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Train Under Water
I'm writing to tell you I'm dropping out of college; I haven't told anyone.  I'm twitching, Michael.  The hunger came back a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure it ever left.  Regardless, it's crying now, and I need to go.  I need to keep moving on.  I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow.  My train takes off in the afternoon, and when I get there, I'll leave again.  I want to go somewhere new, Michael.  
I want to go somewhere I have never seen before.
Now, I know you have to be worried, but don't, Brother.  Don't you be afraid.  I'll write to you wherever I go.  I won't leave a return address, please don't try to follow me.  You can't, Michael, you're too smart.  Your place is here among these people; and mine is out there.  You're meant for your books; I'm meant for my trees.  I want to roar from the woods with a pen mightier than He
:iconzmorgason:zmorgason 505 155
Only in Our dreams by wchild Only in Our dreams :iconwchild:wchild 170 54 Thoreau Layout Design by YagaK Thoreau Layout Design :iconyagak:YagaK 144 45 Paper Mario Character Lineup by Jimbob317 Paper Mario Character Lineup :iconjimbob317:Jimbob317 330 67
Starshine, No more
If in the middle of the night
You were to awaken
And saw no stars in the sky,
Would you be shaken?
When the natural lights that once
Lit the sky
finally burn out
Would you even cry?
Its funny how we
Never notice the true splendor,
Until it’s left our sight,
And our hearts asunder
Do you see them now?
Those lights which captivate
Who twinkle harmless in the night,
Who express no anger, harbor no hate
The true purity of the world
Only shows form a thousand years past,
What a miserable truth
Which may not even last
Yet people sit there
Heads wrapped in metal and plastic
Too caught up in superficiality
For real wonder to stick
Those are the ones who
Will take years to understand:
That the stars and moon
Have left, and will never come back
:icondraculaazuri:DraculaAzuri 17 38
JFK by TimelessProphet JFK :icontimelessprophet:TimelessProphet 36 21 Carpe Diem by nezukichan Carpe Diem :iconnezukichan:nezukichan 15 3 Wild Things by winona-adamon Wild Things :iconwinona-adamon:winona-adamon 102 6 Pixls by professorhazard Pixls :iconprofessorhazard:professorhazard 409 147
A To Do List...
A To Do List:
People to meet through time travel
...and punch in the face.

In alphabetical order by last name (when applicable):
Alighieri, Dante
Crowley, Aleister
Duchamp, Marcel
Edison, Thomas
Ford, Henry
Freud, Sigmund
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hubbard, L. Ron
Kellogg, John Harvey
Kroc, Ray
LaVey, Anton
Marquis de Sade
Miller, Arthur
Nietzsche, Freidrich
Nixon, Richard M.
Parsons, Jack
Pollock, Jackson
Pope Benedict IX
Pope John XII
Pope Leo VIII
Pope Leo X
Pope Pius II
Thoreau, Henry David
Wilde, Oscar
Warhol, Andy
:iconvynettedantes:VynetteDantes 15 124
When it comes time to die deco#Quote by cjlutje When it comes time to die deco#Quote :iconcjlutje:cjlutje 16 2 Crowded Trek Desktop by mrsDaniSohma Crowded Trek Desktop :iconmrsdanisohma:mrsDaniSohma 51 24 Timber Trinity by wchild Timber Trinity :iconwchild:wchild 95 32 Identity Within A Book by dmaabsta Identity Within A Book :icondmaabsta:dmaabsta 60 15 Wave Riding by biroo87 Wave Riding :iconbiroo87:biroo87 49 19 Civil Disobediance by Meddling-With-Nature Civil Disobediance :iconmeddling-with-nature:Meddling-With-Nature 53 26
- The Beat, The Pulse -
With perfection comes a high price..
