm central fires in stone-brick cottages. Their main source of food came from the extensive river that ran through their village bringing with it all assortments of fish; big and small, spiked and smooth, in every natural hue. It was able to sustain the village for the long winters that usually occurred during the setting of each year.
This clan was lead by one of the strongest warriors of the village, Lucas Thorsveld; a cun
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Mike meets Kaz
(vore story)
A young boy by the age of 10 named Mike was walking throw the forest the tall trees clouded over him making him feel small.
the pin trees blew in a peaceful brezz Mike watched birds flying by there flaps being heard like a quick, soft wip the birds blue fethers shinned a small light as it pasted the bright sun's golden rays still glittering began to fade into the engulfed hills and moutains the cool brezz became ice chilled Mike had his red jacket but it did not really matter much since it would get colder in the moutains after night, The evening had been cold, just to the point of a chilling ice, the moutains created shadows the engulfed the landscape in darkness.
In a cave a Darkhound with light purple fur her beautful purple cought shinned from the last sun's light her name was Kazio but Kaz for short she stood taller then any wolf in the forest or Darkhound for that matter she could over top a small human, Kaz had dark purple markings on the shoulders of her front legs
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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Warning: Contains soft vore, and some violence.
Wind blowing through the trees. Birds singing, and crickets chirping as the sun started to set. It was a normal forest, nothing much to it. Everything started to scatter, however, as a young man made his way through the overgrowth. He was carrying a backpack, and looked prepared for survival. A belt lined his waist, complete with essential utilities such as a hunting knife, flashlight, and lighter. A survival vest was strapped onto his chest, and on the left side there was a name sewed in, "James".
James had gone into the forest in order to test himself. He wanted to see how long he could survive in the wilderness. He had brought supplies with him, including food, water and a first-aid kit. He did not plan on staying too long. It was more of a camping trip, if anything; he wasn't actually pushing himself to the limits. He wanted to see the forest, and enjoy it without many conveniences; to him, that was relaxing
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Of Girls and Coils
Baily squirmed in her chair, wrapped from her mouth to her ankles in electric tape. At her request, Baily had a friend bind her up well with restricting tape. Trouble was, Baily didn't tell her friend to undo her later. So now Baily attempted to squeeze out of her bindings, although it was clearly hopeless. She couldn't deny that she was sort of enjoying it though...
Baily was a half-Indian young woman with an amazing dark complextion and a perfect curvy body. And she was also quite proud of her very generous chest, which stuck out proudly from her body, showing up as a large swelling from the tape. She grunted, her legs and arms bound tight under the strong tape. She looked very much like a mummy or a fly spun up in a spider's web.
She huffed, her chest raising and falling with the strain. But then she heard the door behind her creak open.
'About time she came back!' Baily thought, believing it to be her friend returning to release her. She made a muffled shout but there was no reply.
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The Boy and the dragon
Warning: soft vore
In a cave, deep in a large forest covered in winter's snow, lay a large, majestic, black female dragon with silver curved horns, spikes and a silver belly laid there in her cave, sleeping the night away, when all of a sudden, "Hello?" called a voice from the entrance of the cave. "Is anyone in here?" it called again.
Wanting to know who or what was calling, she made her way closer to the sound, she stopped when she saw what it was. It was a small, male human hatchling about 5 feet tall and seemed about the age of 8 to 10 years old. He had dark brown eyes and short messy brown hair to match. He must have heard her because he called out again, "Is anyone there?" "Yes, I live here," she answered.
He must have been surprised to get an answer because he stepped back a few feet. "I'm sorry if I barged in on your home, I will leave," he said then started to make his way to the entrance.
"You don't have to leave," she said.
"Its cold out there and you will certainly freeze t
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A Dragon for Company
Warning: Contains vore. You should probably leave if you don't like it. Seriously.
You were awake. You instinctively curl up in a ball. Brrr. It was cold. Slowly you open one eye. You were… home? Yes, you were home, in your snug little cabin. Had that whole thing been a dream, with the storm and the dragon who…? Your thoughts trailed off. You gasp in surprise as your eyes fall onto the other side of the room.
