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DareDevil - Lady Punisher by etaru DareDevil - Lady Punisher :iconetaru:etaru 124 19 War Zone by dandingeroz War Zone :icondandingeroz:dandingeroz 82 0 Elektra by PhoenixStudios91 Elektra :iconphoenixstudios91:PhoenixStudios91 115 5 Punisher by MatoelGrande Punisher :iconmatoelgrande:MatoelGrande 80 6 (The) Punisher by PhoenixStudios91 (The) Punisher :iconphoenixstudios91:PhoenixStudios91 88 8 The smoke that rises by Ashuo The smoke that rises :iconashuo:Ashuo 25 0 P is for Punisher by D-MAC P is for Punisher :icond-mac:D-MAC 107 6 The Punisher's M4 Grenadier by madmonty98 The Punisher's M4 Grenadier :iconmadmonty98:madmonty98 20 0 Forgive Me Father - Daredevil Poster by edwardjmoran Forgive Me Father - Daredevil Poster :iconedwardjmoran:edwardjmoran 105 2 The Punisher Origin - Poster by ArtBasement The Punisher Origin - Poster :iconartbasement:ArtBasement 18 0 Frank Castle by BigJohnCreations Frank Castle :iconbigjohncreations:BigJohnCreations 32 2 Punishment comes to all by The-Ginger-Artist Punishment comes to all :iconthe-ginger-artist:The-Ginger-Artist 17 1 Frank Castle by TheWaywardDaughter Frank Castle :iconthewaywarddaughter:TheWaywardDaughter 11 0 The Punisher by mamoonart The Punisher :iconmamoonart:mamoonart 15 2 Frank Castle - I Look For 'em by LPSoulX Frank Castle - I Look For 'em :iconlpsoulx:LPSoulX 12 0 The Punisher by julydart The Punisher :iconjulydart:julydart 9 0 Punisher sketch cover by GordZee Punisher sketch cover :icongordzee:GordZee 18 0 Inktober 2017- Punisher by Dane-of-Celestia Inktober 2017- Punisher :icondane-of-celestia:Dane-of-Celestia 18 0 Daredevil x Punisher by dereknochefranca Daredevil x Punisher :icondereknochefranca:dereknochefranca 14 1 Micro [David Lieberman] - If They Think I'm Dead by LPSoulX Micro [David Lieberman] - If They Think I'm Dead :iconlpsoulx:LPSoulX 7 0 Frank Castle by takethatina Frank Castle :icontakethatina:takethatina 10 2 The Punisher S1 by WANDAMBATHA The Punisher S1 :iconwandambatha:WANDAMBATHA 9 4 THE PUNISHER Poster Art by RicoJrCreation THE PUNISHER Poster Art :iconricojrcreation:RicoJrCreation 6 2 Angel of Death by mojothecreator17 Angel of Death :iconmojothecreator17:mojothecreator17 14 0 Frank Loves Dogs by TheLittleHellraiser Frank Loves Dogs :iconthelittlehellraiser:TheLittleHellraiser 9 0 Pain Leaves A Mark by Raw-ink Pain Leaves A Mark :iconraw-ink:Raw-ink 6 0 Karen Page by takethatina Karen Page :icontakethatina:takethatina 7 1 Day 7: kastleweek by mamoonart Day 7: kastleweek :iconmamoonart:mamoonart 5 0
Nukid101's Daredevil Season 2 Review
I'm gonna pre-emptively apologise for the fact that I'm going to repeatedly compare the new season of Daredevil to the first season during this review. I can imagine it'll be tedious to some readers but I feel it necessary to do so to illustrate my points.
You see readers, the first season of Daredevil was...really not that good. Oh, it had some GREAT elements, or to be specific it had a perfect protagonist and antagonist in Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock and Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk, but was there anything else about that season that was especially good? The action was about above par for a TV show, the pacing of the show was HORRENDOUS because it constantly failed to keep a momentum, and its secondary characters were criminally underused solving mysterious that the viewer knew EVERYTHING about already, making much of their involvement feel pointless. Like so many Netflix shows it didn't justify a 13 episode series. It just got so b
:iconnukid101:Nukid101 3 38
The Punisher VS Daredevil: Design Two by Sonic-E The Punisher VS Daredevil: Design Two :iconsonic-e:Sonic-E 6 0 The Punisher by FabledAnecdote The Punisher :iconfabledanecdote:FabledAnecdote 5 0 The Punisher by PhenomenalDrawer The Punisher :iconphenomenaldrawer:PhenomenalDrawer 4 0 Serving Some Sweet Justice... by Himika1222 Serving Some Sweet Justice... :iconhimika1222:Himika1222 4 2 Castle by D-TERGENT Castle :icond-tergent:D-TERGENT 5 0 The Punisher by GeekyAlexx The Punisher :icongeekyalexx:GeekyAlexx 11 1 The Punisher Folder Icon by faelpessoal The Punisher Folder Icon :iconfaelpessoal:faelpessoal 3 0 The Punisher by Bryanosaurus777 The Punisher :iconbryanosaurus777:Bryanosaurus777 3 0 Castle and Micro - Two Dead Men by LPSoulX Castle and Micro - Two Dead Men :iconlpsoulx:LPSoulX 3 0 I tried. by Magzikoopa I tried. :iconmagzikoopa:Magzikoopa 3 5 The Punisher vest by julydart The Punisher vest :iconjulydart:julydart 3 0 Dark Knights Avatar by Daviddv1202 Dark Knights Avatar :icondaviddv1202:Daviddv1202 3 0 Couple of master assassins by dark-ronin82 Couple of master assassins :icondark-ronin82:dark-ronin82 3 0 Kastle by mamoonart Kastle :iconmamoonart:mamoonart 3 0 Ghost Rider x Punisher Mashup by masaolab Ghost Rider x Punisher Mashup :iconmasaolab:masaolab 2 0 Day 6: kastleweek by mamoonart Day 6: kastleweek :iconmamoonart:mamoonart 2 0 Marvel,Netflix - The Punisher (TV Poster) by ZaetaTheAstronaut Marvel,Netflix - The Punisher (TV Poster) :iconzaetatheastronaut:ZaetaTheAstronaut 2 0 masked punisher by Howlart001 masked punisher :iconhowlart001:Howlart001 2 2 Punisherv10 by adroitshrub Punisherv10 :iconadroitshrub:adroitshrub 2 0 Ben Barnes' eye by nishaloveschocolate Ben Barnes' eye :iconnishaloveschocolate:nishaloveschocolate 2 0 THE PUNISHER SPOILERS : Frank and Billy.  by nishaloveschocolate THE PUNISHER SPOILERS : Frank and Billy. :iconnishaloveschocolate:nishaloveschocolate 3 0