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Train Under Water
I'm writing to tell you I'm dropping out of college; I haven't told anyone.  I'm twitching, Michael.  The hunger came back a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure it ever left.  Regardless, it's crying now, and I need to go.  I need to keep moving on.  I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow.  My train takes off in the afternoon, and when I get there, I'll leave again.  I want to go somewhere new, Michael.  
I want to go somewhere I have never seen before.
Now, I know you have to be worried, but don't, Brother.  Don't you be afraid.  I'll write to you wherever I go.  I won't leave a return address, please don't try to follow me.  You can't, Michael, you're too smart.  Your place is here among these people; and mine is out there.  You're meant for your books; I'm meant for my trees.  I want to roar from the woods with a pen mightier than He
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Starshine, No more
If in the middle of the night
You were to awaken
And saw no stars in the sky,
Would you be shaken?
When the natural lights that once
Lit the sky
finally burn out
Would you even cry?
Its funny how we
Never notice the true splendor,
Until it’s left our sight,
And our hearts asunder
Do you see them now?
Those lights which captivate
Who twinkle harmless in the night,
Who express no anger, harbor no hate
The true purity of the world
Only shows form a thousand years past,
What a miserable truth
Which may not even last
Yet people sit there
Heads wrapped in metal and plastic
Too caught up in superficiality
For real wonder to stick
Those are the ones who
Will take years to understand:
That the stars and moon
Have left, and will never come back
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