The dragon was in your cabin. Wait, what? A dragon in my cabin? This doesn't happen every day. As if she could hear your thoughts, she wakes up and yawns; a half-growl. You stare into her mouth, realizing you had already made one trip down there. She sees you staring and grins.
"Are you okay?" She asks.
"I… I… I…" You falter. You step out of bed and walk up to her. It still hadn't hit you yet. A real, breathing, living and talking dragon who had just saved your life by swallowing you was in your cabin asking you if you were okay. "Uhh… Hi," you blurt out, unable to think of
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The Dragon's Healing
The Dragon's Healing by ~ShadrelPendragon~
Shadrel Drian ran as quickly as he could through the dense forest. the loud yells from the Enemy Soldiers were ever present, chasing after him. Shadrel felt the wind of several arrows wip past his cheeks, legs, and shoulders. A few hit the tree in front of him, an inch or two away from his face. He had to escape the soldiers as fast as possible, but where could he go? He ran for what felt like an hour. His legs were becoming stiff and his chest begged for oxygen with stabbing pains. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping him going.
Suddenly, He felt an agonizing stab in his shoulder. Turning, he saw that one of the arrows had made it's mark. The soldiers were close enough now to get a good shot. Shadrel clasped his free hand to his shoulder. Adrenaline spiked, he criss crossed tree after tree and crouched to make a harder target. Aother arrow his it's mark, this time hitting him in the hip. The impact nearly knocked him to the ground. If that h
:icondevoutnumelran:DeVoutNumelran 115 60
A night with a dark Predator RP
Warning: Soft Vore, Conronting A Abusive Father,
Athours Note: Image everything like a Anime please that's how I pictured it at least so please do. me and Ragingfire1 worked very heard on this so give him a lot of credit and watch him please Id really apreshat it and he's an awsome freind as well so give him credit and soport.
A young boy stands on a ledge situated against a great mountain top. The air is cold and he shiver from the unfriendly weather. The clouds above slowly bob along as the great sun casts its gaze down on him and the surrounding landscape. The boy's head hurts a little and doesn't seem to want to go away. "were am I and how did I get here?" the boy named Brandon says as he shivers in the cold the landscape is quite unremarkable and the altitude makes it a little hard to concentrate the boy holds his arms tight around his own body as his legs sink into the snow's ice clutches as he walks throw the frozen plates "its so bloody cold," he speaks to himself as he tries t
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 149 347
Scaly Temptation
Samantha looked through the glass of the door window at the massive female tiger reticulated python named Gorgeous. And gorgeous she was. Gorgeous was 32 feet long from the tip of her snout to the tip of her tail. Despite her sluggish look, Gorgeous was all muscle and scale. She posessed great bulk, her total body weight reaching over 300 pounds of pure muscle. A truly beautiful specimen of serpent.
Even more so to Samantha. Ever since she was a child Samantha had loved the feel of snake scales. She had owned several small snakes throughout her life, but she never had anything big enough to even have wrap around her waist as she would greatly like. But now it was her lucky day. It was Samantha's third day working at the zoo and each day she had wanted to handle Gorgeous. But it wasn't in her department, so she wasn't allowed to work with her. However, Samantha had volounteered to work the night shift when there weren't any visitors around so she could perform maintenance and other nigh
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Slow11 by riv2 Slow11 :iconriv2:riv2 199 7
Journey to the center of Alice: Vore story
Warning: Non-fatal vore, Shrinking, Giant and Tiny things
The young boy know as Danny Marten was on his way home from school sadly the poor boy had gotten caught in the rain as Danny was on his way home a huge storm had rolled in thunder shattered threw the skies and gray dark clouds covered the blue clear winter sky, Danny had ran as fast as his small legs could take him the wind blew rapidly and the frozen icy rain hit his face like a painful cold wet toile Danny closed his eyes multiple times to avoided the ice rain from hitting his eyes, the boy was to busy keeping the rain out of his eyes he did not see the patch of ice on the side walk he came down running from the rain's pounding his sneakers were soaked in cold water he placed one foot on the patch of ice slipping and falling down on his belly making a smacking sound as the weight of his book bag and his own smashed into the hard cold concrete.
