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Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry Werewolf Anatomy :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 6,464 1,002 Super Sailor Moon Cosplay by SailorMappy Super Sailor Moon Cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 858 100 Winx Club All Personix by Dessindu43 Winx Club All Personix :icondessindu43:Dessindu43 543 51 things inside by Fukari things inside :iconfukari:Fukari 3,707 127 Kali by JaniceDuke Kali :iconjaniceduke:JaniceDuke 1,416 321 Zodiacs Signs by KarlaDraws14 Zodiacs Signs :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 279 57 Character Creation by DanShive Character Creation :icondanshive:DanShive 1,100 91 Tine Sirenix Winx by fantazyme Tine Sirenix Winx :iconfantazyme:fantazyme 626 113 SSj2 Gohan - Full Power :Animation: by moxie2D SSj2 Gohan - Full Power :Animation: :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 1,913 247 Drawing for a fan! by rossdraws Drawing for a fan! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,648 216 Bloom Dimentix Premium Edition by florainbloom Bloom Dimentix Premium Edition :iconflorainbloom:florainbloom 666 174 Stay Cool And Be Hot by DanShive Stay Cool And Be Hot :icondanshive:DanShive 369 14 Bloom Nymphix by Verbeley Bloom Nymphix :iconverbeley:Verbeley 857 426 FROZEN - Let it GO! by Chris-Darril FROZEN - Let it GO! :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 1,932 280 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST -Rising in the East (Updated) by Chris-Darril BEAUTY AND THE BEAST -Rising in the East (Updated) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 1,949 208
Elixir of Companionship (Ash to Axew TF/TG)
The bright blue sky shone downwards on the bright, colourful expanse of Opelucid City, fine modern architecture intermingling with tall trees that lined the roads of the metropolis. Two young persons came over the hill, treading the hard packed rocky road together as they came in view of the stretching city.
Ash Ketchum put his hand in front of his face, shielding his eyes from the sun as he stared down at the city. His long-time companion, Pikachu was perched carefully on his shoulder, letting out a small gasp of awe as Ash smiled, one hand on his hips. “There it is, Opelucid City. Are you excited to be back Iris?”
His companion caught up to him, stepping alongside him holding a small Axew in her arms, grinning from ear to ear as she stared back down to the city. “You betcha, Ash. It’s been such a long time…”
Her Axew chimed in, wiggling around happily and getting Iris to cry out, laughing a little as she gently stroked the top of Axew’s head
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 43 18
Island Girl's Awakening by Dragon-FangX Island Girl's Awakening :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 563 16 KS VS SD : Meanwhile in Hell.. by kuro-mai KS VS SD : Meanwhile in Hell.. :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 7,122 812 Shugo Chara Base 7 by KoolAid-Bases Shugo Chara Base 7 :iconkoolaid-bases:KoolAid-Bases 3,114 246 Beauty and the Beast - (My 1st digital drawing) by Chris-Darril Beauty and the Beast - (My 1st digital drawing) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 2,459 387 The Nest by Lora-Vysotskaya The Nest :iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 450 367 Freedom - The carousel by annewipf Freedom - The carousel :iconannewipf:annewipf 1,305 644
New U: once again
New U: Once again
By the shadow demon
(Woman into anthro cow)
Vikki loved cows. Nothing more to say then just that, ever since she was young Vikki loved cows, something about them she just loved. At the aged of seventeen, with long dirty blonde hair with brown eyes and fine body to add.
Vikki turns to her new cow costume that lay motionless on her bed, it was a simple costume a small shirt and shorts with high heel cow hooves boot and udder and tail.
Vikki could not believe how cheap it was or where she found it, early in the day she came across a old shop called New U that had hundreds and thousand of animal costumes.
Vikki just couldn’t help herself, as she walks over to her new costume.
“That woman was so nice to show this to me” Vikki said cheerfully, as Vikki kept on staring at it she just had to put it on. Removing her shoes, jeans and shirt, Vikki then started putting on the costume one piece one by one, first the shorts with the under in front on and the tail beh
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 116 9
Time To Promenade My Fishes by Lora-Vysotskaya Time To Promenade My Fishes :iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 335 219 Dragon Transformation part 15 by clashmecha Dragon Transformation part 15 :iconclashmecha:clashmecha 286 430
Amal's Cheetah Girl...
