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Text: Basic Phrases
Ohayou gozaimasu / ohayou
Good morning (formal) / 'Morning (informal)
Often said until 11 AM
Good afternoon
Often said from about 11 AM to 6 PM
Good evening
Often said from about 6 PM and on
さようなら / じゃね、また / またね / バイバイ
Sayounara / ja ne, mata / mata ne / baibai
Good bye (formal) / Well, see you later (informal) / See you later (informal) / Bye bye (informal)
おやすみなさい / おやすみ
Oyasumi nasai / Oyasumi
Good night (formal) / 'Night (informal)
Said only when going to bed.
Doumo arigatou
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Your OC's Hair
Brought to you by Super Editor
You have the unique opportunity to see a Writer's Guide being drafted.
Some bug of a mysterious nature decided to delete the resource text last January or so and I think the text is gone for good, so I'm re-writing it. This notice will be taken down when this is no longer considered a draft. (Yes, I'm letting you read my draft. Now you have insights into my evil mind...)
*~*~*~The Actual Guide~*~*~*
Most girls are taught that there is a standard, all-encompassing way to take care of hair. You brush it every morning and don't pull the tangles too hard. When you wash it, you use a little bit of shampoo for the hair near your scalp, and a little bit of conditioner for the rest of it to minimize tangles. You should only blow-dry it, curl it, or straighten it on special occasions, because doing so damages your hair.
So we learn the rules and follow them, perhaps tweaking them here or there if necessary. It's just like Mom
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Messy N Long and Thick hair DL by amiamy111 Messy N Long and Thick hair DL :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 903 128 Lower your Weapons! by CaptBexx Lower your Weapons! :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 639 37 AVPM - Hufflepuffs by Sar-FanGirl AVPM - Hufflepuffs :iconsar-fangirl:Sar-FanGirl 1,025 69 Fisheye Placebo Signature Tutorial - Very In-Depth by Wishlah Fisheye Placebo Signature Tutorial - Very In-Depth :iconwishlah:Wishlah 423 72 Not so very angry by Hubedihubbe Not so very angry :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 1,535 103 AVPM Flippy Floppy Draco by flominowa AVPM Flippy Floppy Draco :iconflominowa:flominowa 2,472 162 A Very Potter Musical Poster by holidaze A Very Potter Musical Poster :iconholidaze:holidaze 866 136
Zoro X Reader: Wake Up Call
“Hey Guys! We’ve hit land! Break time~!” Nami called.
The crew cheered and ran out on deck before jumping off to the shore to piss around. Nami watched as everyone ran around like kids in a candy shop. Soon, she realized that something was amiss.
“Huh, I don’t see Zoro or _______ out there.” She pondered. Looking behind her caused her thoughts to stop short as she saw you lying back on a tree, eyes closed, sleeping soundly. “Well, looks like she’s doing her Zoro impression again.” She smiled, walking over to you and lightly poking you to wake you up.
After a few pokes and no response, Nami finally smacked your head lightly and woke you with a start.
“Nami! Damn it I told you not to EVER wake me up!” You yelled, flipping shit.
“Woah there! I’m just getting you up cause we hit some beautiful land with a beautiful beach~!” Nami said, motioning to the sun baked sand below.
“…Well, I was sleepin
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