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Tiny Black Hat by Skeleion Tiny Black Hat :iconskeleion:Skeleion 842 88 PURE EVIL by PiemationsArt PURE EVIL :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 2,479 478 PokePlans by In-The-Machine PokePlans :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 7,227 1,269 Villainous Icons- Free To Use by cutgut Villainous Icons- Free To Use :iconcutgut:cutgut 1,344 103 VILLAINOUS by juujii VILLAINOUS :iconjuujii:juujii 439 10 Villainous by Skeleion Villainous :iconskeleion:Skeleion 1,459 31 Sans meets Black Hat by paurachan Sans meets Black Hat :iconpaurachan:paurachan 948 108 VILLAINOUS by holidayhearse VILLAINOUS :iconholidayhearse:holidayhearse 1,683 73 Villainous by xNIR0x Villainous :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 1,574 45 villainous by citrusradio villainous :iconcitrusradio:citrusradio 871 42 villainous by Slendeyk villainous :iconslendeyk:Slendeyk 876 18 Supervillain Self-Portrait by JessiBeans Supervillain Self-Portrait :iconjessibeans:JessiBeans 5,715 306 buttload of gay (flughat) by Erewann buttload of gay (flughat) :iconerewann:Erewann 717 56 Villainous : Dr.Flug || Collab by FloatyWaffles Villainous : Dr.Flug || Collab :iconfloatywaffles:FloatyWaffles 542 11 Villanos/Villainous - Mad Hatter by Dragonfoxgirl Villanos/Villainous - Mad Hatter :icondragonfoxgirl:Dragonfoxgirl 685 27 Demencia by cutgut Demencia :iconcutgut:cutgut 2,054 0 That Girl, She's Hiding Horns by jellubean That Girl, She's Hiding Horns :iconjellubean:jellubean 707 82 Villainous by Isosceless Villainous :iconisosceless:Isosceless 763 16 Villainous! by Amii-stuff Villainous! :iconamii-stuff:Amii-stuff 689 17 Dr. Flug by Puijela10 Dr. Flug :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 712 22 Can't Help Bein' Villainous by miitoons Can't Help Bein' Villainous :iconmiitoons:miitoons 648 18 [Villainous] Don't make Flug cries by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Don't make Flug cries :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 435 59 BLACK HAT by BITEGHOST BLACK HAT :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 777 29 Villainous by Rensaven Villainous :iconrensaven:Rensaven 1,228 70 Dementia by Polkadot-Creeper Dementia :iconpolkadot-creeper:Polkadot-Creeper 324 3 g a y by honkii g a y :iconhonkii:honkii 404 52 Villainous! by Silventer Villainous! :iconsilventer:Silventer 597 28 Compliment by VisionsKeeper Compliment :iconvisionskeeper:VisionsKeeper 287 33 villainous  by neontetrious2027 villainous :iconneontetrious2027:neontetrious2027 659 8 .: Do ya thing :. Black Hat x Dr Flug by XxJadeSilver .: Do ya thing :. Black Hat x Dr Flug :iconxxjadesilver:XxJadeSilver 455 57
Paper Villains
On writing three-dimensional villains
Brought to you by Super Editor
Disclaimer: (as experience suggests that I need one) This resource consists of opinions. There may be better ways to write, and my advice may not fit your type of story. Please use common sense when applying the ideas expressed below. Thanks for reading!

Do you remember the Big Bad Wolf? He destroyed the Three Little Pigs' houses and ate them (or only chased them, depending on the rendition). He ran to Little Red Riding Hood's home and devoured her grandmother. The Big Bad Wolf appears in countless fairy tales to eat and terrorize the general populace.
In many children's stories, the Big Bad Wolf is symbolic for the negative consequences that can follow bad choices. Two of the Three Little Pigs failed to work hard on their houses, allowing the wolf to blow them over with his tremendous breath. Littl
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DEMENCIA (VILLANOS) (Fi) by Horu111 DEMENCIA (VILLANOS) (Fi) :iconhoru111:Horu111 353 15 Villainous by Ashesfordayz Villainous :iconashesfordayz:Ashesfordayz 490 19 Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug by Khwan123-and-ninjago Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 603 48
8 Tips for Creating a Villain
8 Tips for Creating a Villain
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 5 “Characters” – Section 3.1 “Villains”

"The lights burn blue. It is now dead midnight.
Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.
What do I fear? Myself? There’s none else by.
Richard loves Richard; that is, I am I.
Is there a murderer here? No. Yes, I am.
Then fly! What, from myself? Great reason. Why:
Lest I revenge. Myself upon myself?
Alack, I love myself. Wherefore? For any good
That I myself have done unto myself?
O no, alas, I rather hate myself
For hateful deeds committed by myself.
I am a villain."
-Shakespeare "Richard III"
Perhaps the mo
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Black Hat sketches by Skeleion Black Hat sketches :iconskeleion:Skeleion 629 12 Villainous: Dr. Sexy by AcceCakes Villainous: Dr. Sexy :iconaccecakes:AcceCakes 265 23 Black  lordy by Silventer Black lordy :iconsilventer:Silventer 534 40 Villainous Art dump #4 by AcceCakes Villainous Art dump #4 :iconaccecakes:AcceCakes 183 7 [Villainous] Call me Boss by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Call me Boss :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 394 58 comfort by Erewann comfort :iconerewann:Erewann 461 11 Villanous shipssss by Waackery Villanous shipssss :iconwaackery:Waackery 411 71 Villainous: Black Hat Inc. by bayepaye Villainous: Black Hat Inc. :iconbayepaye:bayepaye 502 4 [Villainous] Why not more? by owoSesameowo [Villainous] Why not more? :iconowosesameowo:owoSesameowo 421 80 Demencia by BITEGHOST Demencia :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 531 19 Villainous: This could end badly by bayepaye Villainous: This could end badly :iconbayepaye:bayepaye 476 16 Blackhat and Demencia by Isosceless Blackhat and Demencia :iconisosceless:Isosceless 555 18 |Villainous Fanart| Demencia |+SPEEDPAINT| by 0ktavian |Villainous Fanart| Demencia |+SPEEDPAINT| :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 604 37 Demencia | Villainous Fan art! by CorytheC Demencia | Villainous Fan art! :iconcorythec:CorytheC 496 33 Villainous by LadyOtakuGamer789 Villainous :iconladyotakugamer789:LadyOtakuGamer789 470 37