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Captured Undertaker X Reader
        “God, why does my head hurt so bad.” You tried to rub your sore head, only to realize your arms, and legs were strapped down. “The heck? Why am I in restraints?” Panic and anger set in. Your heart was racing and your breath became rapid. You had no idea where you were or why you were there. You pulled in vain with all your might against the restraints. Finally, feeling you had no other option, you started to scream as loud as you could.
After a moment of screaming, you heard a mans voice. “Hello there love. I didn't expect you to wake so early.” The man let out a cackle, one you would be able to recognize until the end of time. “Let me just untie you then now love.”
“I'm going to kill you. Do you have any idea how scared I was?” You wanted to slap him so badly it wasn't funny. Unfortunately your hands were still tied down by your sides.
“Yes love, I think the whole street knows, what with all
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Kuro - The real reason by Tenshi-no-Hikari Kuro - The real reason :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 7,320 561
Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Pluto
         “Come with me deary, It's high past your turn to play.” Grell took your hand and brought you to the center of the room. “Go ahead, don't be shy now.” He pushed the purse towards you. “Go ahead and pick an item for yourself.”
You happily placed your hand inside the bright red purse and began searching for an item. Nothing was really grabbing your attention, there was simply to much for you to identify. Finally you settled on something. It was a bone, nothing special about it, just a regular, slightly chewed on bone. “So, who put what was left of their dinner in here?”
Pluto's ears perked up, a wide open mouthed smile exploded across his face as he ran to you on all fours. He sniffed around where you were standing then sat, waiting for your command.
“Well this will prove interesting.” Grell covered his mouth as he laughed. “Let's get you and Pluto into the close then shall we?” Pluto ran into the closet and
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The Fallen Child (UNDERTALE) by WalkingMelonsAAA The Fallen Child (UNDERTALE) :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 4,185 125
Black Pearl [Undertaker x Reader]
Undertaker's bright green eyes peaked out from the coffin, studying the female standing in the middle of the room. Her (e/c) eyes might have been the most beautiful thing Undertaker had ever seen, but the fear in them told another story.
Slowly his pale hand pushed open the coffin, making it let out a small noise of protest.
The woman turned to look at him, obviously scared out of her mind.
”Ehehehe, are you here to get and coffin~?” Undertaker questioned, taking notice of the shiver than ran down the womans spine.
”N-no,” she spoke with a gentle voice ”I'm... I, umm...” the shuttered and looked down at the floor.
”You're what~?”
”I just needed a place to hide....” she admitted, rubbing her hands together nervously.
”A place to hide?” Undertaker chuckled ”Well a beautiful lady such as yourself is always welcome to hide here~” The woman looked up with slight hope in her eyes.
”Thank you! Thank you
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Help Needed Sebastian X Reader
         You were sitting on the small front porch of your home when an urgent letter arrived for you. It was from the Phantomhive estate. Quickly ripping into it, you noticed the letter was from Sebastian. The letter read as follows:
       Dearest companion,
I am dreadfully sorry for the lack of notice, however, I am in dire need of your assistance today. The young master has planned for a rather large get together for the investors of his company without my knowledge. I am one hell of a butler, but this is simply too much to do on my own. I do hope you will be able to help me today, I trust no one more fully with this task.
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Kuroshitsuji dress up game. by Monakath1 Kuroshitsuji dress up game. :iconmonakath1:Monakath1 2,141 886
Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro
            Everyone was gathered in the largest room of the Phantomhive home. No one was sure who had brought them all together or why. Suddenly the large wooden doors slammed open and a flash of red interned the room, running to the center.
It was Grell, now standing in front of everyone. "I'm so sorry I'm late. I was on my way when there was this sale I just had to stop-"
"Grell, would you very much mind telling us why you thought it wise to bother the master today?" Sebastian stared at him with an annoyed look. "He does have things to do you know."
"Oh of course Bassy." Grell twirled around a large, flashy red purse. "I was sitting alone, bored to death, when I thought to myself. We should all play a game."
Ciel rubbed his eyebrows in frustration. "Get in with it already."
"Mercy you're testy. You all give me an item, only the boys for now." Grell giggled. "Then a lovely young lady will draw an item from my purse. Then I'll shove the two of you in the
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Undertaker
        It was finally your turn to draw from Grell's purse. You walked up to where he was standing, and placed your hand inside. There were items of all shapes and sizes, but there was one that was very easy to recognize. You lifted your selected item from the purse and held it up. "Who put the bone in the purse? Wait, is this, a cookie, or, a crumpet?"
