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Please Let Me... by Lady-Owl Please Let Me... :iconlady-owl:Lady-Owl 1,656 679 Togetherness by King-Co Togetherness :iconking-co:King-Co 876 37
Styrofoam Breath
A new sun rises, 
A day has dawned.
The tables have turned 
And the curtains are drawn.
Static faces in blank disguises, 
Two suns can't set before another rises.
Gazing to the unknown horizon,
My whole world is torn.
Flowing from her eyes and into mine, 
Prospects are reborn.
The vision forever lingers:
Hair clasped in rigorous fingers.
The sky was murky,
Two drops of color lost in a glass.
Stirred once and left...
Left to sort things out with the amorphous deep.
Frail foundations
Without fair warning,
And angels at night
Have never dreamt of morning.
Expressionless smiles,
Wrinkled, cracked plastic... 
Hollow words 
neither believes.
:icontubbums32:tubbums32 205 69
Network yourself #1!
We keep hearing people asking for help in networking and are trying to devise ways and means to optimise the community to help!

The objective of this journal is for you to share with everyone what you are looking for and share what you know too.
:bulletblue: Be honest- if you're just looking for new watchers- say so!
:bulletblue: Make sure to state if you're looking for something more niche, such as people who like a particular fandom, or experts in forms of poetry.
:bulletblue: Maybe you want a writing partner or suggestions for a particular group? 
:bulletblue:  Then you can answer other requests! Share your knowledge, tag some people you think could help and share the love! Simple right?


Person A posts: "Hi I am Bob and I love pies, people and piranas! I am looking for people who are interested in science fiction writing"
Person B replies: "Oh I know SRSmith, he is an excellent Sci fi writer, you s
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 31 346
Mother Earth by ArtOfEdge Mother Earth :iconartofedge:ArtOfEdge 598 57
She matters
She unloaded her pistol and untied her noose
She dropped her razor blades, threw them away too
She wiped up the blood that she had on her skin
She lifted her head up, ready to start again
She descended her heart to me like an angel from above
After holding on to life, she finally found love
Something changed inside her and she decided to live
She had heart a full of joy and a lot of love to give
She wiped away her tears and held a smile on her face
Now she's happy here with me and we found a better place
She thought no one would miss her, they'd just leave her be
Now she knows that she matters, because she matters to me
:iconextremerebirth1:extremerebirth1 55 16
Off to a flying start by siddhartha19 Off to a flying start :iconsiddhartha19:siddhartha19 289 43 Calm him down by ginkoflowers Calm him down :iconginkoflowers:ginkoflowers 304 171 Two Hearts by NaylaSmith Two Hearts :iconnaylasmith:NaylaSmith 269 37 together we are strong by dicalva together we are strong :icondicalva:dicalva 159 92 May the forest be with you by LyraWhite May the forest be with you :iconlyrawhite:LyraWhite 383 35 Love in the time of cholera by emeve Love in the time of cholera :iconemeve:emeve 429 40
With Love
With love,
I take your hand
With love,
I press a kiss to your lips
"Together, we'll take a stand."
"And make forever seem a short trip."

With love,
She holds me tight
With love,
She caresses my face
"You and I--We're just right."
"With you, there is no disgrace."

