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Demon Slayers: At Your Service by joshcmartin Demon Slayers: At Your Service :iconjoshcmartin:joshcmartin 61 7 You smell. by TheCarmiBug You smell. :iconthecarmibug:TheCarmiBug 122 42 Tessa and Will by Ifirifis0 Tessa and Will :iconifirifis0:Ifirifis0 97 18 I don't want to give you away by Tetra-Zelda I don't want to give you away :icontetra-zelda:Tetra-Zelda 79 28 Clary + Jace - Lost in you by ParalyzingLove Clary + Jace - Lost in you :iconparalyzinglove:ParalyzingLove 24 11 The Lightwood Siblings by OstentatiousNature The Lightwood Siblings :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 36 20 Were Shadowhunters by EverHatake Were Shadowhunters :iconeverhatake:EverHatake 20 10 Alec Lightwood by OstentatiousNature Alec Lightwood :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 20 11 My name is not little girl by EverHatake My name is not little girl :iconeverhatake:EverHatake 19 2 city of bones by happymint city of bones :iconhappymint:happymint 17 19 Private Property by Magickal-Phay Private Property :iconmagickal-phay:Magickal-Phay 29 2 Simon by OstentatiousNature Simon :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 9 6
City of Lost Souls Quotes.
" I think your brother is trying to make the world's biggest puddle of melted wax."
"Everything's going to hell in a hand-basket, and you want to know about my relationship with Magnus?"
"Is Azazel the cat from the Smurfs?" "That's Azrael, Simon, and no more using the magic rings for Smurf questions!"
"I thought you were dead, I saw you fall down and I thought you were dead." "I am dead" "I mean more dead than usual."
"I'm not going to attack you; I can stand the sight of your naked chest without swooning." "Are you sure? Because viewing my naked chest has caused many women to seriously injure themselves stampeding to get me."
"Dammit woman, you read my mind, is there no filthy wordplay you can't foresee?" "It's my special magical power, I can read your mind when you're thinking dirty thoughts of me." "So ninety-five percent of the time." "Ninety-five? What's the other five percent?" "Oh you know, the usual—demons I might kill, runes I need to learn, people who've annoyed me recen
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Clary Fray by OstentatiousNature Clary Fray :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 9 3 seelie kiss by martiitamalfoy seelie kiss :iconmartiitamalfoy:martiitamalfoy 9 1 Malec-Partners by Frantwerp Malec-Partners :iconfrantwerp:Frantwerp 8 2 Im yours by EverHatake Im yours :iconeverhatake:EverHatake 7 8 Jace by OstentatiousNature Jace :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 6 7 true love by fromtheskyx true love :iconfromtheskyx:fromtheskyx 6 6 Isabelle Lightwood by OstentatiousNature Isabelle Lightwood :iconostentatiousnature:OstentatiousNature 6 2 TMI Halloween surprise for Izzy by martiitamalfoy TMI Halloween surprise for Izzy :iconmartiitamalfoy:martiitamalfoy 5 7 Sizzy by Jes221 Sizzy :iconjes221:Jes221 4 0 Clary by lucardinale Clary :iconlucardinale:lucardinale 4 6 One and Lonely by GinevraTurner One and Lonely :iconginevraturner:GinevraTurner 5 0 Malec by Kacotheunicorn Malec :iconkacotheunicorn:Kacotheunicorn 3 0 Isabelle Lightwood-sketch by Frantwerp Isabelle Lightwood-sketch :iconfrantwerp:Frantwerp 3 0 The Key to Our Survival by 2obssessedwithfandom The Key to Our Survival :icon2obssessedwithfandom:2obssessedwithfandom 2 1 Clace by sweedishsheep Clace :iconsweedishsheep:sweedishsheep 2 2 The mortal intruments: Alec Lightwood by Tomboy14 The mortal intruments: Alec Lightwood :icontomboy14:Tomboy14 2 0 Any and Vincent - The Mavericks by MsCassyK Any and Vincent - The Mavericks :iconmscassyk:MsCassyK 2 0 Lily Collins. by TessieChester Lily Collins. :icontessiechester:TessieChester 2 1 Simon Lewis by martiitamalfoy Simon Lewis :iconmartiitamalfoy:martiitamalfoy 0 0 the Mortal Instruments by GinevraTurner the Mortal Instruments :iconginevraturner:GinevraTurner 16 13 Isabelle by Eyedowno Isabelle :iconeyedowno:Eyedowno 6 0 Love and Destroy by sugarlandfan554 Love and Destroy :iconsugarlandfan554:sugarlandfan554 0 0 Zayn And Pjenina by BellAnska Zayn And Pjenina :iconbellanska:BellAnska 1 2 Magnus Thoughtful by WawaLovesDjFortify Magnus Thoughtful :iconwawalovesdjfortify:WawaLovesDjFortify 0 0
TMI After Max
Alec sighed staring down at his hands thinking, 'why couldn't have I been faster? How could I have let this happen?' a lone tear rolled down his face before he wiped it away roughly.
He was sitting in Max's old bedroom looking around at the books and clothes no one had the heart to put away. He could almost here his little brother laugh and see the ghost of his bright smile.
They had all gone about grieving in different ways Jace was quieter more withdrawn only expressing himself when they trained adding several more bruises to Alec's vast collection.
Isabelle pretended that everything was normal during the day but at night Alec could hear his sister's sobs.
It tore the eldest lightwood apart watching his younger siblings fall apart because of his failure.
His parents on the other hand, Alec wasn't sure that his parents noticed their other kids much unless they were confronted with death itself. They acted like Max hadn't existed and Alec wasn't blaming himself for something he couldn'
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Shadowhunters by Magickal-Phay Shadowhunters :iconmagickal-phay:Magickal-Phay 2 3 Tessa and Will-clockwork angel by Ifirifis0 Tessa and Will-clockwork angel :iconifirifis0:Ifirifis0 80 19 Jace wayland/lightwood/herondale/morgenstern by roxasluver1 Jace wayland/lightwood/herondale/morgenstern :iconroxasluver1:roxasluver1 1 0 Isabelle Lightwood by xCuteFanGirlx Isabelle Lightwood :iconxcutefangirlx:xCuteFanGirlx 1 0 Clarissa Morgarstern by Book-Stars Clarissa Morgarstern :iconbook-stars:Book-Stars 5 4
Blood's Poetry Journal Deux
La mort a disparu
La mort a épargné
pas un
l'exception qui a partagé
ses sentiments amers
tel ressentiment
il est allé
nos vies sont consacrées
ailes de purge
et à l'automne
et mourir
et de tuer
tout le sang répandu autour de cette
toutes les déclarations d'une seule face
un petit garçon
vous avez vu son regard
dont le miroir tête, vous ne pouvez pas effacer
Peering retour à vous de la lame d'un couteau ...

(Death has gone
Death has spared
not a one
except who shared
its bitter feelings
such resent
it is gone
our lives are spent
wings bleed
and fall
and die
and kill
all the blood around that spilled
all returns to just one face
a little boy
you've seen his gaze
whose mirrored head you can't erase
Peering back at you from the blade of a knife...)
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Lily Collins. by TessieChester Lily Collins. :icontessiechester:TessieChester 1 0 Lily Collins. by TessieChester Lily Collins. :icontessiechester:TessieChester 0 0 TMI in a Nutshell by fowlfan TMI in a Nutshell :iconfowlfan:fowlfan 40 20