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POKEMON: Trainer Twins by finni POKEMON: Trainer Twins :iconfinni:finni 3,269 166 COLLAB: Twins Terri and Torrin by finni COLLAB: Twins Terri and Torrin :iconfinni:finni 709 23
Diviners of Runawynd Act I
"But that's just immoral!" Denying all professionalism, Garrick harshly snapped at the supreme god, Keiran, who calmly sat in his cozy, luxurious office seat. "I can't believe you want me to carry out a mission like that!"
With the mildest of expressions, Keiran merely blinked up at the enraged one and countered, unexpectedly cold, "Since when do morals matter here? At this place where we observe and judge humanity? We focus on facts, not feelings. You know that." He added, patronizing.
"Tch, I don't need you reminding me. And I know what I need to do, but there's no way I'm-" Garrick welcomed the coming verbal battle; thus, when his superior rose from his seat, he could feel his own temper rising as well.
Keiran then approached him face-to-face, smirking all the while he spoke. "Look, I love the way you think…" A graceful hand took to Garrick's pounding neck, reached to his face, where it departed with a tender caress. "But talking back to your superior isn't a good idea when the
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Terri/Torrin -- Summer Splash by finni Terri/Torrin -- Summer Splash :iconfinni:finni 465 25 POKEMON: Enter the twins by finni POKEMON: Enter the twins :iconfinni:finni 523 127 PCBC: Trainer Twin Sprites by finni PCBC: Trainer Twin Sprites :iconfinni:finni 261 55 PCBC: Twins remixed by finni PCBC: Twins remixed :iconfinni:finni 397 41 + Holiday Twins + by finni + Holiday Twins + :iconfinni:finni 420 32 PCBC: Round2 vs. Ivanavi Panic by finni PCBC: Round2 vs. Ivanavi Panic :iconfinni:finni 84 16
Diviners of Runawynd Act VI
"Torrin?" With a voice softened to a breeze, Garrick called, struggling for delicacy as he knocked and opened the doorway of the dimly-lit bedroom, "Hey, Torrin."
Underneath a heap of blankets, a small figure shifted, revealing a face that was red with fever. It smiled as wide as its ability. "Hey," It breathed with effort to regain its vocal chords, clearing its throat as it repeated, "Hey."
Feeling every heartstring being pulled towards his ailing friend, the ever-faithful Garrick approached the bedside and sat with fists on his lap and back arched forward.
"You'll... You'll get sick," Torrin warned, knowingly.
"Hah, don't care." The Diviner of Fate wasn't sure what to do, or how to fix the situation, but he knew that this was the most important place he had to be.
Gently, he placed a hand on Torrin's burning forehead, as if he could heal him with unforeseen magic; but of course, he felt powerless. Had it been Keiran or Sylas, they had such skills, but Garrick...? Torrin only melted
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Diviners of Runawynd Act V
"Stupid spring cleaning thing… This is ridiculous. I know it's partly my house and everything, but it's never my messes… I don't see why I should hafta…" The annoyed Garrick fumbled with his mop; his eyes searing holes into the wooden shaft. His private bemoanings were cut short, however, as a peculiar, distant conversation tickled his ears.
"Oh, my beloved Torrin, whatever brought this up?" A familiar voice squeaked in amusement.
Hah. Rolling his eyes towards the audibility behind a closed door, Garrick figured, Wonder what Keiran and Torrin are up to.
