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Planet Nirn - Geopolitical by hori873 Planet Nirn - Geopolitical :iconhori873:hori873 234 37 XPS and MMD: Tsaesci (download)UPD by Tokami-Fuko XPS and MMD: Tsaesci (download)UPD :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 111 220 Planet Nirn - Geopolitical (v1) by hori873 Planet Nirn - Geopolitical (v1) :iconhori873:hori873 43 3 Skyrim lore: Versidue Shaie, Tsaesci  from Akavir by MyCKs Skyrim lore: Versidue Shaie, Tsaesci from Akavir :iconmycks:MyCKs 90 3 Planet Nirn - Political (v1) by hori873 Planet Nirn - Political (v1) :iconhori873:hori873 33 2 Tsaesci Warrior by Velothii Tsaesci Warrior :iconvelothii:Velothii 110 7 Xhalian-Shah the Tsaesci by Velothii Xhalian-Shah the Tsaesci :iconvelothii:Velothii 112 9 Planet Nirn - Geographical by hori873 Planet Nirn - Geographical :iconhori873:hori873 16 0 XPS Tsaesci meshmod by Tokami-Fuko XPS Tsaesci meshmod :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 24 53 Planet Nirn - Realms by hori873 Planet Nirn - Realms :iconhori873:hori873 15 8 Anis on Akavir by HelavisKrew Anis on Akavir :iconhelaviskrew:HelavisKrew 48 1 Photoshop first sketch experiments by ShoutFinder Photoshop first sketch experiments :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 14 6 Len'shaie by ShoutFinder Len'shaie :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 12 1 Tsaesci (colored) by CerasinnE Tsaesci (colored) :iconcerasinne:CerasinnE 23 4 Lilium Tsaesci Coloured by melantha-violet Lilium Tsaesci Coloured :iconmelantha-violet:melantha-violet 19 36 another tsaesci chap coloured by SanguineSoupKitchen another tsaesci chap coloured :iconsanguinesoupkitchen:SanguineSoupKitchen 22 9 Lilium Smile by melantha-violet Lilium Smile :iconmelantha-violet:melantha-violet 42 28 The Bad Guys by Jowain92 The Bad Guys :iconjowain92:Jowain92 20 14 Lightly battered tsaesci warrior. by SanguineSoupKitchen Lightly battered tsaesci warrior. :iconsanguinesoupkitchen:SanguineSoupKitchen 18 2 Land of Ka Po' Tun (v1) by hori873 Land of Ka Po' Tun (v1) :iconhori873:hori873 17 1
In Ulfric's Court (An Elder Scrolls Story)
The big black shepherd scented the elk ahead of them in a cluster of tundra cotton, and flattened himself to the ground, looking back at them with the whites of his eyes showing and his big pink tongue lolling from his mouth.
Braith held her hand out at him, palm down. Stay flat, be quiet.
Lars reached him first and gave the hunting dog a handful of dried beef as a reward. "We could keep him with us," Lars said. "We're downwind of them. Moth can circle them in this brush and make them break towards us."
"A stalk's better, if it's just us two," Braith said, and petted Mothboy between the ears.
"Then let's get the others - Pease and Athel'll be shitty if you don't at least get them. Plus we need the archers. Elk don't travel in twos."
"It'll take half the day getting them back here," Braith said, and stood with a sigh. "And let me deal with Pease'n Athel. What's wrong? You've been bragging about getting better with that bow."
She looked at home in the novice Stormcloak unifor
:iconmodji-33:modji-33 11 3
Tsaesci throttle by SanguineSoupKitchen Tsaesci throttle :iconsanguinesoupkitchen:SanguineSoupKitchen 16 9 Into the Peace of the Blessed by firelord-zuko Into the Peace of the Blessed :iconfirelord-zuko:firelord-zuko 14 0