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Tokyo Ghoul - Anime Wallpaper 1 by ng9 Tokyo Ghoul - Anime Wallpaper 1 :iconng9:ng9 378 25 Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) - Render by azizkeybackspace Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) - Render :iconazizkeybackspace:azizkeybackspace 464 24 Kirishima Touka by miura-n315 Kirishima Touka :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 3,644 111 Kirishima Touka by miura-n315 Kirishima Touka :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 1,998 48 K3NZ1.20 DOWNLOADS by ThisisKENZ K3NZ1.20 DOWNLOADS :iconthisiskenz:ThisisKENZ 558 88 Tokyo Ghoul .Eto by Likesac Tokyo Ghoul .Eto :iconlikesac:Likesac 517 25 TDA Tokyo Ghoul UPDATED Face and Eye Texture by UtauRueCross TDA Tokyo Ghoul UPDATED Face and Eye Texture :iconutauruecross:UtauRueCross 595 78 Tokyo Ghoul Face And Eye Texture 12+ by UtauRueCross Tokyo Ghoul Face And Eye Texture 12+ :iconutauruecross:UtauRueCross 1,163 362 Tokyo Ghoul -Eto- by Likesac Tokyo Ghoul -Eto- :iconlikesac:Likesac 427 36 NC:TDA Adult Ghoul Len by ThisisKENZ NC:TDA Adult Ghoul Len :iconthisiskenz:ThisisKENZ 451 46 Juuzou Suzuya--Tokyo Ghoul by Sundog1991 Juuzou Suzuya--Tokyo Ghoul :iconsundog1991:Sundog1991 986 45 Kaneki x Touka - Under the rain by SpukyCat Kaneki x Touka - Under the rain :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 412 35 GHOUL:LUKA HAKU by ThisisKENZ GHOUL:LUKA HAKU :iconthisiskenz:ThisisKENZ 666 101 unravel by h-yde unravel :iconh-yde:h-yde 1,300 100 The Loud House by OasisCommander51 The Loud House :iconoasiscommander51:OasisCommander51 353 169 Kamishiro Rize by miura-n315 Kamishiro Rize :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 924 18
Gratefulness | Uta x Ghoul!Reader
“You looked like you needed a little pick me up.”
With your fingers curled against the handle of the mug, you couldn't help but enjoy the heat radiating onto your knuckles. This cup of coffee wasn't for you however, it was for your boyfriend who had acquainted his face with the top of his desk. You had never seen Uta work so much in the years you had been together. Honestly, it unnerved you how his eyes hardly blinked or how his diligent fingers never seemed to halt as he created his facial masterpieces. Yes the fruits of his labor were beautiful, but his quota seemed to be never-ending nowadays.
Uta had discussed to you how he was getting more orders than he has within the last few months. Many ghouls were commissioning him for masks, you assumed so they felt some sense of security against ghoul hunters that knew them by face. Or that they wanted to get their hands on one of your boyfriend's works and honestly, you couldn't even blame the ones who had that mindset. You wer
:iconatr0cities:atr0cities 413 17
Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki by DesignerRenan Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki :icondesignerrenan:DesignerRenan 545 34
Daddy!Uta x Child!Reader | little ghoul
You watched him working, curiousity shining in your eyes.
There was something so fascinating about the way your father worked. He would hunch over in his stool, stooping over his desk that was littered with carving tools and squares of leather and sketch sheets. There was a cup on the table, painted with "#1 Dad" and decorated with (f/c) (favourite animals). It was last years Father's Day gift, which you'd given him so he could hold his pencils in. But he had so many that they spilled out of their holder and across the table top.
"Why are you so pretty?"
Uta blinked owlishly at you, face impassive.
But his black sclera and red irises shimmered with something soft and loving.
"It's because you're so pretty. Only a worthy father could create something as wonderful as you," he hummed, voice gentle and calm like it always was. No matter how bold you were, annoying his customers or rooting through his things and finding that clown mask he kept hidden (which he made you swear
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 458 47
Yoshimura Eto by miura-n315 Yoshimura Eto :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 1,355 31 Kamishiro Rize by miura-n315 Kamishiro Rize :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 1,017 22
Lovable (Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)
You breathed a deep sigh of relief the moment that you'd managed to squeeze yourself through the crowded train. Even though you'd been living in Tokyo for your whole life, you still weren't used to the awful rush hours and were happy whenever you were finally able to get out of that hell of pushing and shoving. Sighing yet again, you tiredly started to trudge out of the station and towards your apartment.
You hadn't been really in a good mood for the whole day and were glad that you were soon able to plop down on your couch, put up your feet and relax. Working as a ghoul investigator at the CCG wasn't exactly a picnic and there happened to be these days were you just wanted to do nothing but return to your home.
Once you've reached your apartment, you dug a hand into your bag and started to search for your keys. After rummaging around for a while, you managed to fish them out of the darkest recesses of your handbag and plugged them into the keyhole of the door to your place before unlo
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 267 19
Painfully Sweet | Ayato X Reader | Tokyo Ghoul
Warning: Contains Some Inappropriate / Foul Language.
"One Cappuccino, please." You requested with a smile. The waitress quickly scribbled down your order before walking over to the next table.
Today, you were in an incredibly cheerful mood.
Not because it was a beautifully warm and sunny day. And not even because you passed your college entrance exams with flying colors.
Today, you were finally able to spend some time with your signicant other.
While a trip to the local coffee shop wasn't exactly your idea of a romantic date, you certainly weren't about to complain.
In recent weeks, having alone time with Ayato was a somewhat difficult task.
So you planned on making the most of the time you were together, no matter what.
After receiving your hot beverages, Ayato noticed your bubbly demeanor.
"Why the Hell are you so happy?" He asked, eyeing you suspiciously.
"We haven't been spending much time together recently, so I was happy when you invited me out for coffee." You replied b
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 471 42