"I… Well, it's just that I – I wanted to try something different. Something new that I thought… maybe you could help me with. You see, I found this book in your library…"
Scheming up some cleaning projects together? Good. Least I'm not the only one who's working. And with that, the blond decided to resume his cheerful mopping duties. He fixed his eyes on a questionably sticky spot on the stone-t
:iconrunawynd:Runawynd 9 7
reverie by katya-h reverie :iconkatya-h:katya-h 46 50 PCBC Meme by xSheepi PCBC Meme :iconxsheepi:xSheepi 40 97 titles of things by tomhoshino titles of things :icontomhoshino:tomhoshino 47 18 Commission - Trainer Twins by tomokii Commission - Trainer Twins :icontomokii:tomokii 95 51 ROUND 7 02 by Applewaffles ROUND 7 02 :iconapplewaffles:Applewaffles 25 52 torrin -contest piece for aya- by HidekoDahlia torrin -contest piece for aya- :iconhidekodahlia:HidekoDahlia 35 30 As the Last Note Dies... by wylde As the Last Note Dies... :iconwylde:wylde 33 46 Skye by Megalithicmatt Skye :iconmegalithicmatt:Megalithicmatt 42 5
Diviners of Runawynd Act IV
"Something is ailing the poor soul of your next mission objective. Can you guess what it is, Garrick, my dear? Here's your hint; it's destructive and, if handled incorrectly, it can kill a person."
"…A disease? Or drug? Weapon?" For such a vastly vague question, Garrick could only wait for any sign of approval from his superior. To each answer, none actually came.
Keiran tapped his fingers along his desk as if performing a one-handed piano concerto. "All of the above, and then some. It's stress." He ended somewhat anticlimactically.
It was only after it was verbalized that the answer seemed only too obvious to Garrick. "Haa, okay, I get it now. But what do you expect me to do about it? In my opinion, all that 'stress' stuff is more or less a mental thing."
"And that it could be, Garrick. Especially with the case of this young man. He has a great life, works hard, could have a bright future… But he just doesn't wish to see it that way. Unfortunately, humans are very pro
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A Song For Winter by psycrowe A Song For Winter :iconpsycrowe:psycrowe 26 10 blood brothers by tomhoshino blood brothers :icontomhoshino:tomhoshino 27 30 Dying Notes, Lasting Light... by wylde Dying Notes, Lasting Light... :iconwylde:wylde 18 39 DnD: Sketch Dump by asyrill DnD: Sketch Dump :iconasyrill:asyrill 23 30
Diviners of Runawynd Act II
It's amazing to me. How it can take some people their entire lifetimes to figure it out. Sure, some people understand things sooner than others. Some might learn from experiences they've had or people they've met. And there are some people that might never get it.
But for me, those fifteen minutes was all it took. Like most things that happen, I can rarely explain the why. But as the Diviner of Fate, I can tell you this; what happens, happens regardless.
I remember watching him for the first time. I saw a man, sipping tea in his favorite chair, just watching things as they happened through a glass window. Always smiling, that man.
I'll admit, he confused me then, and he confuses me now.

But before that day, I never really enjoyed my own cup of tea. I'm not sure if he knows, but on that day, he definitely woke me up and snapped me out of something horrible.
I'm now alive and awakened, thanks to that man by the window.

"So what do you think of
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BFOI Y2 Initiative App: Torrin  Jenkins by SawakoDandiNekoCX BFOI Y2 Initiative App: Torrin Jenkins :iconsawakodandinekocx:SawakoDandiNekoCX 32 11 Tauren Dragon by Tygwa Tauren Dragon :icontygwa:Tygwa 16 8 Rq: Meeting in Skaia by awyeah21 Rq: Meeting in Skaia :iconawyeah21:awyeah21 10 19
Diviners of Runawynd Act VII
Three men gathered together in a room. Not particularly unusual of them, but something this time was off. An odd, unsuspected something that just felt wrong.
Rather than sitting amongst his coworkers, Sylas stood to pace, needlessly busying himself by lighting the fireplace and moving drapes from the windows. Torrin shifted in his seat for the fifth time, shared a quick look with Garrick, then continued toying with his fingers. And Garrick had a dry aggravation floating in his throat. Though he sat completely still, he couldn't resist the urge to itch and fidget with his casted, tingling arm.
Neither man said a word although the same question played at each of their minds. No mind reading was necessary for the Diviners.
One minute passed since Keiran called them all into the living room. He had yet to arrive himself, to which the three men could only ponder. Apprehensive, unknowing. There was something about the nature and timing of his beckoning that frightened them – though non
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