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Cartoon Network's Villainous Review (FANCLUB TOO?)

-gasps- WHAT'S THIS?

Heyo guys it's Mimi here and I'm gonna talk about the growing uproar about a new show that is coming out to the US on Cartoon Network. Villainous~
Villainous is one of those unique and special shows because it's all animated traditionally and then colored digitally. It's also one of the few shows with actual Villains as main characters. Plus it was aired in Mexico and was greenlit to premiere shorts to hype up the audience with its art style and humor in Latin America. It revolves around a bad-tempered, wealthy demon of a salesman nicknamed "Black Hat" who sells evil products online to other villains worldwide. His minions however, are total fuckups and will always try to get into wacky situations when using these products. Dr. Flug is a wimpy teenage scientist who creates these invention
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[Villainous] Don't make Flug cries by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Don't make Flug cries :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 477 60 Chemicals by Foxbeast Chemicals :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 254 45 [Villainous] Neck bite by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Neck bite :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 489 12 DEMENCIA (VILLANOS) (Fi) by Horu111 DEMENCIA (VILLANOS) (Fi) :iconhoru111:Horu111 405 16 Villainous: This could end badly by bayepaye Villainous: This could end badly :iconbayepaye:bayepaye 573 22 BLACK HAT by BITEGHOST BLACK HAT :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 864 30 [Villainous] Not as cute as you by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Not as cute as you :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 493 32 [Villainous] I'm Gonna Make You Mine by owoSesameowo [Villainous] I'm Gonna Make You Mine :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 432 33 Calling the police! by Foxbeast Calling the police! :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 169 41 Villainous: Silly Ol' Bear by bayepaye Villainous: Silly Ol' Bear :iconbayepaye:bayepaye 631 21 .: Do ya thing :. Black Hat x Dr Flug by XxJadeSilver .: Do ya thing :. Black Hat x Dr Flug :iconxxjadesilver:XxJadeSilver 505 57 ~SUSPENDERS~ by Plyesdayk ~SUSPENDERS~ :iconplyesdayk:Plyesdayk 346 63 [Villainous] Call me Boss by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Call me Boss :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 420 62 [Villainous] Why not more? by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Why not more? :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 485 85 [Villainous] Lick neck by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Lick neck :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 395 59 Villainous! by Amii-stuff Villainous! :iconamii-stuff:Amii-stuff 735 17 [VILLAINOUS] Black Hat's Tips by risaXrisa [VILLAINOUS] Black Hat's Tips :iconrisaxrisa:risaXrisa 342 32 Villainous :: Dr. Flug by Khwan123-and-ninjago Villainous :: Dr. Flug :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 253 9 Villainous : Dr.Flug || Collab by FloatyWaffles Villainous : Dr.Flug || Collab :iconfloatywaffles:FloatyWaffles 607 16 Villainous: Dr. Sexy by AcceCakes Villainous: Dr. Sexy :iconaccecakes:AcceCakes 332 29 [VILLAINOUS] Paperhat Dance by risaXrisa [VILLAINOUS] Paperhat Dance :iconrisaxrisa:risaXrisa 290 22 Dr. Flug by Puijela10 Dr. Flug :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 767 22 Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug by Khwan123-and-ninjago Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 641 53 Demencia by BITEGHOST Demencia :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 585 19 Mariachi (Villainous) by Terranova-arts Mariachi (Villainous) :iconterranova-arts:Terranova-arts 532 55 [VILLAINOUS] Dark Humor by risaXrisa [VILLAINOUS] Dark Humor :iconrisaxrisa:risaXrisa 401 33 |Villainous Fanart| Demencia |+SPEEDPAINT| by 0ktavian |Villainous Fanart| Demencia |+SPEEDPAINT| :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 756 41 Villainous by ScarletJewelCV05 Villainous :iconscarletjewelcv05:ScarletJewelCV05 380 3 Villainous/ Villanos (Speepdaint) by DeepFriedPaint Villainous/ Villanos (Speepdaint) :icondeepfriedpaint:DeepFriedPaint 433 12 Villainous: Black Hat by bayepaye Villainous: Black Hat :iconbayepaye:bayepaye 303 7 [Villainous] He's mine by owoSesameowo [Villainous] He's mine :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 304 22 You're all mine! by Ennewashere You're all mine! :iconennewashere:Ennewashere 229 20 Madly in Love Scientist by NekoKami-sama Madly in Love Scientist :iconnekokami-sama:NekoKami-sama 220 11 Shego - Kim Possible by DyChanCos Shego - Kim Possible :icondychancos:DyChanCos 119 27 Lovely Night by Foxbeast Lovely Night :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 160 27 Demencia es pura maldad by Stariaat Demencia es pura maldad :iconstariaat:Stariaat 572 41 Black Hat ( Villainous ) by chuchy07 Black Hat ( Villainous ) :iconchuchy07:chuchy07 176 3 huitzil azul dame mas fuerza by Bri-The-Leafy-Trash huitzil azul dame mas fuerza :iconbri-the-leafy-trash:Bri-The-Leafy-Trash 311 28 [Villainous] Angels by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Angels :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 310 23 black hat?? by BITEGHOST black hat?? :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 454 7 Villainous Art dump #1 by AcceCakes Villainous Art dump #1 :iconaccecakes:AcceCakes 177 11 Villainous :: Black hat x Demencia  by Khwan123-and-ninjago Villainous :: Black hat x Demencia :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 330 21 Baddest of the bad by Foxbeast Baddest of the bad :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 192 32