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Voices In Heaven by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 1,737 245 The Spectral forest by GeneRazART The Spectral forest :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 492 29 voices of calm by arbebuk voices of calm :iconarbebuk:arbebuk 1,642 135 Undertale Wallpaper by CKibe Undertale Wallpaper :iconckibe:CKibe 1,387 43 Doctor Whooves: Elder Page 1 by ShwiggityShwah Doctor Whooves: Elder Page 1 :iconshwiggityshwah:ShwiggityShwah 1,468 309 Voices In Heaven 3 by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven 3 :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 918 91
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: Russia
[Now read it here in German! Translated by alltimeOpheliac]
Two men, dressed in white scrubs that outlined fine muscles, held an even larger man by his biceps. They led him through the dreary bland hallways to one of many rooms in the labyrinth-like building. The large man walked in without fighting and one man quickly jabbed a needle in his arm, a sedative. As soon as the doors closed behind him he snapped his head around at it. He glared at the door for a moment, mumbling something his breath.
Ivan had been in a mental institution for years now. How long? He wasn't sure. He just knew it was a long, long time. He was admitted here when he was in his mid-twenties, now he was nearing middle aged. His family had stopped visiting him years ago. They left him. The voices told him that. They didn't want him. He was useless to them and they would let him die here.
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Others' voices by agnes-cecile Others' voices :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 7,575 153 Voices In Heaven 2 by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven 2 :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 828 90 Voices by Zolaida Voices :iconzolaida:Zolaida 2,729 262 swing life away by LittleFlair swing life away :iconlittleflair:LittleFlair 1,640 137 Undertale Animation by CKibe Undertale Animation :iconckibe:CKibe 974 52 the voice in my head. by cristina-otero the voice in my head. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 1,541 58 La Voz de la Ambicion by s-caruso La Voz de la Ambicion :icons-caruso:s-caruso 1,352 157 sooshitsu wo kakaete, nao ikiro by uchuubranko sooshitsu wo kakaete, nao ikiro :iconuchuubranko:uchuubranko 4,331 469
5 Tips for Establishing Character Voices
5 Tips for Establishing Character Voices
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 7 “From Story to Art” – Section 9 “Speech and Voice”
With Links to Supplementary Material
After you finish your first draft in all of its rough, unpolished, corny, sappy, unorganized glory, you will likely note something rather disturbing about your characters. They all sound the same. And, upon further analysis, you may even discover that they all sound like you. Fear not! This is to be expected, and but another factor to be adjusted and improved in the many drafts to come.
Tip 1: Annotate how each character's speech pattern differs from your own.
When a child is young, it is often difficult to attribute them with much of a unique personality, so long as they are parroting everything their parents say. Similarly, separating a character's speech p
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All my art is on you but you still don't hear me by agnes-cecile All my art is on you but you still don't hear me :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,363 61 Voices by xetobyte Voices :iconxetobyte:xetobyte 1,454 130 The voices in my head by DianaGrigore The voices in my head :icondianagrigore:DianaGrigore 1,978 202 Moth by Culpeo-Fox Moth :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,006 143 Zutara Week - Voices by beanaroony Zutara Week - Voices :iconbeanaroony:beanaroony 836 23 ZKWK13 - Voices by nymre ZKWK13 - Voices :iconnymre:nymre 1,246 73 You, dirty brother killer by CKibe You, dirty brother killer :iconckibe:CKibe 1,089 54 Watercolor texture - Voices by jane-beata Watercolor texture - Voices :iconjane-beata:jane-beata 675 16
Laughing Jack x Reader (Prologue)
Finally, your own place, your own furniture, your own car. You'd been longing this for such a time that you thought nothing could go wrong now.
Upon unloading your belongings into your pre-used house, you heard a loud crackle under your foot.
Glass? A trail of glass, actually...
you followed it to the back door, which was open.
"Hello?" You surveyed the back yard, upon doing this, you noticed to adolescents scurrying off, shattering beer bottles and silly stringing your yard.
"Welcome to the neighborhood, Bitch!" The two kids got away. You tried to not let it get to you. (So much for nothing going wrong, though.)
Besides, you left the back door unlocked, you were practically asking for some jerks to come in. You cleaned up the glass, and this time, locked the back door.
That night, you managed to unpack the majority of your things. But not in peace. You kept hearing laughter. It must've been from those damned kids. if they persisted, you'd waste no more time, and alert the police.
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lost in the unknown voices by agnes-cecile lost in the unknown voices :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 1,621 174
Laughing Jack x Reader (Pt 2)
You stared in horror. He seemed supernatural and grotesque, pleased even, by your fear. You backed away from him...He'd grown so near to you, approaching you so nonchalantly as if he'd known you for ages.
"Don't remember be, huh? Well that makes sense, it was so long ago after all..." He tuned his head away, but holding his glare on you, giving that sinister smile.
"Remember you? What are you talking about you creep?" You'd reached the limit. You were against the wall and there was no where safe to go. And he continued to approach, looking less pleased...much less pleased. He was, once again, right in front of you. Nearly pressing his body against you, he spoke again.
