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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Britain
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You reached into the bag, tiny hands grasping something hard like a rock. You pulled it out to reveal some…well…black rock.
Arthur, still behind you, sighed in relief. “Scone! That’s mine!” He was secretly hoping you would get the scone.
You smiled some, face still red from the earlier tantrum. At least you knew this man more than anyone else. But what kind of rock was called a scone? Is it like coal? Cuz’ it’s black and charred like coal.
The crowd of people began to murmur amongst themselves, most conversations not necessarily about you, but they were free now that the meeting was basically over. You thought you heard several complaining, but wasn’t sure if it was about you or not.
Germany nodded, reaching into the bag and withdrew his own item, passing it back around. “If you still vant vatever you put in ze bag, take it now vhile you still can. Meeting adjourned!”
Alfred stood as a
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Flying Spaghetti Monster by Shadow-Aspect Flying Spaghetti Monster :iconshadow-aspect:Shadow-Aspect 225 34
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Romano
Warning: Romano's language and pasta~! 
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug your hand into the paper bag, pulling out . . . some red food you didn’t know the name of.
“A tomato!” Feliciano exclaimed. “Romano, isn’t that-a what you put in the bag?”
You looked around for this Romano. You assumed it was him who stood up, between Feliciano and another man with brown hair and green eyes who was smiling like a small child, face as red as the tomato in your hands. He had another curl, and you thought they might be related. “Si, the tomato was-a mine-e.”
“Very vell,” Germany nodded, putting the bag back on the table. “Meeting adjourned.”
Everyone got up to leave.
“I’ll come visit, love,” Arthur whispered behind you, taking his coat back and patting you on the head, smiling. “Take care.”
“Later, dudette!” Alfred picked you up and hugged you, something
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