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Coat of Arms Contest!
Medieval times were full of battle, epic romances, the black plague, knights and damsels, kings and thieves... Family name meant everything to most people and the family crest was a proud, distinguishing emblem of privilege and standing! The coat of arms typically contains four parts as detailed here: the motto, the crest, the shield elements, and the supporters. Our next contest at ThumbHub is going to challenge you to create your very own Artist Coat of Arms!
That's right. Keep reading.
Entry Requirements!
We hope for this to be a fun, creative way to explore who YOU are as an artist! A coat of arms should tell a story so when creating YOUR coat of arms, please include the following elements to tell us your story!
The Motto: Your coat of arms should have a short blip that you think represents your artistic journey. In the example bel
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 51 46
Chapter 7: Doppelganger by OMIT-Story Chapter 7: Doppelganger :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 151 8 Coat of Arts by TheBrassGlass Coat of Arts :iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 43 13

If you're reading this, you are invited to stop by the ThumbHub chat room!

You've reached the greatest room on the chat network for sharing YOUR artwork

You join the chatroom, any time of the day, and share your works with others - everybody is there to collect and give faves and comments! 
Nice, warm atmosphere around the clock!  :heart:
You can share you artworks and journals, and advertise live your activities!
You can also advertise the work of somebody you like! <3
And they also feature regularly the participants in the chat! :la:

ThumbHub  has now also a new icon made by Sameore :iconthumbhub:,
:iconandorada:Andorada 93 121
Chapter 8: A childhood friend by OMIT-Story Chapter 8: A childhood friend :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 109 4 Chapter 10: The aluminium swan by OMIT-Story Chapter 10: The aluminium swan :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 126 16 Chapter 9: A business proposal by OMIT-Story Chapter 9: A business proposal :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 115 14 Winter Fun by CoffeeVulture Winter Fun :iconcoffeevulture:CoffeeVulture 130 35 Super Hero deviant-garde by JericaWinters Super Hero deviant-garde :iconjericawinters:JericaWinters 54 25 Onmyoji Momiji - VY POST DEVIANART by vineyardyuu Onmyoji Momiji - VY POST DEVIANART :iconvineyardyuu:vineyardyuu 63 4 The snowman rises by ColorfullyMonotone The snowman rises :iconcolorfullymonotone:ColorfullyMonotone 116 35 Humming bird by chinchillacosmica Humming bird :iconchinchillacosmica:chinchillacosmica 78 39 The cherry blossoms field by OMIT-Story The cherry blossoms field :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 93 18 Josuke is awesome fight me by PizzaPie-Desu Josuke is awesome fight me :iconpizzapie-desu:PizzaPie-Desu 145 33 OMIT First Anniversary by OMIT-Story OMIT First Anniversary :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 99 23 ThumbHub journal skin(s) by UszatyArbuz ThumbHub journal skin(s) :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 17 8 10 chapters now available by OMIT-Story 10 chapters now available :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 59 8 Vivian Harper Extra pages 6 by OMIT-Story Vivian Harper Extra pages 6 :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 20 8 Hold Still! by FeyNeko Hold Still! :iconfeyneko:FeyNeko 72 13 One Moment In Time by OMIT-Story One Moment In Time :iconomit-story:OMIT-Story 46 5