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just looking at maps... by burdge just looking at maps... :iconburdge:burdge 5,566 733 Partners by burdge Partners :iconburdge:burdge 6,104 438 Ooshy gooshy Laby sketch by janey-jane Ooshy gooshy Laby sketch :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 1,354 163 The Encounter by janey-jane The Encounter :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 1,125 239 Sinbad - Magi the Labyrinth of Magic by Midgard1612 Sinbad - Magi the Labyrinth of Magic :iconmidgard1612:Midgard1612 442 40
Admiration And Jealousy || Sharrkan x Reader [RQ]
„I'm counting on you, [Name]!“, Sinbad said and patted your shoulder with his large hand. You looked up to your king and smiled widely. “Don't worry, Sinbad. I'll do my best.”
Grinning at your answer, he pulled you with his long, toned arms into a bear hug and squeezed you tightly. He was about to say something but a fuming Jafar could be heard from afar [1], who was calling out for Sinbad constantly
Your king let go of you quickly, patted your head one last time before he said his goodbyes and left to
either: run away from the former assassin
or: face him and get the paperwork done.
Probably the first.
Sighing you gave a smile into the direction the older male had just disappeared and decided that you should start with your magic tomorrow. Cupping your mouth from each side with your hands, you yelled as loudly as you could for your workers.
“Alright guys! Tomorrow will be a great banquet and festival and our king trusts us with the whole catering!”,
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Calypso by AireensColor Calypso :iconaireenscolor:AireensColor 632 41 Wishfulshipping again xD by KurumiErika Wishfulshipping again xD :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 309 54 Morgiana by FransuazaStein Morgiana :iconfransuazastein:FransuazaStein 215 19 MAGI ~ by Fiveonthe MAGI ~ :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 1,284 176 Judal render by theWhiteDEVIL66 Judal render :iconthewhitedevil66:theWhiteDEVIL66 417 11 Morgiana [+Speedpaint] by yuuike Morgiana [+Speedpaint] :iconyuuike:yuuike 468 71
Hit Me. - Ren Kouha x Reader
Your eyes gently opened to the sound of loud yet muffled voices in the distance. You grumble, and sit up in the soft bed, rubbing your sleepy eyes. Who would be making noise in the middle of the night? You slide off the bed and march down the hall, your silk [f/c] gown slowly drooping behind.
You follow the sound, and the louder it got, the more you could understand. As you continued your journey, you began to hear words, such as "Hit me, please!","Me,too!", and "Kouha-sama!"
"If that's who I think it is.." you muttered under your breath.
Angry because you were awoken from your deep slumber, you slam the door open. Just as you had expected, it was your fiancé, Kou Empire's third prince, and his lovely servants Junjun, Jinjin, and Reirei.
"Kouha!" You managed to shout.
The pink haired male turned around, his previous smile now turning into a huge grin, his eyes now sparkling. "[Name]! You're awake!"
"Kouha, what did I tell you about hitting them? Don't you have any sympathy?"
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Magi by Risa1 Magi :iconrisa1:Risa1 2,231 129 MAGI by OXMiruku MAGI :iconoxmiruku:OXMiruku 699 43 Leo and Reyna by Jackie-lyn Leo and Reyna :iconjackie-lyn:Jackie-lyn 530 347
Drunken Idiots || Sinbad x Reader x Kouen [RQ]
// Drunk!Sinbad x Bartender!Reader x Drunk!Kouen | AU & RQ//
                                 Drunken Idiots
It was every weekend the same story with Sinbad and Kouen.
These two would always come over to the bar you were working at, getting drunk while nearly ripping each others head off and crash over in your house.
You secretly hoped that they weren't going to come over today.
It's not like you hated these men, no, –  you enjoyed their presence very much to be honest – just repeating this every single week was really tiring.
You see, you had met them in high school even back then they were rivals. You had heard from Kouen's younger brother Koumei that they always had been this way since they were in diapers. At least that was what he told you.
And the fact that they were now bosses from rivalling companies wasn't helping either, it even gave them a reason more to fight and ins
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Thaila Grace is a BAMF by Jackie-lyn Thaila Grace is a BAMF :iconjackie-lyn:Jackie-lyn 287 75 Magi-Don't Reply ! by Erumi-n Magi-Don't Reply ! :iconerumi-n:Erumi-n 351 50 MAGI: Rukh Photoshop Brushes by MiyukiKurame MAGI: Rukh Photoshop Brushes :iconmiyukikurame:MiyukiKurame 378 250
Jareth x Reader: Treasure Me Pt 2
Jareth continued observing (y/n) for two weeks, wanting to learn all he could about her. She shared some qualities with Sarah--which were kindness and affection for others--but the ones that were all her own appealed to the king the most. Instead of being flighty, naïve and immature, (y/n) was a dedicated college student and hard worker. From what he could deduce, she was studying English and had a job on campus as a part time tutor for the subject. She wanted a career as a book editor, which fit her perfectly. She was nearly done with her degree; her last year of school just started, and (y/n) couldn't be more excited.
How (y/n) made time for everything baffled Jareth. She had classes in the mornings and very other day she worked in the writing lab. When not on campus she did her homework or went out with friends. Sometimes she simply wanted to be by herself. Depending on her mood, (y/n) would walk around one of the city parks, go to the library or a book store or window sho
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UT: As the World Falls Down by hopelessromantic721 UT: As the World Falls Down :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 703 180