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Study Date by Wickfield Study Date :iconwickfield:Wickfield 500 60
Kagami Taiga | Tutoring Left-handed
Lifting a piece of fruit to your lips with your chopsticks, you sweep your eyes across the book in your right hand. Listening idly as your friend Riko chats about the Seirin basketball team. Going on and on she catches your attention at the mention of your crushes name, Kagami Taiga.  Eyes widening, you briefly life your gaze tuning into the conversation, flushing bright red when you feel Riko’s knowing gaze on your face. 
“Ahh [Name]-chan now you listen.” She comments wearing a smirk. Face bright you mumble out an apology, “Sorry Riko-chan.”  Giggling she flaps her hand at you, “It’s okay,” Riko grins. Marking your place in your book, you close it tucking it away. Exchanging idle conversation, you zone out staring at a spot behind Riko’s head. Hearing grunting from across the cafeteria you lift your gaze trying to find that irritating noise.
“Dammit!” A familiar flustered voice yells.
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A Short Guide to SCP Writing
Alright. I've gotten about ten people so far that have asked me to look at their SCPs/review their stuff. It isn't a big thing, but the same issues come up every time. So, here is a basic guide to SCP writing. This should help you write a legitimate SCP. I hope this will help you create a good, well-formatted SCP. Cheers~
1. Grammar is important. You need to keep your grammar in line (no random capitalization/lack thereof, correct spelling, etc) or it'll... basically, it'll look like a toddler's first art project. SCP is made to look official, and if that goes out the window, basically you just have a POS character bio.
2. Remember formats and such. All SCPs will have the following areas to hit:
Item #:Object Class:Special Containment Procedures:Description:
Good SCPs will generally include Addendums, or addons. These will look like this:
Addendum 682-A
Beyond that, the addendums are pretty much under your control as
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Photoshop Tutorial by Leadmare Photoshop Tutorial :iconleadmare:Leadmare 149 109 Disney High: Milo and Kida by vertiklychalingd Disney High: Milo and Kida :iconvertiklychalingd:vertiklychalingd 490 28 Photoshop Tutorial 2 by Leadmare Photoshop Tutorial 2 :iconleadmare:Leadmare 100 72 Drawing Steps by Rhyn-Art Drawing Steps :iconrhyn-art:Rhyn-Art 160 9 Not Stupid by Changeling209458 Not Stupid :iconchangeling209458:Changeling209458 154 18 - collab: guitar tutoring - by windwalker035 - collab: guitar tutoring - :iconwindwalker035:windwalker035 102 45 The Tutor is OUT - THIS IS THE FAQ by VIIStar The Tutor is OUT - THIS IS THE FAQ :iconviistar:VIIStar 89 15 Younger Days - January 27th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - January 27th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 65 17
Severus Snape X Student! Reader: Tutoring
Severus Snape X Student! Reader: Tutoring
It was the start of (F/n)’s last year at Hogwarts and she had to decide whether to take the class of Potions or the Dark Arts. She knew Snape was the Potion’s Master and it pained her to have to leave his class after she had chosen the Dark Arts. In a way, the (E/c) eyed student thought it good. After all, she didn’t want to look as though she were stuck to his side, as much as she wanted to be.
Right now, she was sat with her head in her hand at the (H/n) house table in the Great Hall, listening to Dumbledore give his beginning-of-term speech. Beforehand, the new First Years had been sorted and you all had welcomed them warmly. It was refreshing to see new faces; it reminded (F/n) how just a few years ago, she was in the youngest year and that now she was in the oldest.
After Headmaster’s speech, he called for everyone’s attention once again after a few moments of cheering. Apparently, there was going to be a few
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my tutoring job. by TheGweny my tutoring job. :iconthegweny:TheGweny 119 21
Severus Snape X Student!Reader: Closer
Key:  (F/n) = First name, (L/n) = Last name, (E/c) = Eye colour, (H/c) = Hair colour. (H/n) = House name, eg Gryffindor, Ravenclaw etc.
In the weeks that followed, (F/n) and Severus Snape trained together. Well, more he trained her. Even though the black clad professor taught her the Dark Arts anyway, the tutoring did not stop. After a few sessions, she had conquered Expecto Patronum, but still asked to further expand her knowledge. Snape had agreed to fully take the (H/n) student under his wing (or cloak?) to help her become her best.
They had grown considerably closer as a result. No longer was Snape as cold as he was before, towards (F/n), at least. They were now on a first name basis outside of the classroom, but (F/n) still resorted to calling him ‘Senpai’, and he welcomed it warmly now.  Even in class, Snape was considerably nice to her than the other students. She didn’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed about that.
The other students had begun
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AmericaxReader: Tutor
There he was, the so called 'idiot' who was amazingly popular. You sneered at the thought and remained focused on your textbook. Even though it was lunch you needed to spend every moment possible studying for the History test you had next period. You sighed when the blonde and his group laughed loudly.
The idiot blonde you were annoyed by was none other than the self-proclaimed 'hero' Alfred F. Jones. He was the school's perfect boy. Everyone loved him. That is, everyone except you. You were annoyed how he acted like an innocent idiot when in reality he was one of the smarter people in the school. You saw right past his act and definitely didn't like it. Since you were on the student council you were allowed to look up information on him, such as his current and past grades.
"Are you alright, love?" You snapped out of your thoughts and glanced at Arthur, who was sitting beside you. You blushed momentarily and shook your head.
"With all that staring people might start to think you like
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Homework Frustration by Eemari Homework Frustration :iconeemari:Eemari 18 18 Week 363 ATG - This Weekend by AnimatorWil Week 363 ATG - This Weekend :iconanimatorwil:AnimatorWil 33 3 Tutoring by StRaY-LoNe-WoLf Tutoring :iconstray-lone-wolf:StRaY-LoNe-WoLf 177 47 Morrigan Poses by venominon Morrigan Poses :iconvenominon:venominon 89 4
GermanyXReader Tutoring the Unteachable: Part 1
“Well class, that’s the bell. I hope you all have a great weekend. Everyone’s dismissed, expect for ___, Ludwig and Alfred. I would like to talk to all of you.” (Ms, Mr, or Mrs) (write super cool teacher’s name) stated as the students all left to the class room.
Ludwig, Alfred and ____ all got their stuff and went to (Ms, Mr, or Mrs) (teacher’s name).
“Well as you all know, the mid-term is next Friday. ____ and Ludwig are my two best students. You both always get 100% in my math class. Alfred, you on the other hand…… If you don’t pass this mid-term with flying color, well, you will fail this class.”
“Because you don’t pay attention in class, you don’t do your homework, and you don’t study for tests! I know that if you are to work hard and stay focused you will be able to do well on this test. But, I don’t think that you can do that on y
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The Benefits of Tutoring by crazylolli The Benefits of Tutoring :iconcrazylolli:crazylolli 167 28 Elsword - Disadvantages of tutoring, Page 02 Eng by Coffin-chan Elsword - Disadvantages of tutoring, Page 02 Eng :iconcoffin-chan:Coffin-chan 20 4