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Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry Werewolf Anatomy :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 6,422 1,002 Musa: metallix transformation by Nina-D-Lux Musa: metallix transformation :iconnina-d-lux:Nina-D-Lux 747 108 KS VS SD : Meanwhile in Hell.. by kuro-mai KS VS SD : Meanwhile in Hell.. :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 7,128 812 Flora Harmonix by fantazyme Flora Harmonix :iconfantazyme:fantazyme 586 103 Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay - Pure by SailorMappy Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay - Pure :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 409 28 Kali by JaniceDuke Kali :iconjaniceduke:JaniceDuke 1,415 321 Commission: Der Werwolf by lycanthropeful Commission: Der Werwolf :iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 291 86 Character Creation by DanShive Character Creation :icondanshive:DanShive 909 81 Drawing for a fan! by rossdraws Drawing for a fan! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,480 216 things inside by Fukari things inside :iconfukari:Fukari 3,694 127 SSj2 Gohan - Full Power :Animation: by moxie2D SSj2 Gohan - Full Power :Animation: :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 1,910 247 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST -Rising in the East (Updated) by Chris-Darril BEAUTY AND THE BEAST -Rising in the East (Updated) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 1,936 208
A Lugia's Love - Lugia TF
A Lugia’s Love – by Werechu and ImmortalD
It was an average, ordinary day in the pokémon world, slightly cold from the wind; which blew in off the coast of the Sinnoh. Peter, who had gone out with his six pokémon, Nidoking, Lucario, Milotic, Charizard, Luxray and Gardevoir was going to fetch some items from department store in Veilstone City.
Currently, his pokémon Milotic, which he named Syren, was out of its pokéball; The Milotic was very beautiful, its blue tail scaled glimmered gracefully as it slithered alongside Peter. “Alright, so what do we need again?” Peter asked as they neared the entrance. “Tic, Milotic” Syren said pointing to the list in Peter’s back pocket. “Oh yeah…Thanks Syren” Peter face-faulted and withdrew the list. “Okay… so we need some Iron; some Carbos, some Protein and some PP Up’s. Those shouldn’t be too hard to locate”
As Peter climbed the stairs to the fourth
:iconauraguardianhadou:AuraGuardianHadou 91 18
Embrace the Darkness - Lux by Zarory Embrace the Darkness - Lux :iconzarory:Zarory 503 18 Beauty and the Beast - (My 1st digital drawing) by Chris-Darril Beauty and the Beast - (My 1st digital drawing) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 2,450 387 Werewolf transformation 2 by Andy-Butnariu Werewolf transformation 2 :iconandy-butnariu:Andy-Butnariu 452 46 Becoming by liminalbean Becoming :iconliminalbean:liminalbean 153 17 Dragon Kiss Colored p1 by AkuOreo Dragon Kiss Colored p1 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 927 36 Freedom - The carousel by annewipf Freedom - The carousel :iconannewipf:annewipf 1,297 644 Faoladh by Nashoba-Hostina Faoladh :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 793 182 Cinderella - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo by Chris-Darril Cinderella - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 3,310 409
A Wolf's Love
A Wolf’s Love
(two teens to wolves)
It was sometime after midnight and Blake heard the phone ring. Quickly picking up the phone, he answered with a very tired and groggy hello. “Hi Blake, this is Brenna ... you know, from school.” “Yeah I know, what’s up?” “Oh nothing I was just wondering if you had plans tomorrow night. There’s supposed to be a great band playing in the park. Maybe you want to go see them with me?” “Sure I would love to Brenna.” “Great call you later with the details.” “Ok, bye”. With that Blake hung up the phone and collapsed on his bed. He got under the covers and drifted off to sleep. The next morning he got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. He got out a bowl and guzzled down the milk and then devoured the toasted bread. He was excited about the evening to come. He has had an eye for Brenna for some time now. She seemed so mysterious and like such a fun person to be around. He couldn&
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 179 60
Drawing for a FAN!! : YouTube by rossdraws Drawing for a FAN!! : YouTube :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 4,063 106
Flygon TF
It would determine the future of the Pokémon League Sinnoh division. I, the most powerful trainer in the country, was about to face the toughest challenge of my life. Before entering the room, I released all six of my pokémon.
Ferus was the first out. She was the first pokémon that I’d ever gotten. The empoleon collapsed as soon as she was released, fainted from a previous battle. I let the rest out, and they all materialized in front of me: Irihi, the strong-willed luxray who I’d met on my way to Jubilife City before even receiving a single badge, Ichiyou, my sceptile who had been given to me by my best friend, along with Kaen, my charizard. Reiki hadn’t even received a scratch during this ordeal, mostly due to his overwhelming power. Finally, there was Nai, the weavile. She was a fragile thing, but as tough as they come.
“Are y’all ready?” I asked them. Unenthusiastic cries came from the group, save for Reiki who was looking for adventure,
:iconpokemon-tf-fan:Pokemon-TF-Fan 141 274
Alexys Dimentix Card by florainbloom Alexys Dimentix Card :iconflorainbloom:florainbloom 332 89
heaven's horror
Heaven’s horror
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)
Heaven had all ways was a farm girl, she was born on her dad’s farm, raise and now soon going to take over the business.
