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Red Kirby Victory Dance by the-bird-is-the-word Red Kirby Victory Dance :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 47 18 STAR SPARROW by morbidpumpkin STAR SPARROW :iconmorbidpumpkin:morbidpumpkin 34 4 STFMM b-b-b-bird by Reitanna-Seishin STFMM b-b-b-bird :iconreitanna-seishin:Reitanna-Seishin 65 9 Have you heard the WORD? by mightyfilm Have you heard the WORD? :iconmightyfilm:mightyfilm 99 12 The Bird Is The Word by Tropic-Mews The Bird Is The Word :icontropic-mews:Tropic-Mews 81 96 The bird is the word by cesarsampedro The bird is the word :iconcesarsampedro:cesarsampedro 24 5 Chao Strut by the-bird-is-the-word Chao Strut :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 10 4 [T] I can see you by Bela-designs [T] I can see you :iconbela-designs:Bela-designs 17 2 Naruto Kyuubi Rasengan by the-bird-is-the-word Naruto Kyuubi Rasengan :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 4 3 It's The Word by Hanishi It's The Word :iconhanishi:Hanishi 5 2 R: Kirby :.Umspeon.: by SweetKirby R: Kirby :.Umspeon.: :iconsweetkirby:SweetKirby 23 20 Super Smash Bros. Roshambo by the-bird-is-the-word Super Smash Bros. Roshambo :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 5 9 Spectral Vision 2.0 by the-bird-is-the-word Spectral Vision 2.0 :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 4 35 Domo-Kun by the-bird-is-the-word Domo-Kun :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 3 3
Grey's Bridge Chapter Six
The first thing Lyra said was “Wow.”Not because she felt amazed, excited, or in any other way “wowed.” It was more of a sarcastic “wow.”
The hall they had stepped into was plain in an almost deathly boring sense. It had a cheaply tiled floor, an even more cheaply tiled ceiling, and plain walls that were a creamy beige-white color. Not quite white, but not an audible beige. It was somewhere in between the two.
Along the hall were a series of doors, in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It looked a little like something out of Alice in Wonderland.
Lyra felt like she had been ripped off. Jumping off a bridge, she reasoned, was much cooler than falling down a rabbit hole, and her more dramatic entrance should have scored extra points.
Fire breathing dragons, flying horses… anything more interesting than this drab little hallway.
“Wow,” said Lyra again.
Stormi snorted. “You don’t sound too enthused.”
“What did you expect
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Grey's Bridge Chapter Four
About halfway down, Lyra realized that jumping off a bridge was not the brightest idea in the world. Her arms flailed out and tried to catch something, but it is hard to catch something when you’re falling off a thirty-foot bridge into an area that was pretty much clear of trees.
No, that wasn’t true. There were trees. But only their outer limbs reached her. The branches scratched her as she tumbled downward. But none were strong enough to support a thirteen-year-old girl.
Lyra figured the normal reaction at this point would be to be scared. But she was too shocked to be scared. So as she tumbled downward, her only thought concerning the fall was Well, this sucks.
Then she shut her eyes, and the fall stopped.
Stopped? No, that wasn’t possible. Probably, she just couldn’t feel the fall, since she couldn’t see it.
Probably, but she had to know for sure. She opened her eyes.
Then she reached up and tugged on her eyelid, just to make sure they were open. Around her
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The Bird is the Word by TravisLadouceur The Bird is the Word :icontravisladouceur:TravisLadouceur 3 3 Eevee by the-bird-is-the-word Eevee :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 3 1 Spectral Vision by the-bird-is-the-word Spectral Vision :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 3 0
Grey's Bridge Chapter Three
The room was dark. From the tiny sliver of light that peeked from under the door, you could just barely make out the shape of the room. Not like there was much to make out. It was small, and square, and plain.
But there was one more shape. A girl. She sat cross-legged on the floor, eyes closed, concentrating. She spoke aloud to herself, voice echoing softly through the thick, black silence.
“It’s possible. I’m sure it’s possible. The only problem is whether I can do it. But I’m sure it’s possible. You read about stuff like this all the time. Although, it’s mostly fiction…”
Her voice trailed off. This wasn’t working. She shut her eyes tighter, and searched her mind for the feeling of certainty that she needed. Merely thinking it would work wasn’t enough. She needed to know, and without any proof. It was a concept she was still getting the hang of. It didn’t get any easier.
The midnight visits never worked. Lyra was just too twi
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Nazi Cat-Squirrel-Chipmunk by the-bird-is-the-word Nazi Cat-Squirrel-Chipmunk :iconthe-bird-is-the-word:the-bird-is-the-word 2 0
Grey's Bridge Chapter Nine
Lyra was exhausted by the time they finished the tracking exercises. They could see Damon now, and exactly where he was. He was apparently in Seth Fenn’s house, up in the real world.
“We’re too late,” Stormi had moaned when they saw him. “We’re doomed. He’s already there… who knows what he’s said to Seth? We are dead.” Jaina had shaken her head.
“No, we’re not,” she told her daughter. “We’ve got a secret weapon that he doesn’t know. We’ve got Lyra. And I’m sure that since she got a mix of your and my powers, she could change a lot of things for us. She could shape-shift, I’m sure.” They had told Lyra how, and a few moments later, she was shifting. She could turn into the crow, an exact replica of both Stormi and Jaina. In fact, she could turn into the replica of any living thing she had seen. She could turn into her parents, her younger brother, her best friend, Seth… little boys sh
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The Bird is the word by Foxdraft The Bird is the word :iconfoxdraft:Foxdraft 2 8 Another Victim of Surfin Bird by Mrgametv1994 Another Victim of Surfin Bird :iconmrgametv1994:Mrgametv1994 2 0