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Aquatic Slidewalk by Samuel-Nordius Aquatic Slidewalk :iconsamuel-nordius:Samuel-Nordius 2,938 224 Blossom by TetraModal Blossom :icontetramodal:TetraModal 275 108 Robin by TetraModal Robin :icontetramodal:TetraModal 134 36 Hummingbirds by TetraModal Hummingbirds :icontetramodal:TetraModal 152 33 Mew by TetraModal Mew :icontetramodal:TetraModal 270 92 Mirrored Hummingbirds by TetraModal Mirrored Hummingbirds :icontetramodal:TetraModal 198 48 Psychedelic Butterfly 2 by Artwyrd Psychedelic Butterfly 2 :iconartwyrd:Artwyrd 805 154 The Gate by chvacher The Gate :iconchvacher:chvacher 5,510 388 City of Loth for the project A Scarlett Dawn by chvacher City of Loth for the project A Scarlett Dawn :iconchvacher:chvacher 1,604 113 Passerine by TetraModal Passerine :icontetramodal:TetraModal 190 38 Relic by jflaxman Relic :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 1,319 136 Northern Shores by chvacher Northern Shores :iconchvacher:chvacher 914 63 Doe by TetraModal Doe :icontetramodal:TetraModal 50 15 The Epiphany of Sophia by Adam-Scott-Miller The Epiphany of Sophia :iconadam-scott-miller:Adam-Scott-Miller 488 58 Mistress of the winds by chvacher Mistress of the winds :iconchvacher:chvacher 2,851 144 Creation by JustinChristenbery Creation :iconjustinchristenbery:JustinChristenbery 588 79 Vermillion Tongued Siren by justinbonnet Vermillion Tongued Siren :iconjustinbonnet:justinbonnet 1,088 108 Higher consciousness by jlof Higher consciousness :iconjlof:jlof 332 45 Lucy Heartfilia by TetraModal Lucy Heartfilia :icontetramodal:TetraModal 177 57 Shiva by TetraModal Shiva :icontetramodal:TetraModal 178 70 Swallow by TetraModal Swallow :icontetramodal:TetraModal 215 40 Norova by chvacher Norova :iconchvacher:chvacher 1,889 142 Orphic Awakening by asage Orphic Awakening :iconasage:asage 1,188 166 Bridging Worlds by SimonHaiduk2 Bridging Worlds :iconsimonhaiduk2:SimonHaiduk2 411 22 Mother Nature... by MBKKR Mother Nature... :iconmbkkr:MBKKR 873 307 Dualism Side SF Cover Girl by Pinakes Dualism Side SF Cover Girl :iconpinakes:Pinakes 2,263 107 The High Priestess by lauraborealisis The High Priestess :iconlauraborealisis:lauraborealisis 1,267 273 Yesod by PeteMohrbacher Yesod :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 7,437 110 Resting by chvacher Resting :iconchvacher:chvacher 1,176 49 Transcension by parablev Transcension :iconparablev:parablev 185 9 Automne by chvacher Automne :iconchvacher:chvacher 1,054 74 Woodpecker by TetraModal Woodpecker :icontetramodal:TetraModal 247 39 Beyond Omega by DennisKonstantin Beyond Omega :icondenniskonstantin:DennisKonstantin 271 26 Sacrament For The Sacred Dreamers by parablev Sacrament For The Sacred Dreamers :iconparablev:parablev 152 6 Stormbreakers by chvacher Stormbreakers :iconchvacher:chvacher 4,114 372 Sea of glass (better quality) by nik159 Sea of glass (better quality) :iconnik159:nik159 836 62 Piccolo by TetraModal Piccolo :icontetramodal:TetraModal 168 54 Falling Slowly by KOL3TRAN3 Falling Slowly :iconkol3tran3:KOL3TRAN3 203 20 The oracle of the sea by Aramisdream The oracle of the sea :iconaramisdream:Aramisdream 225 77 New Beginnings by asage New Beginnings :iconasage:asage 350 59 Rainscape Rhythm by archanN Rainscape Rhythm :iconarchann:archanN 244 13 Aries tattoo design by Miletune Aries tattoo design :iconmiletune:Miletune 10 1 Discovery So Clear by parablev Discovery So Clear :iconparablev:parablev 645 57 ConsciousFeminine Main by RyanTottle ConsciousFeminine Main :iconryantottle:RyanTottle 882 105 Event Horizon by Kiminjo Event Horizon :iconkiminjo:Kiminjo 247 38 Omnia Est Intra by beaudeeley Omnia Est Intra :iconbeaudeeley:beaudeeley 241 38 Skull #1 by TetraModal Skull #1 :icontetramodal:TetraModal 186 20
Mohandas Gandhi: The Architect of Peace

MOHANDAS GANDHI: The Architect of Peace
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Mahatma Gandhi
The Mahatma, the Bapu, the Visionary, The Architect of Peace.
As we celebrate the January 15th birthday of America’s greatest non–violent civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, we should also honor his mentor and role model, Mohandas Gandhi, who died on January 30th, 1948. Both of these Princes of Peace were taken from the world too soon by assassin’s bullets, the truth of their m
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