At the age of 22, Heaven was far from ready to be taking over the place.
“Okay I’m only to be gone a day, if anything goes wrong I wont you to call me okay!” Father said
“Dad, I’ve done this a million times, I think I can take care for a single day” Heaven smiles
“My god you remind me of your mother,” her father said as he puts his huge hands on his daughter’s shoulders
“It’s nice to know that, I just wish I could see her,” Heaven said
“You may not see her but she sees you everyday” her father grins as the two hugged
“Okay you got to go” Heaven said
“Right, make sure you take your pills!” Her father said as he lets her go grabs his hat “You sure you be alright”
“Dad!” Heaven yells pointing at the
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 132 8
COM - One of Us by ScissorsRunner COM - One of Us :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 855 66 Into Werewolf RETURNS by AbyssWolf Into Werewolf RETURNS :iconabysswolf:AbyssWolf 35,572 3,308
The Psychic Bookworm (AP/TG/TF/MC)
This story contains Ash turning into a woman who specializes in Psychic Type Pokemon, and Pikachu turning into a Psychic Type Pokemon.  Hope you enjoy.
In his hometown of Pallet Town, the 10 year old trainer, Ash Ketchum, was laying on his bed after coming back from the Sinnoh League.  His faithful companion, Pikachu, was sleeping on right beside him.  Ash decided to come back to Pallet Town as he travelled Sinnoh for about a year and he wanted to rest before he journeyed again
A knock was heard on his door, followed by a voice that he knew all too well.  .
“Ash, honey.  I know you are resting, but could you go to the store and pick up some milk?  We are all out of it,”  His mom said, and not wanting to upset her, he got out of bed and replied back.  “Okay Mom, I will get it,”
Ash shook Pikachu a bit  until the yellow mouse woke, who gave o
:iconhamcon:hamcon 95 16
COM - Werewolf Curse by ScissorsRunner COM - Werewolf Curse :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 583 27 Super Sailor Moon Cosplay by SailorMappy Super Sailor Moon Cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 852 100
Description Practice - TF
The day started out as any day would have: waking up, getting a shower, and going to school. It’s what happened after school that make that day the best one that I had ever had.
“Thanks again, bye” I said as I shut the door to my grandparent’s van. They had always taken me home from school because I was too old to go to the after school program, and my parents worked. I walked up to the door, fished my key out of my pocket with much effort (try this with a binder and three books in your hands), and unlocked the deadbolt. I dropped all of my things on the floor and relocked the door.
My dog came running up to me with great speed. “Hey, Sam!” I said as I reached my hand down to rub her head. I walked to the den and let her out through the back door. After six hours, she was bound to have to empty her load. Samantha, or Sam, is a dark shade of brown that looks great on a golden retriever. She is five years old, and has the energy of a puppy.
I went back to re
:iconpokemon-tf-fan:Pokemon-TF-Fan 98 52
Gone wild
Gone wild
By the shadow demon
(Women into various animals)
Out of all the days it had to rain on a Saturday, Anna turns to her sisters Kelly and Georgia.
“So what now?” Anna asks them as they just sat in the lounge room.
“Well we can’t go to the mall now, we have to wait until the rain passes now do we!” Explains Georgia
“Well we need to do something until then” Kelly says as she flicks through the channels to find nothing on. “There’s nothing on what so ever”
“Maybe mum still has those board games that we used to play when we were young,” Anna suggested
“Uh… Anna we are too old for board games,” Georgia told her
“Well what do you prefer… sitting here complete bored? Or doing something that will pass the time?” Anna asks her
“Well I for one, will have a go” Kelly smiles
“Okay them, I’ll be back” with that Anna walked off towards the basement.
The basement was just full of
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 183 12
Red Riding Hood - werewolf by GuillermoRamirez Red Riding Hood - werewolf :iconguillermoramirez:GuillermoRamirez 7,979 487 Amongst the Gerudo p4 by tran4of3 Amongst the Gerudo p4 :icontran4of3:tran4of3 549 29 Transformation by Zombiesmile Transformation :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 8,392 747
The Contractor- Cock TF
"Argh...Why can't I solve this problem?!" a student named Jeremy complained, holding his head. It was almost like his algebra work was laughing at him. A problem with two variables was hard enough with concrete numbers to work with. Removing numerals and leaving only plus signs and letters made the paper look like alphabet soup to him.
Jeremy was nothing special to look at. Although moderately intelligent, he was toothpick-thin in build. He watched the jocks with envy; like most males, he was pressured, constantly, to get a girlfriend, and yet he wasn't the sort of man that women flocked to. Women, it seemed, wanted brawn, not brains!
His lady problems had culminated with his studies at the worst possible time: Next week was finals, but it was also the week of the prom! It was a choice between boning up his algebra or boning up his little friend.
Chicks did like that last one, right?
