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Black Library: Armageddon by ukitakumuki Black Library: Armageddon :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 2,898 114 Black Library: Blood And Fire by ukitakumuki Black Library: Blood And Fire :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,980 42 Talismans of the Knights Templar by dashinvaine Talismans of the Knights Templar :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 196 21 Ultimate Spell by JPShieux Ultimate Spell :iconjpshieux:JPShieux 1,332 131 Knights Templar by pulyx Knights Templar :iconpulyx:pulyx 994 222 Desmond Miles: Master Assassin by JophielS Desmond Miles: Master Assassin :iconjophiels:JophielS 814 103 Dragon Age: Origins Meme by vampirisa Dragon Age: Origins Meme :iconvampirisa:vampirisa 1,287 579 An Unending Crusade by Luches An Unending Crusade :iconluches:Luches 1,459 149 DnD Map: The Templar Hill Fort by Stormcrow135 DnD Map: The Templar Hill Fort :iconstormcrow135:Stormcrow135 246 11 Enter Sunset by TwilightSaint Enter Sunset :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 522 112 Yusuf Tazim (de la-la-la Istanbul) by ramida-r Yusuf Tazim (de la-la-la Istanbul) :iconramida-r:ramida-r 1,148 46 Siege of Acre 1291. Version 3 by Lacedemon Siege of Acre 1291. Version 3 :iconlacedemon:Lacedemon 1,073 78 dark templars by chevsy dark templars :iconchevsy:chevsy 917 30 Even in Death, I still Serve by MarcWasHere Even in Death, I still Serve :iconmarcwashere:MarcWasHere 2,181 212
Altair: Madness of the Beast
Kerak, 1187 CE
He had fought like a beast. And so they had chained him like one.
The darkness was so absolute it seemed solid, hard enough to touch. Nothing penetrated its veil: no daylight for there were no windows to allow any, nor was there any torchlight for the door to the cell was solid wood, covered in rusted steel plates on both sides. The cell was made of large stone blocks, roughly squared but well fitted together with mortar. It was small in size, six feet from the back wall to the door and across from wall to wall: a square shape. A stone box. A strong cage. For an Eagle.
The prisoner shifted, chains clinking. The sound of metal moving was loud in the darkness. As grating as the regular heartbeat reverberating in the room. How could no one hear it outside? Since he’d been thrown here two weeks – had it been that long? He’d lost track of time down here in this dank damp slime covered box of a room – ago he had hardly seen anyone, least of all the man who&
:iconaltair-creed:altair-creed 98 199
templars under the bed by kyuubifred templars under the bed :iconkyuubifred:kyuubifred 1,361 239
FenrisxMage!Reader: Middle Ground Has It Worst
Middle Ground Has It Worst
A FenrisxMage!Reader Flash Fiction
Rating: PG

The streets of Hightown seemed a welcome change of pace from the dark corners of Kirkwall’s undercity. Perhaps it wasn’t the best place for an apostate, a mage outside the Circle of Magi, such as yourself to be. But, you were smart enough to keep yourself out of sight and out of mind when you weren’t helping your friend Hawke and their merry band of misfits, so she had dubbed them. Hawke was an apostate like you, but she had managed to acquire a vast sum of wealth to keep the Templars at a distance.
You didn’t have such wealth or a position of power, so you mostly remained hidden. But, you had been offered protection by various people should the mage-hunting Templars take notice of your presence. You were probably the most discreet of her companions, especially for being a mage. You didn’t wear unusual robes, just a white tunic, and a skirt and hooded cloak of your favorite c
:iconlittleblackdragon:LittleBlackDragon 66 6
Assassin's Creed - The Future by LeviWasTaken Assassin's Creed - The Future :iconleviwastaken:LeviWasTaken 718 119 Baldwin's prayer by Giacobino Baldwin's prayer :icongiacobino:Giacobino 554 30 Superheavies by VangarShriek Superheavies :iconvangarshriek:VangarShriek 267 76 GaMERCaT - AC2 by celesse GaMERCaT - AC2 :iconcelesse:celesse 3,327 110 C and H: Hawke uses flirt by Ddriana C and H: Hawke uses flirt :iconddriana:Ddriana 766 214 Emperor's Champion by Hokunin Emperor's Champion :iconhokunin:Hokunin 805 49 Battle of Montgisard by Giacobino Battle of Montgisard :icongiacobino:Giacobino 539 31 Crusader col by dashinvaine Crusader col :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 238 16 King Richard the Lionheart by BobKehl King Richard the Lionheart :iconbobkehl:BobKehl 232 18 commission: Date a Vampire .com - Manga cover vol1 by MathiaArkoniel commission: Date a Vampire .com - Manga cover vol1 :iconmathiaarkoniel:MathiaArkoniel 373 43 Let Him Go by MikuLance382 Let Him Go :iconmikulance382:MikuLance382 1,203 429 Space Marine Veteran by PaleLonginus Space Marine Veteran :iconpalelonginus:PaleLonginus 311 27 Ratohnhake ton by JophielS Ratohnhake ton :iconjophiels:JophielS 837 26 AC: Altair by vtas AC: Altair :iconvtas:vtas 4,188 270 Knights Halls by gilad Knights Halls :icongilad:gilad 2,074 158 Guardian of the Way by dashinvaine Guardian of the Way :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 261 28 Waldorf and Tyrannus smashin' dem traitors by Inkary Waldorf and Tyrannus smashin' dem traitors :iconinkary:Inkary 311 25 How It Was by IzoldeDeith How It Was :iconizoldedeith:IzoldeDeith 771 99 Templar on Rearing Horse digi by dashinvaine Templar on Rearing Horse digi :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 360 15 Pulp Adventure by JonHodgson Pulp Adventure :iconjonhodgson:JonHodgson 607 38 Templars by VelaSama14 Templars :iconvelasama14:VelaSama14 339 40 the knights of aberon by kyuubifred the knights of aberon :iconkyuubifred:kyuubifred 198 50 Ezio Speedpaint fail by Veelocity Ezio Speedpaint fail :iconveelocity:Veelocity 828 69 Teutonic Hell by UnderneathEverything Teutonic Hell :iconunderneatheverything:UnderneathEverything 285 89 Assassin's Creed: Enslaved Again by DarthDestruktor Assassin's Creed: Enslaved Again :icondarthdestruktor:DarthDestruktor 167 67 Black Knights by ShwigityShwonShwei Black Knights :iconshwigityshwonshwei:ShwigityShwonShwei 679 84 The Historian by CaptainImaginary The Historian :iconcaptainimaginary:CaptainImaginary 624 65 Friday the 13th, October 1307 by tegehel Friday the 13th, October 1307 :icontegehel:tegehel 724 83 Movie Night by MikuLance382 Movie Night :iconmikulance382:MikuLance382 882 261 Emperor's Champion by VladTepesIII Emperor's Champion :iconvladtepesiii:VladTepesIII 300 15