"No, no, my love." The Undertaker walked up to you and snatched the bone from your hand. "It's my biscuit." He bit into it and let out a strange sort of laugh. "They just taste better when they look like this. I have more if you want to try some." He moved behind you and started playing with your hair. "This is quite nice it is. I think I should like to try this color myself."
"Oh no, don't change your hair." Grell wrapped his arms around  the undertaker. "You're such a very handsome man, just the way you are. Oh, but I forgot." Grell let go and giggled. "You two should already be in the closet by now. Now come
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For the Last Time Grell X Reader
       Once every week or so, you and Grell would meet up, and try to come up with different ideas and plans, almost always ones including Sebastian or William. It was usually in an old, abandoned house he'd claimed as headquarters. It was in a rather bad part of town, so you never really looked forward to the trip there. You did however, always look forward to seeing Grell. At your headquarters, you busted through the front door expecting to see Grell's smiling face. “What's on the agenda for today Grell? Grell, where are you?”
“I'm over here, just follow the sound of my voice, I'm too depressed to move.” Grell's voice was low and mellow. He barely sounded like himself at all. Following his sighs and moans, you found him slumped over in an old rickety chair. “There you are, my dear, I wasn't sure if you were going to come today or not. Not that it really matters.”
You'd could remember ever seeing Grell so down, his lethargic stat
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Ronald
           “I say, all these handsome men are simply becoming too much.” Grell fanned himself. “I may soon have to retire from hosting. Heavens knows what may happen if I don't.” He giggled, while walking in a rather silly fashion up to you. “You ready to play? Follow me my dear.” Grell grasped your hand and took you to the center of the room. Before he'd even lifted the purse up for you to choose an item, the large double doors to the room sung open.
“Sorry I'm late, I had to finish up some things at work.” Ronald smiled wide. “I'm here now though. Oh, and it looks like my partner's all ready to play.” He strutted up to you and took your hand. “Why do you look so surprised? Didn't think I'd show?”
“Ronald, you can't just barge in here and steal the player. You have to go by the rules.” Grell stomped his feet in anger.
“I wasn't here for the rules though, so they don'
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Actions Speak Louder than Words Pluto x Reader
        The birds sang their cheerful songs just outside of your bedroom window. Normally this was a welcomed sound, but this morning you just wanted them to be quiet. The night before your mind had raced and raced without stopping for even a moment. Though you were exhausted beyond belief, you couldn't sleep or even shut your eyes. With a quiet, weak sigh, you threw back your covers and got ready to start the day. As early as it was, you doubted anyone other than Sebastian would be awake, which was exactly what you wanted. Throwing on your day clothes and stepping into your shoes, you quickly brushed your hair and held it in place with a small clip. You walked down the stairs quickly, but still carefully so they wouldn't squeak. Once down the stairs, you hurried into the kitchen where you knew Sebastian would be. “Sebastian, can I ask you something important please?”
He was sitting sown at the table with two cups of still steaming tea. It was like he wa
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Let Me Sleep Pluto X Reader
       Hot breath covered your face a second before a large wet tongue licked your cheek. Without opening your eyes, you wiped off your cheek and rolled over. “Pluto, what are you doing? It's not time to be awake yet, go back to sleep. We can play later.” Hoping he'd listen, you relaxed into your new sleeping position and yawned.
You felt your bed move and shake for a couple of seconds before Pluto dropped his chin onto your shoulder. He gently nuzzled at you, whining quietly into your ear.
Knowing he wasn't going to leave you alone until he'd gotten what he wanted, you rolled over again and stared at him with sleepy eyes. “Plu, it's still dark outside.” You yawned again, so tired you were barely able to see straight. “What in the world do you want?”
He was immediately sitting up and wagging his tail. With a loud bark he jumped off of your bed and drew back the curtains. Panting excitedly he jumped back in your bed, bit the sleeve
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We Meet Again Claude X Reader
        Daylight was quickly fading as you made your way back to the Phantomhive estate. Your arms were filled with the items Sebastian requested you pick up for him. “Well, this took a lot longer than I thought it would. I should have left earlier.” As you made your way down the empty street, someone caught your eye, Claude. Not wanting him to see you, you quickly ducked into an alleyway and tried to avoid him. Every time you ran into Claude, something awkward and inappropriate happened. You really didn't have time for that, not today. As you walked through the dimly lit space, paranoia kicked in. You quickly spun around to make sure no one was following you. No one was there. “Just my imagination.” You turned back around to continue down the alleyway.  You were now face to face with Claude. He scared you so badly, you dropped everything you were holding and let out a loud, terrified scream.
“Shh, there's no need for that.”