Danny had his eyes closed he slowly opened them finding himself on the sidewalk's co
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Saphira's Pleasure by masterlevan1: Eragon vore
Give full credit to masterlevan1 he made this for me give him all the credit
WARNING: Contains soft vore and suspenseful situations!
All characters, settings, and locations belong to Christopher Paolini
Three weeks ago I was just a farm boy, and now I'm apparently a dragon rider. Brom keeps telling me that my destiny is far greater than that of any farmer or simple folk. Sometimes I just want to slap him, ha-ha but I guess I probably couldn't if I tried.
We have been tracking the monsters that killed my uncle, the Ra'zac, for nearly a week and have finally found out where they are headed. We picked up their tracks yesterday when we found Teirm, a small city that was nearly abandoned by its people. We are about five days away from Dras-Leona, the town where the Ra'zac seem to be heading.
My dragon, Saphira, has helped me cope with the loss of my uncle and has assured me that she will be by my side until the end of whatever life or journey we're on. Sometimes I think for such a
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The Dragon of Ishara
The storm came out of nowhere.
One minute it just seemed overcast. The next…I was trying to just keep my feet on the ground!
I dived under a tree, trying to even briefly shelter myself from the harsh rain. But I couldn't stay here forever…
I looked around for a cave…an abandoned wolf den…something solid…someplace where I could avoid this storm…
Just then, I saw something. A small orange light about 100 feet away. Maybe it was 200; I couldn't tell. This rain was a waterfall, really…
I took a deep breath, and started a mad dash towards that cave. I would either make it, or get swept off my feet and thrown into a tree. The harsh rain didn't feel like it was the most nature could throw at me...
But my intention was to make sure I at least lasted a few more minutes.
There it was…almost there…just have to...!
The wind picked me up, and tossed me to the ground. I was sent rolling, and stopped when I hit a tree. I hurt, yes…but I wasn't
:icondragonboy387:DragonBoy387 146 73
A New Family *Dragon Vore*
Warning: Soft Vore, Willing, Safe, Non fatal  
In an orphanage near a forest a young boy by the age of 15 years old was in his room all alone he sate on his bed writing in his not yet finished book, he wear a green tunic with dark gray wrinkled ripped pants his hair was a brownish blond with bright blue eyes he sate on his bed with his legs crossed up with his book resting on his legs, he had a feather pen in his hand the boy wrote in some pages in the book his book was about the times he had spent in the orphanage alone when he traveled around the forest when no one would look he started writing about the legends the man in the orphanage had told him once "their were great tales of flying beasts that roam the mountains near hear the forest are nor safer the winged beasts walk throw forests looking for pray, they fly the skies and Earth is their hunting grounds, do not even think of trying to,.." the boy stopped writing when a knock at the door came "Link launch time," a woma
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 259 525
Healing Trust
"Oi…I swear t'you, lass………I'm na gonna hurt you." The giant's brow furrowed into a look of growing concern as he peered under the darkness of the sofa in search of the tiny form that had vanished among the clusters of old dustbunnies and various items that had been pushed back and forgotten. He really needed to clean. But cleaning was the last thing on his mind right now. He was worried. Worried for the little human who'd scurried under his couch the moment he opened the little box to let her out…that had been nearly 7 hours ago. And still she hadn't said a word or budged from her place in the very back corner…just out of his reach.
He'd been content to let her stay there at first…but now he was legitimately worried. He knew she was still healing and that she needed to eat and drink to maintain what little strength she had. But she was refusing the water, little wafers and bits of meat he'd left for her.  Her trust really must have been shat
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 224 132
(PC) A New Place
A New Place
(Warning, contains vore and lots of it!)
Slithering though a snowy forest, tongue flicking from her maw, was a large, pink and white naga. She was about 30 feet long, her serpentine body thick and built of strong, but soft feeling scales. And her upper body, her torso, was that of an anthro snake’s. Covered in pink scales with the same dark pink and maroon boa pattern on her back, and the same white belly scales like on her serpentine body. As she slithered along, the sun’s bright rays reflected off her shiny scales as it poked through the leafless trees, the warm soothing her in the cold winter world. But as she made her way further, she picked up on a scent. So she flicked her tongue out, getting a better idea of the scent’s location. Once she figured out what direction to head, she headed there, interested to see what cause this new interesting smell.
