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Fight Club (1999) Folder Icon by MovieIconMan Fight Club (1999) Folder Icon :iconmovieiconman:MovieIconMan 5 0 Uncompromising Man by Lightmare7 Uncompromising Man :iconlightmare7:Lightmare7 6 3 Heavy Rain by Wolnir by RinzaZEN Heavy Rain by Wolnir :iconrinzazen:RinzaZEN 12 1
I stood at the edge,
precariously uninhibited
gazing into an otherworldly abyss.
It tugged at the foundations of my existence,
threatened to take vitality
from the house of my body;
and ebbed away my essence.
My identity was compromised
as the darkness stole away
my whole and whispered to me.
I awaited a reaction to my presence,
a reflection,
a contraction -
and yet none came.
With sharp sparks of adrenaline
surging in my bloodstream,
I swear I almost jumped - leaped - there and then.
Your eyes are a staggering force of motivation.
:iconlegstied2gether:legstied2gether 3 2
The Hierophant
     Who are you, my lord, so high and mighty? You, who have not taken such steps to tarnish your robes, crying for my penance. That I might cast myself at the mercy of your grace, where you will save my wicked soul from damnation.
     You are so pure, I know, in your world so high above me. On a self-imposed pedestal, you cast your eyes down, my insignificance glaring and offensive.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You would have them think you are untouchable in your virtue, yet your pious words cannot mask the sin in your eyes. We both know you would cast aside your Catholic conscience and let me stain your sheets and mind with my filth.
    Or, given the chance, you would cleanse the heathen dirt from my flesh in the hopes I may one day reach your state of grace. Only then could you have me in the ways that have led to muffled moans alone in your room; the thoughts
:iconiampeaches:iampeaches 3 0
Hateful Gaze
In dreaded stillness, I speculate the thoughts of the surrounding
Calculating motivation in a cold mind, and visioning their death
Near the sidewalk cars pass by, they look at me through shaded glass
Just as they did, in the long faded corridors of school.
I retreat to somewhere with an overview away from theirs
And think of what it is they're thinking, in fright
Long sleeves cover myself as I stand above the masses of skin.
To shield against their gloatings and uncompromising norms
A mask black and effective rose, yet fragile in its core
In dreaded stillness I turn to stone, they speak to me and my tongue is numb.
Take my hand and we'll walk through this horror
This abyssal fear of simple people, and their peaking eyes
A hood on my face since an early age was always enjoyable
Take my hand and guide me through, dear friend, don't run away
From my hateful gaze.
:iconthenessus:TheNessus 1 11
NAHWASHARQ | UI/UX Design by KarimStudio NAHWASHARQ | UI/UX Design :iconkarimstudio:KarimStudio 0 1
Rough steel
Chalky clouds of tumultuous air,
Underneath wings of stolen steel,
The crags hang threateningly,
In the grey-blue horizon.
A new light is dawning,
Tinting the darkness to greys, not blacks,
As a figure waits uncompromisingly in the silence.
:iconturquoiseraven:turquoiseraven 0 0
agnostos by evilcatwitch agnostos :iconevilcatwitch:evilcatwitch 12 6 Uncompromising by Xaliandrea Uncompromising :iconxaliandrea:Xaliandrea 10 3 Uncompromising by Wihlyrazu-Draws Uncompromising :iconwihlyrazu-draws:Wihlyrazu-Draws 2 6 Uncompromising by Angiechan13 Uncompromising :iconangiechan13:Angiechan13 9 4
50. Breaking the Rules
I don't want to be
for you
I want to be
                       and uncompromising
Could never be
             your angel
the innocence just wasn't there
and I won't fake it
for free
the words
at me
I love your acid spray
the dress right off my shoulders
It was a mockery of glamour
and lets fuck
and uncompromising
:iconshadowed-angel:shadowed-angel 1 13
This is a Reality
A world with uncompromising hearts…
Where love is but a myth…
An urban legend…
Death inside the hills of deceit
Leaving me here in the darkness to be bled dry by those that dwell on the blood of the night
Stained leaves…
Burnt grass…
A tainted sky…
Only left here to feed that which has no right to live
Cut me out of this picture…
Out of this great world of lies
Head lifting…
Eyes watching….
Hands on the throats of those creatures that feed…
My mind wanders and finds those who put me here…
Deaths awaits them on their doorstep…
A greeting…
A farewell…
An objective truth of their torture…
With white eyes…
Wordless whispers…
A stillness in their breathe…
A life suffocated by the thrilling agony…
A world with uncompromising hearts…
A world where death is a natural season…
Not a sport…
Eyes lifted…
Hands outstretched…
A voice left unheard…
Peace is held in the hands of
:iconlyricalicious:Lyricalicious 0 1
your sternity... by azimos your sternity... :iconazimos:azimos 0 3
Relentless and Uncompemising
Relentless and uncompromising
She made love to me in the cold spring rain.
Wet kisses made more so
But her touch was warm and dry.
Ruthlessly chaotic and mad with passion,
Her lightening struck as thunder rumbled overhead.
Against the hardest rocks she broke me,
Indenting me silhouette epitaph
And inscribing her name forever upon my heart.
Her face contorted with rage,
In her bite I felt searing love.
She makes me kneel before her
And bathes my scars in mud.
I follow her to dark places,
Where we each are contraband,
Hidden; to be found only in darkest of times.
Relentless and uncompromising,
She takes all I have
And I must weep that I
have nothing more to take.
:iconakercoke:Akercoke 0 0