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Prussia x Shy!Reader: Sitting in the Rain
A/N: This story is long. I lot longer than it should have been. It's actually 15 pages longer than it was supposed to be… Sorry if you don't want to read it now.
Even when I stumbled in reality  and tumbled down right before I reached my dream
And I couldn't arrive at my final destination
I know that the reason always lies within myself
And I'm always searching for a way to break out of that situation

The rain hissed around you, making everything in sight a shade darker. You sat on a bench and let your clothes soak in the current weather, literally, you found it calming. You liked the rain for that reason; it never talked to you or asked you anything. It just did what rain did best, it fell. You let the cold drops plummet to their death, suffocated by their neighbours, off your exposed arms. The drops ran off your fingertips to go join their friends on the pavement. You smiled thinking about what it would be like to join friends.
You had friends, good, kind frien
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