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'The GOP and Lesbian Porn'
"The GOP and Lesbian Porn"
by Jay Richard
There was an Election Party at the Campus Center during the 2004 Presidential Election. It started at 8:00 PM and went on until God only knows when. At the time I was in my dorm and talking to people online while following CNN and Yahoo! News. Unfortunately, everyone I knew was either busy, somewhere else, or online and about to leave.
The election was going depressingly well for Bush. I had expected that fear and ignorance would do that sort of thing. I tried not to act too depressed -- there was still California, Florida, and Ohio. I got my scarf and coat and decided to take a ten minute walk to the Campus Center for lack of anything better to do.
There were only two Atkins-friendly soda cans left by the time I arrived. It was all business majors sitting around drinking soda and talking about stuff not relating to the elections, any of the elections, in the damnedest. CNN was on the TVs there, for all the good that did. Two people seemed to a
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George N. Parks: R.I.P.
In memory of a man who changed the world.  George N. Parks impacted my life more than any other individual on the planet.  That man gave me my wonderfully cocky attitude that gave me the ability to lead as well as the ability to teach.  He taught me to find that freshman.  He made me a mentor as well as made those who mentored me.  He invented band kid pride.  He created a world where a band geek could be a hero and sent us back to the real world proud of who we were, and for some of us it was the first time.  He made the title band geek into a badge of honor.  The kids who got to experience his influence either through the UMASS marching band or Drum Major Academy are all better people for it.  His legacy will live on forever through those whose lives he changed.  George N. Parks: a teacher, a mentor, a father, a leader, a role model, and a life changer.  He will be watching o
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