She didn’t have to wait long to find out; for laying in a clearing in the middle of the dense for
:iconkatzefalke-sergal:KatzeFalke-Sergal 105 73
How to save a life: Cynder vore
Warning: soft vore
In the dragon realm the stars shinned bright in dark blue skies the two red, and green moons gave both a bright light in darkness, the fields tall grass was wet from the midnight dew a young human boy sat in the cold grass as the night's cold chilling wind breezed past him making him clutch his bare arms the young boy had dark red hair, blue eyes he ware a black shirt with short sleeves, and a par of jeans and normal par of red and white sneakers, the boy's name was Rayn all he could remember was he was at home in his room on his laptop then he found himself in this place.
Rayn stood up he looked up at the sky to see the two moons witch he knew now he was in another world of some kind or he was dreaming, Rayn could not tell if it was a dream or not he could feel the cold air around him he felt the breeze of the icy wind on his skin that gave him goose bumps
"it...can't be real..." he shivered as he pinched himself on the arm he felt the pain "ouch!... well its not a
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 152 145
Cell Junior's Hunt
No one knew it, but one of the Cell Juniors from the Cell Games had survived the gruesome battle. With all of his siblings and father now gone, the lone Junior knew he was less than a match for the Z Fighters. But what could he do to damage them? Junior had spent years in hiding, not wanting to die like the rest of his family. But in his seclusion he grew, appearing to be the teenager version of his dad but retaining his blue skin. And now, a stumpy stinger protruded from his back, signifying that he could in fact get stronger through absorbtion...
Junior's head fins were a bit longer now, but not nearly as long as his fathers. He had the appearance of a youthful athlete, but of course had the physical attributes of his father. Junior grumbled, feeling the urge to... feed...
"Need... Food..." Junior grumbled, a bit perplexed by the sensation. He needed to get stronger. To get stronger, he needed to feed off of those who had energy. It was time to stop hiding and to start eating! Junior
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Safe in my big sister's tummy
:Authors note hi everyone this is my first ever vore story so I hope you all like it:
Warning:  Non-fatal vore shrinking giant and tiny stuff
In a house their lived a family a mother and a father who had very busy jobs would always leave their kids at home thy had a young boy named Danny who was very little for his age he was 10 years old he didn't have many friends everyone had always made fun of him and called him names "stupid," and "dumb" the poor boy was always bullied by everyone for him being short and small he would rather play some video games with his big sister then go to that horrible school of terror.
His sister Alice was an awesome person she was 15 years old and she was like the friend the poor boy had he wished he could go to high school with her in stead of being in his "school of terror" but she told him to take her word for it and just be happy to be in grade school Danny loved his sister she always had awesome video games to play Danny and Alice always played togeth
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Ball Park Lunch
It was a scorching afternoon in a small town in upstate New York. 
"Lets see... what should I get.." Uttered a lanky high-schooler wearing a number seven baseball jersey. The teen was waiting on line to get some food from a public concession staid. 
Harold was visiting his town's public baseball diamond to watch a few of his friends play in a big tournament game. 
The sun was particularly brutal this afternoon, making the shade under the stand's wooden canopy a much needed relief for the sweat glistened sixteen year old. The overheated highschooler lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe his forehead for a  moment as the person on line ahead of him stepped away from the counter with their food. 
"Uh sir? Did you want anything?" An antsy teenage part-timer asked from behind the counter. 
"Oh!!  Um.. sorry... can I just get a hotdog please?" Harold answered awkwardly as he hastily stepped forward. 
"That'll be three dollars" The concession worker
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On Vore
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Premature Birth = Vore Love?
Vore Community Statistics
Hate in the Vore Community
    Welcome to my essay on the very diverse and unusual subject of vore. If you are reading this out of curiosity or to learn more about vore, then you've come to the right place. If you are here because you do not understand vore, then I would encourage you to read the entire essay, as you will likely learn quite a bit. Regardless of how you found the essay or your reason for reading, I would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to post a comment - after you have read the essay in it's entirety.
