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Soft (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)
The bell sounded in the classroom, signaling lunchtime, and everyone’s shoulders visibly relaxed. It was about time for them to be free from the evils of math formulas and numbers, oh how scary they were. Desks were being rearranged and students ran around the halls, desperate to be the first to reach the cafeteria.
Unlike the others, you weren’t quite nuisance-free yet.
From your bag, you produced a perfect, homemade bentō. The pale blue lid was lifted up to reveal the lunch that you made this morning. Slices of cucumbers laid in one section while a serving of rice covered most of the surface area along with some leftovers from last night’s dinner. It was perfect, considering the fact that you spent ten minutes throwing this together before running out of the house late.
Either way, back to your current predicament.
“(Name)-chaaaaaaaan~” A male’s voice greeted you from behind as your vision was shrouded by a pair of hands. As if on cue, you cou
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Oikawa Tooru/Reader - Good Kisser
The entire debacle started - and if someone pushed you enough to admit it, your crush on him, too - when you were four years old.
You really only knew Oikawa Tooru as the daycare’s resident brat. Unlike you, who was a perfectly well-behaved and well-mannered child, he went around causing havoc for the daycare’s caretakers to deal with. Whether he was stealing toys from other kids, making a mess out of anything and everything, or blubbering about how he was being ‘bullied’ (that is, after he made fun of another kid), he was nothing but an utter nuisance, and so for the most part, you steered clear of him. You were little, sure, but even your four year old self could realize how troublesome he was and wanted no part of it.
He was content with terrorizing other children, always leaving you be or missing you in the process, until that particular day.
For some reason, he decided to veer away from his normal selection of victims, and instead target you.
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Embarrassment || Oikawa Tooru x Male!Reader
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
ne, ne, [nickname]-chan! today is friday, right? let's eat something after practice! i'll even pick you up, i don't care if you're sweaty bc you always smell nice, heheh (*´˘`*)♥
You sighed silently in annoyance as the smart phone in your hands buzzed rather loudly for your liking during class.
That dweeb kept texting you no matter if you replied with a blunt fuck off or simply ignored him, he was just too annoying for his own good.
You inwardly clicked your tongue and tried your best to pay attention to the slightly grey clouds that loomed all over they sky.
Looks like it will rain later, you mused with a murmur.
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
it's a date then, k? i'll buy you some flowers and chocolate and then
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::Oikawa Tooru X Reader:: Pathetic
[Y/N]'s pace quickened as she walked toward her boyfriend for approximately a year, Oikawa Tooru's house. She had heard all about the big game he had yesterday; Oikawa begged her to go.. Yet she wasn't able to make it, because of a family issue. Oh how terrible she felt; her wanted to be there for him, especially since she had found out they lost.
Oikawa was one to take things too hard. Though [Y/N] hasn't seen the brunet cry for a real reason; it still hurt her. Even if it came from Iwaizumi headbutting him, it still hurt to see her boyfriend in any sort of pain.
Approaching the home much more quickly, she soon enough made it to the front door. A hand raised, and gently knocked against the wood of the entrance.
"Tooru? Are you home?"
The girl called, [E/C] orbs blinking as she stood for a few moments. Silence. This caused some concern to rise in [Y/N], and she knocked a second time, calling the boy's name.
He was home, of course. He was just.. aching. He couldn't make hi
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Hero Academia by Arasdel Hero Academia :iconarasdel:Arasdel 794 16 Party Time! by freezeex Party Time! :iconfreezeex:freezeex 904 37
irritation maximum : oikawa tooru
Oikawa Tooru X Delinquent!Reader
Whispers were heard all over the courtyard as she walked past. Students stopped their own conversations in order to talk about her. [Name] on the other hand really couldn't care less about what they were saying and only stuffed her hands into the pockets of her ankle-long skirt.
"That's [Surname]-san, right? I heard she got into another fight."
"Ehh? Again? She's always causing trouble."
They were so annoying. [Name] shot the pair of girls a glare and they immediately shut their mouths. She hated girls like that; ones that could only talk but not doing anything. It was because of them the stereotype of girls remained weak.
"[Name]." A voice called her.
She looked over her shoulder to find her classmate Iwaizumi behind her. The two were on good terms. He didn't piss her off and she didn't piss him off so the two were cool together.
"Hey." [Name] nodded, turning around.
"Ever thought of stopping?" Iw
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a beauty : husband!oikawa tooru
His chuckled as his hands weaved through her [h/c] hair, kissing her lips passionately. She let a noise of approval, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck.
The two broke away for air.
"[Name]-chan, you're so cute."
Just before the two was about to reconnect lips once again, a loud cry was heard through the house.
[Name] looked at the doorway and let go of her husband. She gave him an apologetic smile, "Sorry, maybe next time."
He frowned. Oikawa was fully aware of the fact the two now had a beautiful baby and it was hard work looking after one, but nowadays he never had time to spend with [Name].
"But [Name]-chaaaaaaaan~" The grown man pouted.
The two heard the crying grow louder.
"She's crying, Tooru. I have to go." [Name] said before quickly leaving to attend to the child.
Oikawa fell back onto the bed before grabbing a nearby pillow and stuffing it into his chest. He knew that he should probably also run to his daughter as normal father should but he
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Oikawa x Reader)
Tooru Oikawa was laying on his back on his couch, staring vacantly at the ceiling. He was thinking of a certain someone again; about the way you moved your fingers to gently soothe your neck after sitting at your desk all day, the way you laughed when you thought no one was looking that charmed him so, and most of all, the way you couldn't be bothered to put up with the showy side of him. Only a few of his closest friends saw through that façade of his, but you had been able to spot it from the start.
He liked it. No. He loved that about you.
True. At first, he had hated that about you. It was too much like himself. He didn't like not being the most observant person in the room.
He generally portrayed himself in a way that made him popular, and he did have a lot of those traits, but he turned to that even when there were times he would have acted much differently if no one was around. He put on airs that he deserved to be the most popular person
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reciprocate. oikawa tooru
You never did like the fact that you had a crush – no – were in love with your school’s resident heartthrob. Ever since first year, you were assigned to the same class as he was, until second, until third year, you felt like the person assigning classes was laughing at you. Consequences had it, that you were there to witness his personality first hand, everyday from the beginning of high school, until then that you were a few months until you graduate.
Many times had you brushed your feelings for the boy off, saying that it was merely a passing crush because he was naturally charismatic, handsome and eye catching. That proved to be wrong as your ‘passing crush’ lasted until third year, up to the point were you were unable to ignore the uncontrollable beating of your heart, the helpless stuttering whenever he spoke two words to you.
Never did it help that you were seated on the desk next to him. He would occasionally glance in your general dir
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