Female Transformation
(Woman to Anthro-Cheetah)
Hi! If you're reading this, then you've found my diary, and I need to find a better hiding place.  This journal is about my time with my boyfriend, Amal.  We had been living together happily for 6 months, and even though it was such a short time, we were thinking of getting engaged!  It was a magical time in my life, but sometimes too much magic can be a bad thing...
What I didn't know before moving in was that Amal had a fixation on beautiful women, specifically, photoshopping pictures of them to create anthroes.  He would spend hours at a time, sitting at his computer and creating these amazing catwomen.  He was really talented, but doing this all the time at home meant he didn't have a spare moment for me.  Now, I've been told I was really pretty, but obviously not enough to keep his attention they way those models in his pictures did.  More and more, he would go int
:iconannievega:AnnieVega 162 8
Faoladh by Nashoba-Hostina Faoladh :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 808 182 Lone Wild Goose by sarriathmoonghost Lone Wild Goose :iconsarriathmoonghost:sarriathmoonghost 3,095 136 Embrace the Darkness - Lux by Zarory Embrace the Darkness - Lux :iconzarory:Zarory 608 21
Ash's Aura Part 1
Part 1: Prophecy
            Our heroes continue their journey through the Sinnoh region as they travel through the Eventide Forest.
            “Hey guys, it’s getting kind of dark.  I think we should camp out here for the night,” said Brock.
            “Yeah, you’re right.  Let’s stay the night out here,” replied Ash.  So our heroes camp out in the forest as they prepare for their next adventure, but that adventure could be starting that night.  Later in the night, two unknown personages ran through the forest coming towards the heroes’ campsite.  As the two personages approached the campsite, Pikachu heard their quick movements.
:icon3waycrash:3waycrash 91 15
A Pint of Tea by DanShive A Pint of Tea :icondanshive:DanShive 479 30 Drawing for a FAN!! : YouTube by rossdraws Drawing for a FAN!! : YouTube :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 4,394 115 LALC: Sophix girls by florainbloom LALC: Sophix girls :iconflorainbloom:florainbloom 442 115
Jealousy (Ash into Sylveon TF/TG/MC)
The Kalosian wilderness continued to amaze the travelling trainers, the grassy plains stretching alongside the river, the path rarely travelled as they walked onwards to their next destination. Blades of soft grass blew gently in the pleasant breeze, the sky a beautiful blue as the noon sun hung high in the sky, the temperature pleasantly warm. Patches of trees, further away from the water swayed with the wind, the mountain ranges far in the distance as wild Pokemon frolicked in this place, playing and foraging before fleeing at the sound of footsteps.
Ash Ketchum, the well-travelled trainer from Pallet Town, came to a stop in a grassy clearing by the river, lifting his arms up above his head as he stretched. His trusted partner Pikachu sat perched on his shoulder, a content smile on both their faces as the winds cooled his skin. The young trainer let his arms go loose, falling to his sides as he looked ahead at the trainer just in front of him who had continued walking on, not realisi
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 23 10
COM - One of Us by ScissorsRunner COM - One of Us :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 894 67 Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by darthfilart Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! :icondarthfilart:darthfilart 4,487 930 Field Study: Wildlife Observation by ebonydragon Field Study: Wildlife Observation :iconebonydragon:ebonydragon 863 29
Flygon TF
It would determine the future of the Pokémon League Sinnoh division. I, the most powerful trainer in the country, was about to face the toughest challenge of my life. Before entering the room, I released all six of my pokémon.
Ferus was the first out. She was the first pokémon that I’d ever gotten. The empoleon collapsed as soon as she was released, fainted from a previous battle. I let the rest out, and they all materialized in front of me: Irihi, the strong-willed luxray who I’d met on my way to Jubilife City before even receiving a single badge, Ichiyou, my sceptile who had been given to me by my best friend, along with Kaen, my charizard. Reiki hadn’t even received a scratch during this ordeal, mostly due to his overwhelming power. Finally, there was Nai, the weavile. She was a fragile thing, but as tough as they come.
“Are y’all ready?” I asked them. Unenthusiastic cries came from the group, save for Reiki who was looking for adventure,
:iconpokemon-tf-fan:Pokemon-TF-Fan 145 277
Villain-Noise: Yajuu by DrawingKuma Villain-Noise: Yajuu :icondrawingkuma:DrawingKuma 2,021 202
atsume tf animation :icontrunchbull:Trunchbull 255 45
Star Power [Floating Pose Reference] by SenshiStock Star Power [Floating Pose Reference] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 251 24
Halloween: Costume TF Story
Halloween – Costume TF Story
My name is Sean, I'm a 23 year old IT Student at Forth Valley College in Stirling
I was 6'3" tall and a bit on the skinny side. I didn't have a lot muscle on me and I ain't exactly on the strong side either. But I was no pushover, I used to do a lot Ti-chi when I was living in England mainly for my heart due to problems growing up. But I did learn quite a few defensive moves that could break an arm or two without much effort.