And nothing lasts forever
With envy comes ignorance
Alas, the lack of rhyme and reason
For the beat, the pulse
You can call to the heavens and scream for the angels to cry
To bathe in their cold rains of purity
To let relief wash over your like a rush of water
Though you do all this in the name of divinity
No spell can ever quite penetrate the mind of everyone to gaze upon you with clarity or glory
Live and actually live
Move with the grace of honey
Smile at who you are like you mean it
And feel the vibration of the beat, the pulse that lingers within you
Lust is not love, and love is not lust
The beauty of consanguinity lies within trust
Within leadership, respect and honor
The torment can be overwhelming when loyalties are split in half
When subconscious collides in a bloody battle with conscious
When your thoughts are nothing but nightmares, and you dream of hellish serenity
Where is the beat, the pulse of life?
Have you lost your yours, or is yo
:iconkichiscrafts:KichisCrafts 9 56
The autumn is now by wchild The autumn is now :iconwchild:wchild 379 110 Henry David Thoreau Quote by RSeer Henry David Thoreau Quote :iconrseer:RSeer 15 5 Prophecy by CaptainHaha Prophecy :iconcaptainhaha:CaptainHaha 24 10 deep forest by Armandacyd deep forest :iconarmandacyd:Armandacyd 28 1 Mistress of the Night by ForeignMusicLyrics Mistress of the Night :iconforeignmusiclyrics:ForeignMusicLyrics 49 2 An Experiment by nokari An Experiment :iconnokari:nokari 31 9 The Question by poasterchild The Question :iconpoasterchild:poasterchild 45 14 Through the Broken Gate by Izzie-Hill Through the Broken Gate :iconizzie-hill:Izzie-Hill 28 5 Thoreau for trees by solark Thoreau for trees :iconsolark:solark 20 10 does it matter? by lisa-im-laerm does it matter? :iconlisa-im-laerm:lisa-im-laerm 30 22 NuTrek MEME. by mrsDaniSohma NuTrek MEME. :iconmrsdanisohma:mrsDaniSohma 36 71 Alibits and Pixls by PxlCobit Alibits and Pixls :iconpxlcobit:PxlCobit 60 27 Faintly glimmers by CarpeSav Faintly glimmers :iconcarpesav:CarpeSav 57 29 The Pixls by KD476 The Pixls :iconkd476:KD476 43 20 Thoreau by konsketchbook Thoreau :iconkonsketchbook:konsketchbook 36 22 To be awake... by kr8v To be awake... :iconkr8v:kr8v 14 3 Thoreau 2 by TimelessProphet Thoreau 2 :icontimelessprophet:TimelessProphet 7 0 Thoreau by mks-7zdesigns Thoreau :iconmks-7zdesigns:mks-7zdesigns 13 2 Finally Awake - Chibi Vesper by Cysco-Inu Finally Awake - Chibi Vesper :iconcysco-inu:Cysco-Inu 24 5 Jasper by phantomesse Jasper :iconphantomesse:phantomesse 29 9 Simplify, simplify by Limaria Simplify, simplify :iconlimaria:Limaria 28 10 One World At A Time by sumajarong One World At A Time :iconsumajarong:sumajarong 24 13 -Henry David Thoreau- by Ryals-Shoal -Henry David Thoreau- :iconryals-shoal:Ryals-Shoal 21 11 Granted by CaptainHaha Granted :iconcaptainhaha:CaptainHaha 25 2 Pixly by DeathToSquishies Pixly :icondeathtosquishies:DeathToSquishies 15 20 It's What You See stamp by smilekeeper It's What You See stamp :iconsmilekeeper:smilekeeper 33 6 The Jewels of Morning by lokispace The Jewels of Morning :iconlokispace:lokispace 12 7 My Office in the Woods by rossbollinger My Office in the Woods :iconrossbollinger:rossbollinger 26 11 The Price stamp by smilekeeper The Price stamp :iconsmilekeeper:smilekeeper 24 0 Paper Mario I-1 by Jimbob317 Paper Mario I-1 :iconjimbob317:Jimbob317 22 14 Christ by xzebulonx Christ :iconxzebulonx:xzebulonx 19 6 Autumn at Walden Pond by kalliope94041 Autumn at Walden Pond :iconkalliope94041:kalliope94041 18 17 Thoreau Quote Drawing by ColinTheHatter Thoreau Quote Drawing :iconcolinthehatter:ColinTheHatter 15 5