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[HERO ACA] All Might by neonUFO [HERO ACA] All Might :iconneonufo:neonUFO 225 16 MY HERO ACADEMIA by neonUFO MY HERO ACADEMIA :iconneonufo:neonUFO 404 28 MHA:AOU - Ultron Awakens by edCOM02 MHA:AOU - Ultron Awakens :iconedcom02:edCOM02 136 26 MHA:AOU - It's not what it looks like!!! by edCOM02 MHA:AOU - It's not what it looks like!!! :iconedcom02:edCOM02 103 37 DC x MHA - Yagi and Kent by edCOM02 DC x MHA - Yagi and Kent :iconedcom02:edCOM02 194 36 [BNHA] ALL MIGHT POSTER (print, t-shirt available) by neonUFO [BNHA] ALL MIGHT POSTER (print, t-shirt available) :iconneonufo:neonUFO 366 26 Boku No Hero Academia OC~ Airi Kozawa [Bio] by KendyPun Boku No Hero Academia OC~ Airi Kozawa [Bio] :iconkendypun:KendyPun 312 21 All Might! by Siplick All Might! :iconsiplick:Siplick 270 20 MY HERO ACADEMIA - posters by neonUFO MY HERO ACADEMIA - posters :iconneonufo:neonUFO 173 19 A Smash From The Past by Rayjii A Smash From The Past :iconrayjii:Rayjii 407 52
Plus Ultra (All Might x reader)
☆ All Might = Hero form
   Toshinori/Yagi = Regular form ☆
It had been a particularly boring day at your apartment. You had gotten off from work early, and decided to relax a little. Ironically however, without a certain big and loud boyfriend to wrap his arms around you, you couldn't.
An idea popped into your head, and you decided to make a special treat for All Might, and take it to him. You would often make his lunch, using the cutest cloths you could find to wrap it in. After all, despite the incredible amount of muscle he had, he was really just a sweet dork. You smiled at the thought, and packed up a few small cakes you had made and headed in the direction of U.A. High.
Now, it was clear that not just anyone could get into U.A., but the school had made an exception for you given that you were All Might's significant other, and your quirk was intelligence based, so they called you in for information or help now and then anyways. You walked through
:iconivanwin:Ivanwin 156 14
: [ Mango Dream ] : BNHA OC YCH Comm : by bakawomans : [ Mango Dream ] : BNHA OC YCH Comm : :iconbakawomans:bakawomans 132 7 Day 190 All might by TomatoStyles Day 190 All might :icontomatostyles:TomatoStyles 142 7
Not Fine (Young! All Might x Reader)
You had been friends with Toshinori since childhood, the two of you practically inseparable. When he had learned that he was quirkless, or rather supposedly quirkless as his new-found quirk indicated, you had been the one to cheer him up. Now, as high school students at U.A., not much had changed, the two of you usually seen together rather than individually...
So what the hell was this?
You stabbed a piece of egg with more violence than necessary, shoving it in your mouth and chewing on it savagely.
"(y-y/n), are you okay? You're kinda freaking me out," you're friend, Kayama Nemuri, asked you tentatively, holding her own lunch close to her body protectively.
"I'm fine. I'm totally fine! I'm more than fine! What makes you think I'm not fine?" Another piece of egg met a more violent end than it deserved.
"Well for starters, Yagi-san isn't attached to you like he usually is. I didn't even know it was possible for the two of you to be apart for the space of three minutes." She smiled teas
:iconlordsister:LordSister 119 78
Toshinori Yagi by heartlessspade Toshinori Yagi :iconheartlessspade:heartlessspade 202 2 Boku No Hero Academia OC~ I AM YOUR WIFE by KendyPun Boku No Hero Academia OC~ I AM YOUR WIFE :iconkendypun:KendyPun 144 31 Toshinori icon by Fatalitom Toshinori icon :iconfatalitom:Fatalitom 178 11 Toshinori Yagi - Snow by Ilovekidbuu Toshinori Yagi - Snow :iconilovekidbuu:Ilovekidbuu 111 22 Fanart- Toshinori Yagi by Lilith-the-5th Fanart- Toshinori Yagi :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 134 8 Bnha Halloween by Azurphore Bnha Halloween :iconazurphore:Azurphore 266 88
Right Direction (Young!All Might x Shy!Reader)
He was almost blinding to look at, Yagi Toshinori. Always smiling, the boy could almost be called an angel he was so beautiful and kind. You couldn't help daydreaming about him a little bit...okay a lot, you couldn't help daydreaming about him a lot, but what else could you do? He was way out of your league; there was no chance the two of you would ever be together, so did daydreaming even matter?
Sighing, you turned and looked out the window next to your desk. You hadn't even realized it, but you'd been staring at Toshinori, letting your fantasies take hold for a moment. Luckily he didn't seem to notice, still happily chatting away with Hizashi and Nemuri. No one seemed to notice for that matter, but who would notice a shy girl like yourself when a boy as bright and beautiful as the sun sat next to you? Besides, you weren't anything special. Tons of girls flocked to Toshinori for his good looks and powerful quirk, all of them more beautiful and powerful than you could ever hope to be.
:iconlordsister:LordSister 84 27
Toshinori Yagi by Kerkikerk Toshinori Yagi :iconkerkikerk:Kerkikerk 102 8