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Vincent x Undertaker... by miisheruu Vincent x Undertaker... :iconmiisheruu:miisheruu 471 108 Kuroshitsuji : Circus by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Circus :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 8,543 550
A Not So Simple Task Pluto X Reader
      “But why do I have to take him? He's way too strong for me, I'm just going to get dragged around town if I do it. And besides, it's Finny's Hell hound.” No matter how many excuses you came up with, or how much you complained, Sebastian didn't change his mind. “And on top of all that, I think it's going to rain.”
Sebastian suddenly turned from what he was doing and glared at you with his piercing red eyes. “Enough. If you're going to live here and work for the young master, you will do as you're told.” He grabbed the collar and leash from the kitchen counter and placed them in your hand. “If you're worried about the rain, you should hurry up.”
“R-right, sorry Sir.” Afraid to make Sebastian any more upset than he already was, you scurried from the kitchen as quickly as you could, tripping and stumbling as you did so. “Pluto, come here, we've got to go for a little walk.” As soon as you uttered th
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Feel It In My Bones (Undertaker x Reader)
Feel It In My Bones
(Undertaker x Reader)
(Author’s Note:  This was a request from “JustCre8ive22”.  I hope you enjoy it!  This is my first Undertaker x Reader…so sorry if he’s OOC [I am not very familiar with his character].  Thanks for reading n_n!)
You glanced around the dreary funeral parlor with a look of skepticism about you.  There were cobwebs everywhere, the lights were dim, and coffins were strewn everywhere.   None of these things really scared you, though.  Actually…nothing scared you.  You weren’t overly courageous or so stupid that things didn’t affect you; you just didn’t feel fear like a normal human.  
            You heard a low creaking sound and turned to see one of the coffins slowly opening.  A hand curled its way around the edge of the lid and you saw the shimmer of a golden eye.  You arched an eyebrow as someone stuck their head out.
“Greetings!”  The person chuckled.  It was a man with pale ski
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Kuroshitsuji Dress Up Game by Narutofan098 Kuroshitsuji Dress Up Game :iconnarutofan098:Narutofan098 1,518 738
You'll Never Have To. Undertaker X Reader
          A comforting, delicious smell filled the air around you, pulling you from your sleep. You knew this smell well. Even without opening your eyes, you knew the Undertaker was wafting a fresh plate of scones under your nose. “I swear those things smell better every morning.”
“Aye, I don't doubt that they do love. I still wish you wouldn't be so very picky about what I put in me biscuits though. Now get up, we've got a quest waiting.” The undertaker placed the hot plate on your chest and walked away chuckling quietly.
Slowly sitting up, you stretched your arms as high as you could and let out a long, happy sigh. With a scone in your mouth, you hopped out of bed and began to follow the Undertaker. “You know something, this is the third or fourth time I've fallen asleep here this week. I really don't think that's a good sign.”
“And why's that now hm? I don't see anything wrong with you staying here. After all, you'll
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Cloudy Thoughts. Sebastian X Reader Oneshot
      "You should be watching over Master Ciel, not me. He's going to be upset that you're wasting your day with me." Your voice was weak and raspy from the endless coughing you'd done over the last few agonizing days. Simply speaking was painful enough to make you wince, but you did your best to hide that fact. "It's only a little cold, I've had one or two of them before. I'll be just fine without you sitting over me like a worried mother hen." You smiled sweetly, trying to reassure him. "Now go, I'm sure Ciel needs you for something much more than I do."
"I cannot properly serve my Master when a member of my team is ill. You are a vital piece in the mechanism that makes this home function." Sebastian lifted up a spoonful of soup and slowly moved it towards your mouth. "Now eat so you'll get well. You may not believe this, but you're greatly needed."
With the steaming spoonful now pressing against your lips, you opened your mouth and swallowed down the soothing liquid.
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Unwanted Company Ciel X Reader
         Slowly and quietly, you crept through the Phantomhive estate. With no one in site, you were beginning to wonder if there had been a mistake in your letter. You took the piece of paper from your dress pocket and looked over it, you hadn't made a mistake. You were indeed supposed to be here. As you folded back up the letter Sebastian emerged from the kitchen. “There you are, I was looking for you.”
“My apologies. The young master woke a bit early this morning so I was busy preparing his tea.” Sebastian smiled sweetly at you. “I'll be back down momentarily. There's tea in the kitchen, you're more than welcome to a cup.” He quickly made his way up the stairs leaving you once again alone.
Still unsure why you had been asked over, you made your way into the kitchen and helped yourself to the tea. Not long after you sat down, a half asleep, almost angry looking Ciel barged into the kitchen. “Good morning?”
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