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Break Blade (RWBY OC Weapon) by JackBryanReynard Break Blade (RWBY OC Weapon) :iconjackbryanreynard:JackBryanReynard 753 49 Raven by CassiopeiaArt Raven :iconcassiopeiaart:CassiopeiaArt 1,114 111 I've Got a Secret by pythos-cheetah I've Got a Secret :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 172 11 Hammer of Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow by Zacko86 Hammer of Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow :iconzacko86:Zacko86 354 52 Storm Hawks poster by skyknightnd Storm Hawks poster :iconskyknightnd:skyknightnd 1,181 339 Free-to-Use Icon || Transforming Elsa by sunarii Free-to-Use Icon || Transforming Elsa :iconsunarii:sunarii 1,094 358 Fool's Gold (RWBY style gun) by Blaze-Drag Fool's Gold (RWBY style gun) :iconblaze-drag:Blaze-Drag 244 27 The Steadfast Sapphire by Blaze-Drag The Steadfast Sapphire :iconblaze-drag:Blaze-Drag 243 24 Transforming Gunblade FF 13-2 by Zwielichtodin Transforming Gunblade FF 13-2 :iconzwielichtodin:Zwielichtodin 268 49 My IDW Seekers 2010 by GuidoGuidi My IDW Seekers 2010 :iconguidoguidi:GuidoGuidi 898 101 Bow-Staff (And Nun-Chucks) by Blaze-Drag Bow-Staff (And Nun-Chucks) :iconblaze-drag:Blaze-Drag 187 19 Late Night Werefox by pythos-cheetah Late Night Werefox :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 196 5
RWBY - Qrow's Weapon Animation :iconace-wong:Ace-Wong 106 9
The Second Quest Begins by phantom-inker The Second Quest Begins :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 300 50 Mermaid Discoveries by SepiSnake Mermaid Discoveries :iconsepisnake:SepiSnake 223 18 Werewolf Transformation by WolfGurll Werewolf Transformation :iconwolfgurll:WolfGurll 191 30 ACEO - Clothbeast by drachenmagier ACEO - Clothbeast :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 881 167 Decidueye - Take 1 by pythos-cheetah Decidueye - Take 1 :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 165 18 Horsing Around in the Park by pythos-cheetah Horsing Around in the Park :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 141 16 Imperial Guardian - Topace Goldenguard by JollyJoseph Imperial Guardian - Topace Goldenguard :iconjollyjoseph:JollyJoseph 93 0
BB Trade: Pretty in Pink
Sakura glanced around at the group awaiting the Hokage. All of them had just been summoned for a mission. Team Ten, Team Guy, Herself, Kakashi, Anko Mitarashi.... All without much information apart from "come to the Hokage tower and wait for instructions".
Anko currently had her own mini-mission to annoy Guy as much as possible, with Kakashi promising a bounty of dango, so her former sensei was quite happily reading his book while his mercenary was trying to freak out the green-clad Jonin by making Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga as uncomfortable as possible. Asuma and Shikamaru were passing time with Shogi, with Choji watching on.
And that left her with only Ino to talk to. Or rather, left only Ino to talk to her.
"Any idea at all what this is about, Forehead?"
"I already told you, Ino-Pig, I know what you know. Tsunade-Sama just told me to come down here and wait for everyone else to show before she came."
Ino huffed.
"What good is it having someone apprenticed to the Hokage if they can't ge
:iconlz0291:LZ0291 60 2
Trick AND Treat by phantom-inker Trick AND Treat :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 410 52 BREAK ME DOWN! by SirEgglington BREAK ME DOWN! :iconsiregglington:SirEgglington 568 226 Dragon of Earth by f0xyme Dragon of Earth :iconf0xyme:f0xyme 1,801 191 Happy Birthday Mr-DNA! by blackshirtboy Happy Birthday Mr-DNA! :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 464 25 Zero turns Fat Furry 3 by OriginalSkchyPupster Zero turns Fat Furry 3 :iconoriginalskchypupster:OriginalSkchyPupster 236 4 trade off 4 Lorneglomper by immortaltom trade off 4 Lorneglomper :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 454 16 Happy Birthday Rufinomarx by MentalCrash Happy Birthday Rufinomarx :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 494 246 Wolfy Witch by pythos-cheetah Wolfy Witch :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 157 7 The Stall 6 by immortaltom The Stall 6 :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 499 4 Go Outside For A Change! by nothere3 Go Outside For A Change! :iconnothere3:nothere3 167 14 The Stall 4 by immortaltom The Stall 4 :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 477 4 Sailor Moon Transformation by littlepaperforest Sailor Moon Transformation :iconlittlepaperforest:littlepaperforest 858 45 Jayce`s Cannon , the Defender of Tomorrow by Zacko86 Jayce`s Cannon , the Defender of Tomorrow :iconzacko86:Zacko86 161 19 Gundam Raguel by masarebelth Gundam Raguel :iconmasarebelth:masarebelth 364 52 The Trail to Wolf Lake by pythos-cheetah The Trail to Wolf Lake :iconpythos-cheetah:pythos-cheetah 230 16 Manticore Plasma Weapon by korium9 Manticore Plasma Weapon :iconkorium9:korium9 269 27 Gundam Metatron by masarebelth Gundam Metatron :iconmasarebelth:masarebelth 237 52
In the Name of the Moon [Diary, Usagi Tsukino TF]
Journal 01
Okay, I'm not sure quite how to explain this. I was running through a forest, smoking some of the good stuff and just kind of laying low you know? Because me and my best sis Jess wanted to ditch school and didn't have time for that shit. We was just kind of blowing some rings, having a cool time when we stated chasing each other and playing in the deep of these sick nasty bushes, when I tripped on some kind of thingamajinga. I snatched it up and it looked kind of like, a Wand. A wand thingmajing, you know? Weird shit. It looked like a sort of cheap plastic toy I swear. But anyway when I held it up in the light, it began to glow, razzle freakin' dazzle. I was blinded by the light, and before I knew it I was completely blazed out of my mind and head hit the pavement. Or dirt I guess, shit whatever.
When I woke up I was in a cabin in the woods. Jess Brought me back here. This cabin is kind of stuffy, I want to leave later but my body feels all stiff and sore for whatever reason
:icontiarastwilight:TiarasTwilight 65 4
Hiccup into Night Fury by Tersethra Hiccup into Night Fury :icontersethra:Tersethra 207 71 Fitness for h82blat by immortaltom Fitness for h82blat :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 462 22 The Stall 5 by immortaltom The Stall 5 :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 468 2 Lionman TF by Viergacht Lionman TF :iconviergacht:Viergacht 281 41 Commission - Herm Genie TF Pt1 by BoobsTitsandAss Commission - Herm Genie TF Pt1 :iconboobstitsandass:BoobsTitsandAss 148 3 Webbed Toes by lessthanhuman Webbed Toes :iconlessthanhuman:lessthanhuman 148 68 The magical pond  'The Enchanted Spring' by Shalinka The magical pond 'The Enchanted Spring' :iconshalinka:Shalinka 347 64 Transforming Blaze Edge by Binny-Bin Transforming Blaze Edge :iconbinny-bin:Binny-Bin 157 66 Commando AutoRail by Magnum117 Commando AutoRail :iconmagnum117:Magnum117 76 9