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Playing Games (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Night had fallen over the mighty land of Asgard. It was more quiet than normal as you were walking through the halls of the grant palace. It had been several weeks since the dark elves had attacked Asgard and killed the queen, but the land was still in mourning. Thor had denied the thrown, so Odin was still king, though growing old and weak. Of the Asgardian warriors you were the one tasked with protecting the king, though he would not hear of it.
You knocked on the door of the king’s chambers before entering. The whole room still breathed the energy of the queen and you understood why the king spend most of his time here. You had always had a good bond with Frigga, as well as Thor and Loki, when he was younger. All had left you. Though the other Asgardian warriors were also your friends, you couldn’t help but feel the emptiness that was growing inside of you.
‘My king…’ you spoke firmly, while you kneeled down to one knee.
‘Lady [Name], please stand
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