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A Visitor - [AU] Levi x Reader
Playing sports definitely was not your strong suit.
You had just been tossing the ball back and forth between you and your sister, but somehow you still managed to injure yourself.
When it was her turn to throw, she warned that she would be throwing it farther this time around, and so, to compensate for the distance, you ran backwards to try and catch the spherical object soaring through the sky.
Unfortunately for you, you didn’t see the wall behind you and slammed right into it. Knocked one of your teeth right out of your mouth – it was painful. And bloody. You bled for hours, even though it had long since stopped by now you swore you could still taste the metallic flavour in your mouth.
“So, you gonna put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy?” your sister asked, a hint of mischief and playfulness ringing in her words. You looked at the crimson-stained tooth in your hand before glancing back up at her.
“You kidding me? I’m twenty-six.”
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America x Reader ~ Late Night Visitor
You were asleep in your bed, comfortable as can be. The covers were warm, your pillows were soft. There you were curled into a peaceful ball in your bed when you were suddenly harshly woken up by a very loud banging on your front door.
Grumbling, you forced yourself out of your bed and groggily made your way towards the constant banging. You were still grumbling when you opened the door to see the large nation of America standing at your doorway. He was sobbing while hugging onto his pillow.
"Dude, (Country Name), I watched this scary movie at Japan's place earlier today and now I swear I can hear noises in my house! And Britain won't let me stay with him tonight! (Country Name) you have to let me in!" He said quickly.
You glared at him and said "America, it is 3 AM. What were you doing up this late anyways? Don't you know we have to go to a meeting in the morning? That is probably why England didn't let you stay. If you were asleep like a normal person should be, then you wouldn't be
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