With love,
We walk down memory lane
With love,
We speak sweet everythings of truth
"I told you--It couldn't be more plain."
"I am, forever in love with you."
:iconn-m-s-15:N-M-S-15 40 13
Ulquiorra finds a soulmate by jesterry Ulquiorra finds a soulmate :iconjesterry:jesterry 260 23
Hold Me
I want you to turn around while we're walking apart,
And grab my wrist and pull me in.
It doesn't have to be a kiss
Just hold me, that's it.
I promise I won't shake you off,
No matter how angry I seem to be.
I promise I won't turn away or refuse you,
No matter what we're fighting about.
What makes me sad,
Is that you don't see
That all I want is for you
To hold me.
:iconfallingslowly47:fallingslowly47 31 23
geborgen. by musicandphotography geborgen. :iconmusicandphotography:musicandphotography 225 14 One Reason by creativemikey One Reason :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 166 29 together, yet worlds apart... by kharax together, yet worlds apart... :iconkharax:kharax 128 41 Strangers in love by siddhartha19 Strangers in love :iconsiddhartha19:siddhartha19 128 33
he's the boy that rarely ever smiles
and she'll be the girl who lives for his almost-there-smirk and can make him crack up without even trying
she's the girl that dresses up to sit in the rain
and he'll be the boy who'll lend her his old comfy sweater that doesn't match with anything at all
he's the boy with two left feet and no rhythm
and she'll be the girl that counted the steps out loud until he got it and danced the night away with him
she's the girl that is afraid of blood and needles
and he'll be the boy that tattooed her name and their memories over his beatbeatbeating heart
he's the boy that hates to get his feet wet
and she'll be the girl who pulls him into her big brown eyes with his clothes still on and gets him absolutely drenched
she's the girl with firefly dreams and no expectations
and he'll be the boy that assures and reassures over and over again so she has no choice but to believe
he's the boy that beheads his gummy bears immediately
and she'll be the girl who licks h
:iconurban-lingo:urban-lingo 26 14
Family by MartaSyrko Family :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 174 13 Togetherness by sotoya Togetherness :iconsotoya:sotoya 367 35 United As Love by creativemikey United As Love :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 27 20 Daughter and Mother by MartaSyrko Daughter and Mother :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 145 13
Heterosexual Life Partners (Mikasa + Reader) AU
We are heterosexual life partners
“I am here, my darling!” you smiled as you walked over to Mikasa for your group lunch break. Plus two new people, but you’ll get to them later.
Mikasa looked over her shoulder with her usual placid expression, but gave a small smile while you gave her a brief hug from behind.
“Hello,(Name).” she greeted back patting your arm lightly, she was already eating lunch since she got out of class minutes earlier than you.
“Hey,(Name).” greeted Armin.
“Yo.” Eren gave a short wave.
Grabbing your seat in the booth you said your hellos to the two boys before placing your attention to the new addition of the group.
“So it seems that we have two new converts to our illustrious gang.” You smiled looking at them.
“Yes!” Armin pipied up and motioned to a brunette with freckles spotting on his cheek and nose. “This is Marco, from my sociology class. And his friend Jean.” He
:iconspongeytoast:SpongeyToast 185 59
Lay Your Hands in Mine by Radthorne Lay Your Hands in Mine :iconradthorne:Radthorne 369 53 The human Sticky-pede by yomerome The human Sticky-pede :iconyomerome:yomerome 144 6 sweet couple by MartaSyrko sweet couple :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 139 1 Immer bei Dir by Chaluny Immer bei Dir :iconchaluny:Chaluny 433 100 Oh! Hello! by FusionCrafter Oh! Hello! :iconfusioncrafter:FusionCrafter 69 4 Don't Ever Drift Away by creativemikey Don't Ever Drift Away :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 22 1 Belonging by creativemikey Belonging :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 116 28
Network Yourself! #3: Ask Me Anything
Greetings all!
Fancy a bit of fun networking?

As part of one of CRLiterature 's core objectives, throughout this year we have produced this small series of networking journals, mostly to help you find like-minded people in the community, new watchers and new opportunities! This journal is not so different, it's just another opportunity :)
There isn't much hard work involved in this; what you put in you get out of it. We are asking you to make sure you contribute- both my starting your own line of conversation and by answering others. Simple right?

So what are we asking you to do?
1. Introduce yourself
2. Share a little bit about you- what are you into, why you're on dA etc. (No essays please!)
3. Ask the question "Ask me anything" (if you want to be more specific i.e. "ask me anything about unicorns" then do")
4. Ask other people questions and answer your
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 10 596
Teen Top Macro:.Rickjoe - Togetherness by xrinnn Teen Top Macro:.Rickjoe - Togetherness :iconxrinnn:xrinnn 91 50 Naga Lovers by RussellTuller Naga Lovers :iconrusselltuller:RussellTuller 169 8 Collab - When we first meet by Chaluny Collab - When we first meet :iconchaluny:Chaluny 115 22 Take the Long Way Home by creativemikey Take the Long Way Home :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 103 31 'inhale by Esveeka 'inhale :iconesveeka:Esveeka 145 17 As long as I'm with you by TheHyenaintown As long as I'm with you :iconthehyenaintown:TheHyenaintown 334 178 Gear detail by camabs Gear detail :iconcamabs:camabs 85 6 Vigilant wolfpack by xXBellcatXx Vigilant wolfpack :iconxxbellcatxx:xXBellcatXx 169 39
Secret Gardens
It will not last forever, secret
Gardens too get old,
And in the icy morning you
Complain my feet are cold,
There were no wings of love as aid;
I had to climb the wall,
And tearing all the ivy off
It stood exposed and tall.
I do not want to hear the speech
That's caught inside your yawn:
"I know of secret gardens, this;
They don't stretch on and on."
And though our muted presence,
It leaves a funny stain,
We watch the fountains fall asleep
And freeze with English rain,
And through that stony quiet
The aching morning brings
I'm resolute and silent
And mum of holy things.
Even though their memories
Are hidden and unseen,
The blades of grass, caressing,
Tell what the stones have seen;
They're messagers in gardens
That speak up as they bloom,
But timeless, starving mornings
Are twilight in the gloom.
You're quick love, to accept it,
When leaves drip on your head,
That knowledge still consumes us:
We're faithful to the dead.
If I leave secret gardens,
I swear to you, my dear,
If I go bleedi
:iconjanne-landet-poetry:janne-landet-poetry 14 25
A Family Shot - WIP by kippis05 A Family Shot - WIP :iconkippis05:kippis05 72 53 Borra Umbrella by YellowWatermelon Borra Umbrella :iconyellowwatermelon:YellowWatermelon 96 18 Jane Snuggling With Mary by FearOfTheBlackWolf Jane Snuggling With Mary :iconfearoftheblackwolf:FearOfTheBlackWolf 62 31 Togetherness by aiyoshi Togetherness :iconaiyoshi:aiyoshi 60 26 RAIN ch.13 - Togetherness by JocelynSamara RAIN ch.13 - Togetherness :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 94 42