Anyway it was Tuesday evening and I was chatting away to two of my MSN friends in group chat, Malky & Iain. I had known these two guys for years on various forums and messenger, we were all big football supporters. Myself and Malky being big supporters of Celtic football club and we had met up at a few games over the last year. Iain was a supporter of city rivals Rangers and we had yet came up with a plan that would suit all parties for a meet up. That was until a few weeks ago.
"Man how did I let you guys rope me into this
:icontelranis:Telranis 73 44
Description Practice - TF
The day started out as any day would have: waking up, getting a shower, and going to school. It’s what happened after school that make that day the best one that I had ever had.
“Thanks again, bye” I said as I shut the door to my grandparent’s van. They had always taken me home from school because I was too old to go to the after school program, and my parents worked. I walked up to the door, fished my key out of my pocket with much effort (try this with a binder and three books in your hands), and unlocked the deadbolt. I dropped all of my things on the floor and relocked the door.
My dog came running up to me with great speed. “Hey, Sam!” I said as I reached my hand down to rub her head. I walked to the den and let her out through the back door. After six hours, she was bound to have to empty her load. Samantha, or Sam, is a dark shade of brown that looks great on a golden retriever. She is five years old, and has the energy of a puppy.
I went back to re
:iconpokemon-tf-fan:Pokemon-TF-Fan 101 52
A Wolf's Love
A Wolf’s Love
(two teens to wolves)
It was sometime after midnight and Blake heard the phone ring. Quickly picking up the phone, he answered with a very tired and groggy hello. “Hi Blake, this is Brenna ... you know, from school.” “Yeah I know, what’s up?” “Oh nothing I was just wondering if you had plans tomorrow night. There’s supposed to be a great band playing in the park. Maybe you want to go see them with me?” “Sure I would love to Brenna.” “Great call you later with the details.” “Ok, bye”. With that Blake hung up the phone and collapsed on his bed. He got under the covers and drifted off to sleep. The next morning he got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. He got out a bowl and guzzled down the milk and then devoured the toasted bread. He was excited about the evening to come. He has had an eye for Brenna for some time now. She seemed so mysterious and like such a fun person to be around. He couldn&
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 186 60
Amongst the Gerudo p4 by tran4of3 Amongst the Gerudo p4 :icontran4of3:tran4of3 565 32
Dog TF
My eyes fluttered open, the light burning my eyes.  I was on a operation table.  I saw that I was in a white room, all alone.  My vision was beginning to correct itself, then I realized that I was being stared at by four or five tall men in pure white costumes.  I tried to get up, but my arms and legs were strapped down.
“Where am I?”  I asked, nervously.
They all looked at me, behind black visors.  I couldn’t see their eyes.
“Where am I?”  I asked again, more anger showing in my voice.
They pulled out a syringe.  My eyes grew wide.  “What is that?!”  I yelled.  They said nothing to me.  One of them leaned over, seemingly to whisper something to the other.  Most of it was inaudible.  I did make out the words, “Change and Dog.”
Sweat poured down my forehead.  “What are you going to do to me
:iconmetalhead616:Metalhead616 233 40
Dragon Kiss Colored p1 by AkuOreo Dragon Kiss Colored p1 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 938 36
TF Wars: The maze
TF Wars: The maze
By The Shadow Demon
(Girls into various)
Note: Special thanks to Octorber13 for allowing me to use his characters and all copyrights goes to him. This story features Octorber13 characters of 'Mr. October, Shocker, Miss Angela, Tiny, Franklin Widow and Jessica Ravin and features my own character of 'TSD, Contractor, Thorn, Freak, Vermin and Midnight'.
Kelly awoke to find herself on a dirt ground, slowly pushing herself up she found herself in a large corridor with large wall next to her.
"What the hell is going?" Kelly asks as the last thing she remembered was that she was in her drome at college with her couple of friends then... nothing, as she stood a feminine voice called out.
"Green Valley College... welcome to the maze," the voice echoed from what seem from everywhere, "As you can tell you are surround by thick walls with the stars above you... with only one way out can you survive the horrors that lurks inside, by sunrise the door of escape shall be gone so can
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 83 6