"We were best friends... his mouth was pressed to your ear, his hand in your hair. His mouth arched into a smile once more, you could feel his skin move against yours, his lips changing against your own skin. You wanted him off, but it isn't like you could were disturbed and entir
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genealogy. by quasilucid genealogy. :iconquasilucid:quasilucid 694 61 Undertale Poster by CKibe Undertale Poster :iconckibe:CKibe 640 17 little voice by moonywolf little voice :iconmoonywolf:moonywolf 1,429 134 Red. Black. by Culpeo-Fox Red. Black. :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,538 89 Hypnotic lights by GeneRazART Hypnotic lights :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 1,070 127 Seven voices of hate by TD-Vice Seven voices of hate :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 634 211 Awake by m4gik Awake :iconm4gik:m4gik 349 29 My dragon by GeneRazART My dragon :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 540 26 Voices in the Air by MorRokko Voices in the Air :iconmorrokko:MorRokko 660 64 OC Voice Actor Meme - SPANISH by sam-ely-ember OC Voice Actor Meme - SPANISH :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 399 188
A blood colored sunrise,
That you will never forget
Brings to your mind a person,
That you have not yet met
Visions cloud your mind,
You see them all the time...
The visions make you see things,
That you wish you did not know
But no matter how far you push them away,
They only seem to grow
Be careful where you step,
And watch out where you go!
And that's how you know!
It's fear...
That drives you!
It's fear...
That divides you!
Fear of the unexpected,
Fear of the unknown
Fear of everything you see,
Fear of what you have been shown...
It feels like an knife blade,
Has been rammed into your gut
But you ignore all the pain you feel,
Because you can never get enough!
Bodies and weapons,
Lying all around
You creep through the corridors,
Trying to not make a sound
A whispering sensation,
Fills the night air
You could swear no-one was behind you,
But it feels like someone's there!
And that's how you know!
It's fear...
That drives you!
It's fear...
That divides you!
Fear of the unexpected,
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poison by LittleFlair poison :iconlittleflair:LittleFlair 371 21
I Can Hear Voices
        Okay. Bear with me on this. You might wanna sit down, because this could be a shock.
        All right…
        You remember those stories? My grandmother and her grandmother and her grandmother all told them, passed them down to us. The ones that are all superstitious hoo-ha and nonsense. About spirits and hauntings, crap like that. Yeah, I see that smile, you think those stories are all bullshit, too. Just like everyone else, just like me when I was stupid and naive. No, just let me finish, because it’s a story you’ll never forget.
        Remember how I moved into my new apartment a while ago? Yeah, I was real happy about it — thought I could turn my life around from that shitty impoverished ghetto.
        Yeah, man, I know, the schools there were a fucking joke…
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balcony by mnemakk balcony :iconmnemakk:mnemakk 1,395 188
Slenderman X Reader (Part 1, Prelude)
"God, Damn, It's hot." You mumbled to yourself, fumbling through the seemingly endless garbage in your pockets. "Hottest summer ever." You finally found the cigarette you brought and lit it helplessly in the torturous heat.
"Miss ____!" A child ran up to you. You hurried to put out your only cigarette and hide it.
"And just as I found it, too...tsch." You mumbled to yourself "What is it, kid?" Your mom was a baby sitter, so you'd grown to know all these children, but it just fueled the hatred you had for them even more.
"Your mom told me to come ask you to take me and the other kids to the play place! She's busy today she said! But she said you would do it!" This kid was a bit older. Boy. Maybe Seven-years-old or so. brown, properly cut hair, blue eyes.
You let out and angered sigh, upset that your mother always signed you onto things that she knew you wouldn't accept. But you nodded, not allowing this to get to you.
"Sure thing, squirt. Go get your buddies." At least this gave you a r
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Inner demons by NImportant Inner demons :iconnimportant:NImportant 1,038 204 Voices from the Sea - Prism Jelly by zeiva Voices from the Sea - Prism Jelly :iconzeiva:zeiva 1,094 42 Voices of the Dead by VvBornOfDesirevV Voices of the Dead :iconvvbornofdesirevv:VvBornOfDesirevV 940 116 ZW - Voices by svyre ZW - Voices :iconsvyre:svyre 543 20 The voices of the spectra by Julianez The voices of the spectra :iconjulianez:Julianez 168 163 Xipe by Culpeo-Fox Xipe :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,075 68
There's always fear amidst his joy,
a little voice in the back of his head,
warning him of everything that might go wrong.
Yet, the nightly ghosts and the monsters
who lurk and scratch the floor under her bed,
were just the myths of a man who
wanted an excuse to hold her each night.
He doesn't think like this anymore,
he lies awake and ponders as the shadows
sway in their tribal dance along the walls,
and wholeheartedly hopes, that they
will rip a frustrated scream out of his throat
one that's loud enough to conceal the nagging voice.
"Oh my boy, haven't I warned you?
Love is a sin, don't come near
fairy-tales are only meant for books,
but you dove right in, driven by a foolish need.
You've tasted the bitter end of a blade
roles switched, now you're the monster she fears."

"She says your smile is beautiful,
like a sun shining so bright, a strength through your pain,
yet she fails to see the poisonous thorns
you nurtured with treason and grudge.
She doesn't know
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Voices from the Sea - Deep Sea by zeiva Voices from the Sea - Deep Sea :iconzeiva:zeiva 1,028 22