The teen sighed before finally muttering, "Man, if I can't find X and Y, how can I pass my finals or
:iconthelasthetaira:TheLastHetaira 90 35
Druid cat Transformation by Bear-hybrid Druid cat Transformation :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 657 70 A Pint of Tea by DanShive A Pint of Tea :icondanshive:DanShive 436 29
Tf by request
TF by request
By the shadow demon
(Man into female cow)
Benjamin loves his life, a farm that soon be his, a girlfriend that he can treat like shit and no one telling him other whys, Ben just was simple a king. As one day as Ben was working in the barn his girlfriend Joy, came other with a glass of milk on a tray.
“What’s this?” Ben asks wondering why such a change of heart.
“You’ve been working so hard, I thought you need a drink to refresh you” Joy said with slightest grin on her face.
Ben grabs the cup and swallows all the milk in one gulp.
“Well it’s about time you showed respect to me” Ben told her whipping away the milk away from his mouth.
“No, it’s your turn to show respect” Joy growls
“What, how dare you talk to me like that!” Ben yells, then he paused he felt strange, really strange as f his whole body was rejecting him.
Holding on his gut tightly, he can fell extra room in his pants.
Ben even weirder as he
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 112 36
Goth Elliot Bedtime by DanShive Goth Elliot Bedtime :icondanshive:DanShive 787 57
The Device (TF TG AR) (Part 1)

    The shot sounded like cannon fire, blasting off into the trees as it grazed past the deer's head. The deer panicked and ran off into the dense bush, a few more shots hitting the trees next to it.
    "Dammit!" Evan cursed. "I almost had that one!" He reloaded his rifle with haste, dropping a few bullets and cursing some more. He shoved the pack of ammunition into his backpack, and strapped the pack onto his back as he climbed down the ladder from his post. Evan gripped his rifle and started trudging through the brush, keeping his eyes peeled for deer.
    In his mind, he imagined hanging the head of his first kill over the mantel. His buddies had urged him to start up the hobby of hunting, as they went together often.
    Evan snapped out of his thoughts as he heard what sounded like a twig snapping, looking down his rifle's sights and turning towards where he heard the sound. He didn't move for a solid 30
:icondwarfon:Dwarfon 54 3
Dog TF
My eyes fluttered open, the light burning my eyes.  I was on a operation table.  I saw that I was in a white room, all alone.  My vision was beginning to correct itself, then I realized that I was being stared at by four or five tall men in pure white costumes.  I tried to get up, but my arms and legs were strapped down.
“Where am I?”  I asked, nervously.
They all looked at me, behind black visors.  I couldn’t see their eyes.
“Where am I?”  I asked again, more anger showing in my voice.
They pulled out a syringe.  My eyes grew wide.  “What is that?!”  I yelled.  They said nothing to me.  One of them leaned over, seemingly to whisper something to the other.  Most of it was inaudible.  I did make out the words, “Change and Dog.”
Sweat poured down my forehead.  “What are you going to do to me
:iconmetalhead616:Metalhead616 228 40
Runaway cowgirl 2
Runaway cowgirl 2: a sister’s search
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)
Maggie was only fifteen years old when her older sister Sarah ran away, now two years later, Maggie still had the strongest felling that her sister was out their and in pain.
Maggie’s mind went through so many questions, soon enough she had enough of wondering and decide on finding the answer herself. Leaving a note on her bed of telling her mother that she was going to find Sarah one way or another. Maggie left her home and went out to find her sister, lucky that left of a money trail of all the places she been.
Days turn to weeks, as Maggie found her self-walking down the countryside on an endless and empty highway and the only thing that was alive was the cattle in a paddock next to the highway.
Then something caught her eye, something laying in the grass next to a fence. As Maggie walks over she could see that it was her sister’s key card.
She picked it up to see her sister’s name on it, &
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 119 13
Lone Wild Goose by sarriathmoonghost Lone Wild Goose :iconsarriathmoonghost:sarriathmoonghost 3,096 136
Generic anthro wolf TF story
“Piss off!” Carl growled as he shoved the German Shepherds furry head away from his crotch.  The animal had stained his jeans with the contents of its nose.  Carl flicked at the stain with a sneer on his face.  He looked at the canine and waved his hand fiercely at it, scaring it away.  “Yeah, get lost, bitch!”
Carl didn’t like dogs.  They always acted affectionately towards him and he didn’t like it.  Muttering obscenities under his breath, Carl used a tissue to wipe the snot away and dropped the paper into a waste bin as he left the park.  It was his usual route home from his part-time job.  A route he was considering altering should any more dogs come pounding over to him and be ‘friendly’.  Carl had never owned a dog and he did not know anyone that did.  Nevertheless, they still kept coming over to him like they were the best of friends.
When h
:icondraconian-satirist:Draconian-Satirist 113 84
Awakening of a Dryad by Inna-Vjuzhanina Awakening of a Dryad :iconinna-vjuzhanina:Inna-Vjuzhanina 394 15 Wraith Gift TF TG p5 by AkuOreo Wraith Gift TF TG p5 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 613 51