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Tetrapod by Eemeling Tetrapod :iconeemeling:Eemeling 534 44 Speculative Intelligent Mammaloid by Viergacht Speculative Intelligent Mammaloid :iconviergacht:Viergacht 475 65 Tetrapod by NicoDauk Tetrapod :iconnicodauk:NicoDauk 237 36 Devonian lungfish by WeirdBugLady Devonian lungfish :iconweirdbuglady:WeirdBugLady 371 32 The Narthex by Akeiron The Narthex :iconakeiron:Akeiron 126 1 Climbing mosasaur by Hyrotrioskjan Climbing mosasaur :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 283 77 Hongyu chowi by Gogosardina Hongyu chowi :icongogosardina:Gogosardina 203 9 Tungsenia = tetrapodomorph v 1.0 by Gogosardina Tungsenia = tetrapodomorph v 1.0 :icongogosardina:Gogosardina 136 22 Ichthyostega floating color by dustdevil Ichthyostega floating color :icondustdevil:dustdevil 170 17 Fishy Thing by Eurwentala Fishy Thing :iconeurwentala:Eurwentala 261 11 Livyatan melvillei by theropod1 Livyatan melvillei :icontheropod1:theropod1 36 33 PhyloPic T-shirt: Human Evolution by keesey PhyloPic T-shirt: Human Evolution :iconkeesey:keesey 51 10
Creature Generator
Roll real or virtual dice in this order. (D6, for instance, means a 6-sided die.) Your roll determines a characteristic of your creature. Don’t be afraid to combine or interpret rolls originally.
1: Roll a D8 for Body.
2: Roll a D4 for Neck.
3: Roll a D6 for Tail.
4: Roll a D6 for Skull.
5: Roll a D4 to determine how many Skull Features.
6: Roll a D6 for Skull Features as many times as the roll in step 5.
7: Roll a D4 for Forelimbs.
8: Roll a D6 for Hands.
9: Roll a D4 for Legs.
10: Roll a D4 for feet.
The skeleton of your creature is now complete. Draw it if you like, or use it to sketch a framework for your creature’s flesh. Don’t be afraid to modify the skeleton to accommodate the flesh features.
11: Roll a D6 to determine how many Head Features.
12: Roll a D8 for Head Features as many times as the roll in step 11.
13: Roll a D4 to determine how many Body Features.
14: Roll a D8 for Body Features as many times as the roll in step 13.
15: Roll a D6 for
:iconorionide5:Orionide5 45 18
Bulgaria during latest Cretaceous - part 2 by T-PEKC Bulgaria during latest Cretaceous - part 2 :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 62 15 Predatory Cursoray by thomastapir Predatory Cursoray :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 124 72 Dragons: Ribs to Wings Evolution Speculation by horse14t Dragons: Ribs to Wings Evolution Speculation :iconhorse14t:horse14t 39 70 Panderichthys 1 by WeirdBugLady Panderichthys 1 :iconweirdbuglady:WeirdBugLady 86 16 Diplondyl by petheadclipon Diplondyl :iconpetheadclipon:petheadclipon 128 15 Seymouria Fossil Amphibian by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Seymouria Fossil Amphibian :iconrhabwar-troll-stock:Rhabwar-Troll-stock 24 6 Inktober 2017 #4: Yutyrannus huali by AcroSauroTaurus Inktober 2017 #4: Yutyrannus huali :iconacrosaurotaurus:AcroSauroTaurus 81 4 Ichthyostega floating by dustdevil Ichthyostega floating :icondustdevil:dustdevil 95 17 Stegosaurus stenops by XStreamChaosOfficial Stegosaurus stenops :iconxstreamchaosofficial:XStreamChaosOfficial 91 19 Wendiceratops pinhornensis by AcroSauroTaurus Wendiceratops pinhornensis :iconacrosaurotaurus:AcroSauroTaurus 70 6 Gogonasus by Gogosardina Gogonasus :icongogosardina:Gogosardina 101 4