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Incrimination Trailer :iconblte:BLTe 82 66
Let Sleeping Dragons Lie by lonefirewarrior Let Sleeping Dragons Lie :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 271 22
Levi x Reader - Shared Wounds [Soulmate!AU]
Soulmates are a pain in the neck. Literally.
You winced slightly as you felt the wound on your leg open up again. Bending down in your chair, you massaged your knee, your fingers running down your smooth skin. The pain obviously did not subside but the motion made you feel better. Knowing that the problem couldn’t be solved on your end, you straightened your back and speedily typed out a single line on your computer.
> Are you treating your leg properly?
The answer came pretty fast and you sighed in relief as the pain reduced to a dull ache.
> Sorry about that. Just did a quick disinfection on it.
Your eyebrows furrowed, knowing that he was obsessed about hygiene.
> Are you in the field?
While waiting for an answer, your fingers drummed on the table, a sign that you were anxious. His mission should be over by now and he should be off the field. The fact that he was still out there somewhere, possibly in a direct line of fire, made you worry to
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 229 135
Adrianna Quinn alternate by Shoguneagle Adrianna Quinn alternate :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 124 1 = Ice Hearted Inari = by LittleMissWiseass = Ice Hearted Inari = :iconlittlemisswiseass:LittleMissWiseass 541 107 The Color Clock by wa11a6y The Color Clock :iconwa11a6y:wa11a6y 57 22 The Triad aka The Trinity of my Choice by mr-redx The Triad aka The Trinity of my Choice :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 159 106 Adrianna Quinn by Shoguneagle Adrianna Quinn :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 94 1 Mister Negative - Transparent! by Camo-Flauge Mister Negative - Transparent! :iconcamo-flauge:Camo-Flauge 36 2
Daddy's Pride.
You'd been at work all day long. Tie and briefcase and shiny, leather shoes, scrubbed and polished with that shit your wife got you on Saturday. Black polish. Promised to have that classic spit polished shine every man was after and everything else you could ever dream.
Sitting on the MRT just looking at them. They shine so nicely. Like your beautiful wife that was almost a trophy, but so much more valuable. Like the combined smiles of your twin sons. Like your daughter's black, black eyes.
Life's easy. Just running the family business, as usual, isn't it? You get off at your stop and wonder why everyone's always in such a hurry, almost running for those escalators when they finally penguin waddle push their way out of the subway car with a practiced frantic ease that you can almost taste in the back of your throat.
Like the drip of a smell.
Shoe polish in the windpipe.
I'm standing by the light change, surrounded on all sides by a sea of faceless people that just don't care that th
:iconretromortis:retromortis 79 51
Just business by ultracold Just business :iconultracold:ultracold 376 5 Adrianna Quinn by Shoguneagle Adrianna Quinn :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 73 7
--- dirty windows ---
Every time I come back here, you tell me not to smoke, and I begrudgingly put my cigarettes away while you count up the number of piercings there are on my face, wordlessly deciding if I'm still making a mess of myself. The answer is always yes but neither of us comment on it and you let me come inside.
The kids are out in the yard and I watch them through the window; there's a girl on the rusty old swing set and I watch it glide to and fro and to again. You're quiet, too. Both of us are picturing a four year old out there by himself on the last day of his childhood but neither of us say it because it's just not anything worth talking about. What happens just happens, I suppose.
I turn from the window and look around: this place is every bit as shitty and rundown as it was when I was here. I asked you once back when the boy was on the swing why this place isn't as shiny or as clean as the skyscrapers bursting into the skyline and you tried to explain it to me, but I was too little to u
:iconrainmusic:rainmusic 23 11
RPG ID FOR ALL :D by Seishounohana RPG ID FOR ALL :D :iconseishounohana:Seishounohana 18 11 mafia stock1 by DemoncherryStock mafia stock1 :icondemoncherrystock:DemoncherryStock 13 6 New Hong Kong by Shoguneagle New Hong Kong :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 54 2 Chinese Triads - Initiation by zsabreuser Chinese Triads - Initiation :iconzsabreuser:zsabreuser 16 17 Chinese Triads - Dragon by zsabreuser Chinese Triads - Dragon :iconzsabreuser:zsabreuser 31 13 Jared Joseph Leto by MadMartini Jared Joseph Leto :iconmadmartini:MadMartini 49 2 i just can't by MadMartini i just can't :iconmadmartini:MadMartini 22 9 Crimson Lotus Triad Symbol by FearOfTheBlackWolf Crimson Lotus Triad Symbol :iconfearoftheblackwolf:FearOfTheBlackWolf 9 2 Battle of the Triads by BlueMario1016 Battle of the Triads :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 8