    Well, first off, what exactly is vore? At its barest
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Warning: Contains vore and traces of bacon. Don't like it? Don't read it!
You stepped out into the crisp, cold morning air. It was another beautiful day in the mountains. Towering all around you were the huge mountain ranges, topped with snow and peppered with trees. To your left was the dense forest and to your right was the village. The weather was clear and sunny, today would be a perfect day for exploration. You take one last look at the small cabin and begin to hike up the base of the mountains. The wet dirt is quickly replaced by snow, and the trees by rocks.
You had come to the mountains for a vacation. You came alone and had lived in a small cabin near a small village. For the past month, every day you hiked up the mountain, seeking an adventure. Today, you hoped, was going to be different. You were going to hike further and higher up the mountain then you ever had.
Now here you were tudging through the light snow that had fallen on the top of the mountain during the nig
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becoming a dragon
(warning, contains vore, and transformation)
There was once a teenage boy, about 17 years old. He was quite small for his age, but was well built. When he was young, he got given a book on dragons, "Dragonology." the first time he read it, he thought it was just ok, but he then read it through properly as it was all he could think about. It was the first book he truly read and took in everything. He studied the book, and learnt all that was in it, he grew a passion for dragons. His parents noticed how much he loved them, so filled his room with dragon merchandise, such as small statues, sheets with them on, even a bloody throne! His love for them grew more by the day. After a few years, his parents split up, the mother left, the father couldn't handle it and quit his job, we lost everything. Me, my 2 sisters and my dad had to sell all we had just to keep the house, all the boys dragon stuff, he could only save the book Dragonology. We soon lost the house as well, so we had to live on t
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Momma's Day
The rain drizzled outside the cave as Megan the dragoness awoke. She yawned and stretched in the warm damp air, then looked around for her little James. He was gone. Megan frowned playfully, wondering where her little dragon had gone. She shrugged and set about getting breakfast ready, some meat gotten a night ago, proceeding to roast it carefully with her fiery breath. As she worked, she remembered how it was such a day as this a year ago, that she had found her little James in a most unexpected, yet wonderful way. She paused a moment from her cooking to look out the cave again, trying to figure where her little one had gone. She couldn't help but smile as his little dragon snout appeared over the hill, followed by a very soggy rest of him. He sloshed slowly into the cave, flopping down tiredly once in its dry shelter.
"Oh sweetie... you're all wet," Megan cooed as she approached him and nuzzled his snout softly. James nuzzled lovingly back.
"Sorry. I had to do something," he replied,
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VORE - Pet Dog
Warning - contains vore. Don't like? Don't read. This is my first vore story so I hope you like it!
Stacy was sitting in her room slowly dozing off, the heat of the day slowly getting to her. She fell back on her bed asleep, only to be woken up a short time afterwards by something cold on her feet. She groggily opened her eyes to see her dog, Lucy, licking her toes and wagging her tail madly. Stacy sat up and rubbed her eyes noticing that Lucy's leader had been dragged into her room.
"Huh, clever girl aren't you?" Stacy said rubbing Lucy on the head.
She got up, put on her sneakers and put Lucy's leader on her collar. They left the house and Stacy started to jog with Lucy guiding her. They both ended up at the park a few streets away from her house but no one seemed to be around, but that was ok because Stacy could play fetch with Lucy without hitting someone on accident. She found a stick and they played like this for around an hour, Stacy getting very sweaty from the heat of the day.
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Meg vore 1
                                                                     Meg vore 1
Peter Joe and the other were at the bar having a few drinks when lois came in and she was pissed.
"Peter I told you to pick up meg from school almost 3 hours ago and she still isn't home."
"Calm down lois I'm sure she fine"
He said giggleing under his breathe.
"You better hope she is for your sake oh your gonna get Peter"
She said storming out of the drunkin clam.
Meg had been waiting for Peter for hours but got tired of waiting and decided to walk home.
"I can't belive he didn't pick me up again God"
She said red in the face.
As she walking she passed a store called a
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