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Fandom roleplay list - longterm - 18+
Since lately a lot of people contact me without read the wholes rules : Please read seriously these rules, don't contact me if you don't agree with them. Don't waste your time and don't waste mine. Thanks you ! 
- I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. It's sad to just talk for 'Rp' so don't hesitate to talk to me ^^. Let's be friends !
- I'm looking for motivated, regular and serious partners, to Rp on the longterm and often... if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to RP with you. .. it's frustrating to get involved in an Rp and when the person disappears after two messages. It's ok if you are busy with life, but warn me as I will warn you if I'm busy.
If you do not answer the Rp after a week I will send you a message once, if you do not answer after two messages I would give up the RP.
Thank you for telling me if you are busy.
If I forget to reply to the Rp send me a new note.
:iconcryptidette:Cryptidette 229 84
Zack does the cactar dance by ZackFair-Fanclub Zack does the cactar dance :iconzackfair-fanclub:ZackFair-Fanclub 540 69 FF7: Reno and Rude by K-Koji FF7: Reno and Rude :iconk-koji:K-Koji 3,034 233 Evil look... by IngwellRitter Evil look... :iconingwellritter:IngwellRitter 202 132 Tseng by K-Koji Tseng :iconk-koji:K-Koji 1,714 203 Final Fantasy VII ULTIMATE by fallout161 Final Fantasy VII ULTIMATE :iconfallout161:fallout161 6,026 834 The ending Theme - Cover by lucrecia The ending Theme - Cover :iconlucrecia:lucrecia 545 72
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Vincent
         “Heya you, it's your turn to play. Hurry up here and pick an item already. I'm not a patient woman you know.” Yuffie held out the hat and waited for you to draw.
“I'm coming Yuffie, calm yourself.” You walked up to her and placed your hand in the hat. You didn't take long at all to choose, because Yuffie was already tapping her foot impatiently. After grasping your item, you lifted your hand from the hat. You were holding a small piece of red cloth.
“Oh man, you got Vincent's item. Have fun doing nothing.” Yuffie sighed and slumped over. “Let's just get you two into the closet. Come on Vincent.” She grabbed hold of Vincent's arm and pulled him towards the closet. “Try not to be too boring okay?”
A slight smile spread across Vincent's face. “I'll try Yuffie.” He rubbed her head and walked in the closet, sitting on the floor next to you.
“Good. You better. And don't rub my head
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 364 111
Reno- City Boy by K-Koji Reno- City Boy :iconk-koji:K-Koji 1,649 207 FF7- Crisis Core by meru-chan FF7- Crisis Core :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 3,411 325 Kingdom Hearts-Reno Colored by arvalis Kingdom Hearts-Reno Colored :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,242 476 Breathe by CrimsonSun Breathe :iconcrimsonsun:CrimsonSun 534 68 FFVII - Tiger's Teeth by CrimsonSun FFVII - Tiger's Teeth :iconcrimsonsun:CrimsonSun 839 64 The Shin-Ra Company by DrAssenov The Shin-Ra Company :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 472 87 :TTGL: FF7 Crossover by kitsune-nilde :TTGL: FF7 Crossover :iconkitsune-nilde:kitsune-nilde 751 165 Zack Fair - The Soldier by NitrogenCity Zack Fair - The Soldier :iconnitrogencity:NitrogenCity 415 24 Sephiroth by NitrogenCity Sephiroth :iconnitrogencity:NitrogenCity 468 25 Elena, Reno, Tseng by KellyJane Elena, Reno, Tseng :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 434 55 Cloud Stamp by HatakeHinata Cloud Stamp :iconhatakehinata:HatakeHinata 281 56 Cloud Strife by NitrogenCity Cloud Strife :iconnitrogencity:NitrogenCity 392 24 Final Fantasy Flag Football by DrAssenov Final Fantasy Flag Football :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 471 212 FFCC: Aeris 1 by Risachantag FFCC: Aeris 1 :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 2,046 285
Truth or Dare Cloud X Reader
        “Shh, he'll be here any minute, go hide or something. I don't want him to know you all are here.” Tifa shooed you and the other girls in to her bathroom. “You can all come out once I have him trapped in here.” She quickly shut the door.
“So, how long you think we'll all be stuck in here before he actually shows up? If he shows up that is.” Yuffie hopped up on the vanity and swung her legs back and forth. “I bet we'll be here a while.” The other girls nodded in agreement, but said nothing in case they were wrong. “Gah, this is taking forever. Why is he always late?”
You knew you had to shut her up before she ruined everything. “Yuffie, you're going to give us away. Be quiet.”
“Oh, right.” She covered her mouth and blushed at her own stupidity. Only a few seconds after you'd gotten her quiet, there was a knock on the door. Rikku squealed in excitement. Paine and Yuna covered her mouth as quickly a
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 261 35
FF7 - Monsters by chrislea FF7 - Monsters :iconchrislea:chrislea 274 52