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The Evil Within - Septiplier by Konoira The Evil Within - Septiplier :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,018 117 The Evil Within by Ninjatic The Evil Within :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 2,706 44 Ruvik - The Evil Within cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay Ruvik - The Evil Within cosplay :iconluckystrikecosplay:LuckyStrikeCosplay 249 13 The Evil Within - CHARGE! by MimmuArt The Evil Within - CHARGE! :iconmimmuart:MimmuArt 320 51 the evil within - sketch by GinkgoLouve the evil within - sketch :iconginkgolouve:GinkgoLouve 558 80 *poke* by Galaxianin *poke* :icongalaxianin:Galaxianin 356 17 Burning Tears by Neytirix Burning Tears :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,328 92 [TheEvilWithin]animals by Wavesheep [TheEvilWithin]animals :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 307 6
Panting, you ran into what was supposed to be your safe room, only to panic. Up ahead ruvik was sitting in the weird metal chair that you've used up until now to upgrade. He see's your fear ridden eyes and smirks, then he slowly stands up and walks over to you, only to stop when a bullet rings through the room.
"Thats enough! Im sick of these games! Tell me how to get out or i'll!!.." You couldn't finish the sentence because of how weak it sounded. After all what could you do? Glancing at ruvik you began to grind your teeth because of the way he was looking at you, like you were a new toy or the last piece of candy at a candy shop.
"Ruvik, im serious tell me how to get out or else-"
"I like it when you call my name." Taken by surprise you nearly drop your gun, your eyes widen and your heart skips a beat.
"W-what are you.?" You tried talking but your words were ultimately failing you, your mind drawing a blank and your heart shuddering blissfuly.
"I like watching you think, i like watch
:icondxwxb:dXwXb 252 112
Sebastian Castellanos by White-corner Sebastian Castellanos :iconwhite-corner:White-corner 362 6 [TheEvilWithin]alcoholism by Wavesheep [TheEvilWithin]alcoholism :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 307 6 TheKeeper_and_PyramidHead by ChanmanNo-7 TheKeeper_and_PyramidHead :iconchanmanno-7:ChanmanNo-7 502 40 Juli Kidman - The Evil Within cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay Juli Kidman - The Evil Within cosplay :iconluckystrikecosplay:LuckyStrikeCosplay 460 30 sketch by otoimai sketch :iconotoimai:otoimai 238 7 Untitled by etc983 Untitled :iconetc983:etc983 366 17 The evil within_WIP by ChanmanNo-7 The evil within_WIP :iconchanmanno-7:ChanmanNo-7 485 25 i miss Joseph oda by Brilcrist i miss Joseph oda :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 650 22 The Evil Within. {Sebastian x Joseph} by ODINKUNG The Evil Within. {Sebastian x Joseph} :iconodinkung:ODINKUNG 349 25 Leslie Withers by SANRODE Leslie Withers :iconsanrode:SANRODE 275 23 R21 by Don-Lemefo R21 :icondon-lemefo:Don-Lemefo 398 22
Leslie Withers x Reader You Are Never All Alone
Song that inspired me to do this:
"Augh when is this god forsaken lecture going to end?" you groan under your breath as your professor goes on and on about the human brain. A sigh escapes from your lips as you lazily pucker your lips and balance a pencil/pen on top of your puckered lips."The capacity to "read" another person's emotional status, predict what they will do next or recognize what they think that you are thinking represent among the most important talents of the human brain. In a society where human interaction often determines success such abilities are highly valued. How does the human brain recognize the facial emotions of others or the sarcasm of a voice? It turns out that the neural systems responsible for recognizing facial and aural emotional content relies on the right cerebral hemisphere to a greater extent than the left where grammar and semantic meaning of words are stored." Clearly not paying an
:iconsallade:Sallade 382 102
Juli Kidman 2 - The Evil Within cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay Juli Kidman 2 - The Evil Within cosplay :iconluckystrikecosplay:LuckyStrikeCosplay 553 26 The Evil Within - Summon the Beast by MimmuArt The Evil Within - Summon the Beast :iconmimmuart:MimmuArt 253 25 ouch by Don-Lemefo ouch :icondon-lemefo:Don-Lemefo 678 16