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OHSHC - A Playdate with Honey. (Honey x Reader)
[NOTE: ' ______ ' - means the 4/3 letters of your name or just nickname like: Miyu-Chan, Jani-Chan, etc.]
"_____-Chan!" Honey exclaimed as he walked towards your desk, holding a pink bunny with a red bow tie around it's neck tightly. "Would you like to have some cake with me and Usa-Chan?!" He asked cheerfully, as he held his pink bunny inches away from your face.
"I would love to, but I need to study for the stupid French quiz tomorrow." You replied, completely ignoring Honey. You just continued reading your notebook which contains French words as such.
"Y-You don't like my Usa-Chan?" Honey frowned, tears forming on the corners of his eyes.
You rolled your eyes and took a look with that bunny he was trying to show you this past days. You stared at the bunny for a moment, wen a slight blush formed on your cheeks. "K-Kawaii..."
Hearing those words, Honey's frown turned into a smile. "Wah? Really?!" Honey asked, hugging you. "You can borrow Usa-Chan, okay?" He the
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