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liberate. by sugarmints liberate. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 1,378 135 Bird in the Cage by Aya-DNA Bird in the Cage :iconaya-dna:Aya-DNA 255 64 Your Light by ErinM31 Your Light :iconerinm31:ErinM31 2,459 657 +Ariel - Trapped Under the Sea+ by larienne +Ariel - Trapped Under the Sea+ :iconlarienne:larienne 7,536 290 Bubbled - Peridot Steven Universe by WalkingMelonsAAA Bubbled - Peridot Steven Universe :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 7,287 286 Collecting Faeries by maiarcita Collecting Faeries :iconmaiarcita:maiarcita 233 209
Levi x Reader- Trapped
LEVI X READER (read it and weep)
A huge hunk of rock thumped into the ground, metres from where you stood, sending up an eruption of dirt and dust in all directions. The building to your right suddenly exploded- you only just managed to zip out the way with your 3DMG, and landed on a nearby roof. A huge titan, almost a 15-metre class, had stumbled into it- the nape of its neck slashed into oblivion. A flash of green and black darted past, fast as lightening, swords whirring.
Your heart skipped to your throat. Only one person in the Recon Corps moved that fast. Lance Corporal Levi. Your face grew hot and your pulse beat erratically; even in the midst of one of the greatest fights of your life, he affected you. Frozen in awe, you watched as Levi arced round in a tight somersault, to land on the roof, feet away from your immobile form. You unfroze, as chilling sight caught your eye. Titans- six- rampaged down the street toward you, faces stretched into macabre grins.
“Hey brat,
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Black Wing by Brumae-Art Black Wing :iconbrumae-art:Brumae-Art 370 120 in a box 3 by AttempteStock in a box 3 :iconattemptestock:AttempteStock 270 96 Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Springtrap by Christian2099 Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Springtrap :iconchristian2099:Christian2099 895 372
Helping Hurting People
This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is mentioned in the description section below.
I'm not "perf
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La Lumiere by Foxfires La Lumiere :iconfoxfires:Foxfires 3,874 282 LET ME SPEAK by DestinyBlue LET ME SPEAK :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 8,438 1,515 Wonderland by Anemyah Wonderland :iconanemyah:Anemyah 289 49 Hourglass by moiFontaine Hourglass :iconmoifontaine:moiFontaine 213 88 Let Me Out by JohnKyo Let Me Out :iconjohnkyo:JohnKyo 1,238 94 S H O G U N by rockerdish S H O G U N :iconrockerdish:rockerdish 3,155 251 Depression by xfoshizzlexx Depression :iconxfoshizzlexx:xfoshizzlexx 361 67 Trapped by neverdying Trapped :iconneverdying:neverdying 566 195 Trapped experiment by Hoshi-Bases Trapped experiment :iconhoshi-bases:Hoshi-Bases 1,341 152 Black Dress Stock 29 by Gracies-Stock Black Dress Stock 29 :icongracies-stock:Gracies-Stock 180 54 Black Dress Sitting 01 by Gracies-Stock Black Dress Sitting 01 :icongracies-stock:Gracies-Stock 105 27 Korra: Danger in the Shadows by danielledemartini Korra: Danger in the Shadows :icondanielledemartini:danielledemartini 2,530 99