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MHA:AOU - It's not what it looks like!!! by edCOM02 MHA:AOU - It's not what it looks like!!! :iconedcom02:edCOM02 105 37 Toshinori yagi/ all might - Coloured sketches by Choco-Floof Toshinori yagi/ all might - Coloured sketches :iconchoco-floof:Choco-Floof 103 0 Next...Its your turn by AllyPhills Next...Its your turn :iconallyphills:AllyPhills 113 6 DC x MHA - Yagi and Kent by edCOM02 DC x MHA - Yagi and Kent :iconedcom02:edCOM02 195 36 : [ Mango Dream ] : BNHA OC YCH Comm : by bakawomans : [ Mango Dream ] : BNHA OC YCH Comm : :iconbakawomans:bakawomans 132 7 Stamp- Toshinori Yagi by Lilith-the-5th Stamp- Toshinori Yagi :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 81 11 Toshinori icon by Fatalitom Toshinori icon :iconfatalitom:Fatalitom 181 11 Number one hero by MCAshe Number one hero :iconmcashe:MCAshe 235 12 Toshinori|All might [Spoilers! Screenshot redraws] by Foziz105 Toshinori|All might [Spoilers! Screenshot redraws] :iconfoziz105:Foziz105 98 7 BNHA:Toshinori by JediMasterK BNHA:Toshinori :iconjedimasterk:JediMasterK 122 4
Not Fine (Young! All Might x Reader) part 2
Here's a link to part 1 if you haven't read it.
"I love you, (y/n)." Toshinori could see the happy tears in your eyes as he spoke the words that he'd been longing to tell you since childhood. When you smiled, he thought his heart stopped.
"I love you too, Toshinori. So much." He leaned down and kissed your lips once more, his smile pressing against yours. You giggled, eyes sparkling, and said, "I'm really not fine when your not around." Holding you closer, he pressed his forehead to yours, taking in your radiance lovingly.
"I'm the same way, (y/n). I'm not fine when I'm not with you."

"To..." Toshinori grasped desperately at the dream, at the memory of love and warmth.
"...shinori." No, he didn't want to return to cold reality, but the hand on his shoulder was persistent.
"Toshinori!" He jolted awake, dreams of you falling away despite his best efforts. Rubbing his eyes, he saw the sky lighteni
:iconlordsister:LordSister 71 21
Toshinori Yagi All Might by Maxell97 Toshinori Yagi All Might :iconmaxell97:Maxell97 43 2 All Might by PepperMinTae All Might :iconpeppermintae:PepperMinTae 101 14 All for one users by mez-arts All for one users :iconmez-arts:mez-arts 76 4 Mirio Togata by MCAshe Mirio Togata :iconmcashe:MCAshe 138 15 Bnha Halloween by Azurphore Bnha Halloween :iconazurphore:Azurphore 278 88 Inktober 1: All Might by nizmus Inktober 1: All Might :iconnizmus:nizmus 77 2 Shopping Date by Sarcastic-Raspberry Shopping Date :iconsarcastic-raspberry:Sarcastic-Raspberry 82 6 Allmight Halloween by Kamel21 Allmight Halloween :iconkamel21:Kamel21 68 9
Moments With You (All Might x Reader)
He met you at the Kamino Ward incident.
A gathering of top pros chosen to carry out the delicate rescue operation, you were one such hero. An underground hero, he'd only briefly heard of you before, your skills said to be on par, if not greater, than those of Eraserhead's.
He'd never really been one to pay much thought to rumors, but the moment Toshinori saw you he knew everything he'd heard was true, more or less.
You were a warrior, a huntress, in every sense of the word. From the confident set of your shoulders to your silent footsteps, everything about you screamed hero by night, the gleam of underlying power in your eye sending a shiver down his spine.
Even though he should've been calm and composed in the hours before the plan was put into motion, Toshinori couldn't help the excitement that buzzed through his veins at the thought of seeing you in action.
When everything was over, his true condition exposed to the world, you were the first to approach him. Though you were bruised
:iconlordsister:LordSister 61 36
Hold On by lady-blackwings Hold On :iconlady-blackwings:lady-blackwings 39 2 Shoji Fantasy AU - commission by Peach-8D Shoji Fantasy AU - commission :iconpeach-8d:Peach-8D 67 13