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Tease: Short Skirts [Tsukishima Kei]
“Tsukki, why don’t you help [Name]-chan out?”
Said blonde male gave his freckled companion a blank look, his eyes flicking back and forth between him and said female. The pair watched as she tried to reach for a library book on one of the top shelves, her arms outstretched far above her head in a vain attempt to snatch the piece of literature she needed. She was cursing quietly to herself, her fingertips barely brushing up against the book’s cover. After a while, she decided to try hopping in place in another attempt to retrieve the book. It was obvious to the two of them that she would never reach it like that.
“I don’t think she needs it,” Tsukishima finally answered, his smug smirk making its way to his face. “She’ll figure out what to do eventually.”
“So mean, Tsukki,” Yamaguchi reprimanded, though his voice also held a touch of amusement. “But if she doesn’t get that book soon, we can’t start
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Tease: Bend and Snap [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Kuroo clicked his tongue, eyes following the volleyball as it ricocheted off the polished floor before flying out the gym door. He glanced over at his teammates, watching as the rest of them also watched the ball escape from them, their eyes locking in on its position, but their feet staying glued to the floor. A complete thirty seconds passed without anyone volunteering to run after the ball. Sighing to himself, he took the first step towards the exit, telling his team that he would retrieve the runaway sport equipment while they continued practicing. Making his way out the door, his eyes scanned the surrounding area in search for the volleyball. Upon spotting it resting in the grass, an amused smirk made its way onto his face as he noticed a familiar figure walking nearby.
"Oi, [Name]-chan, mind getting that for me?"
Stopping in her tracks, said girl turned to face the guy who had called out to her. Her eyes landed on the captain with permanent bedhead and she had to suppress a smile
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Tease: Kissing Booboos [Sugawara Koushi]
The gym was uncharacteristically silent, all eyes of the people present focused on a certain silver haired setter. Sugawara was biting the inside of his cheek, trying hard not to cuss or cry as he ignored the stares directed at him. Instead, he focused on his leg and the dull ache that was starting to sear his senses more and more as the seconds passed by. He had been practicing with his teammates on the court when Tanaka—who was on the opposite side of the net—decided to try for a spike. Something had gone awry and the volleyball flew in the wrong direction, hitting Sugawara with full force just above his knee. A few inches higher and Sugawara would've been keeled over in excruciating pain.
"Suga-san!" Tanaka was in a panic, apologizing frantically. "I'm so sorry!"
Brushing off the apology with a weak smile, Sugawara reassured his teammate that he was fine before limping his way towards the side bleachers. His leg hurt too much for him to continue practicing. Collapsing on
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Tease: Flexibility [Sawamura Daichi]
Letting out a shuddering breath, Sawamura tried his best to keep his attention on his gym teacher’s instructions. The booming of his voice echoed throughout the class gym as the older male instructed the ensemble of teenagers through their final stretches. Sawamura could feel the muscles in his right leg protest in slight pain at the exercises, the tissue fatigued from the strenuous activity that had occurred during class that day. He let out a barely audible grunt as he went into a lunge position, stretching out the muscles in his left leg now.
“What’s the matter Daichi?” His classmate, [Name], fixed him with her usual smirk as she mimicked his movements, her own legs spreading farther than his did. “Don’t tell me you can’t handle a few simple stretches.”
Sawamura felt his eye twitch in annoyance at her teasing tone, wanting nothing more than to retort at her with his own spiteful words. His train of thought was knocked off its railings
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Tease: Car Wash [Tanaka Ryuunosuke]
“Tanaka-kun, yo, what’re you doing?”
Tanaka watched as his neighbor, [Name], bounded up his home’s driveway, waving her arm in a sporadic greeting. He squished the sopping wet sponge that lay in his grasp, causing it to leak soapy water as he showed it to her.
“I lost a bet. Now I have to wash my sister’s car.”
Tanaka jutted his lower lip in an annoyed pout, going back to dunking the sponge in clean soapy water before running it over the sleek metal frame of the vehicle that sat in the driveway. [Name] watched him with her own pout settled on her features. She had wanted to hang out with the second year today, hoping that the two of them could spend their weekend partying it up. After a complete moment of watching Tanaka do an awful job at scrubbing the dried on bird crap off his sister’s car, [Name] skipped over to the bucket full of soapy water. Her small hands latched onto a second sponge that sat nearby before dunking it into the solu
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Such A Tease-Jeff X Reader *Part 2*
Such A Tease-Part 2
Jeff X Reader
WARNING- This fanfic contains sensual content. Don’t like? Then don’t read or comment.
You skipped your merry butt along the forest trail, humming a tune to yourself as the beautiful scenery passed by. Some time had passed since the bathroom thing, and you laid back on your teasing to give Jeff his space. He seemed very distant and tense, even socking poor Eyeless Jack the other day just for spilling coffee on his side of the couch.
 Mundane things were setting him off and he staid quiet by himself, not even messing around with Ben like usual. This of course worried you. If he was acting out because of you, then you really wanted to apologize for your behavior. You didn’t mean anything by it, just wanted to express your growing attraction to the handsome killer.
 It wouldn’t matter much anyways in a few days. To your complete and utter horror, Slendy announced Jane the Killer’s arrival due next week, and everyone knew how
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Tease: Hair Ties [Azumane Asahi]
Asahi frowned, the feeling of his hair brushing up against his chin finally starting to bother him. He brushed the long strands out if his face, tucking several pieces behind his ear in a vain attempt to get it out of his way. When the strands promptly fell back into place, blocking Asahi's view, he could only sigh in defeat. Ever since his hair tie had decided to snap, the tall third year had been messing with his brown locks, trying to get them to stay put. With his hair out of its usual bun and in his face, he was having such a hard time doing anything.
"Asahi-kun, do you want one?"
Asahi turned his attention towards his classmate, [Name], noticing how she removed an elastic band from the many that encircled her wrist. She held it up so he could see it, her fingers twirling it around a bit. It was black, much like the ones he would often use, but it had a single strand of silver coiling around it, making the elastic band look rather sparkly. It was girly and Asahi would rather not h
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Tease (Norway x Reader) ((Request))
    She was such a tease. She always found a way to push his buttons at the worst moments. It was driving him insane. And today wasn't any better.
    "(y/n)! What are you doing?" Norway asked as you were walking up slowly to him. He was reading a boring old book in front of the fire. It was the perfect time to annoy him. It was your goal to crack that mask, that emotionless mask. So far you had gotten one emotion, can you guess? Hold that thought...
    "(y/n)! What are you doing?" you snapped out of your daze and rubbed the back of your head nervously.
    "I'm not doing anything! Why would you think that anything was going on, eh? Just walking here!" You babbled awkwardly, hopping he wouldn't notice. He shrugged and went back to his book.
    You sighed, happy he had bought your lame cover. You had a specific goal today, the most dangerous of all. One that had never been accomplished. It was more mysterious that the Loch Ness Monster
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Tease: Popsicle [Nishinoya Yuu]
A quiet slurping sound elicited from a young, female teenagers mouth, her tongue darting out to lap at the liquid that threatened to drip onto her delicate hands. Her lips, which had gone numb due to the constant sucking, wrapped themselves around her treat before receding with a pop. She hummed a bit in bliss, the sound reverberating in her throat as she smiled up at her companion.
“Thank you for buying me a popsicle,” [Name] chirped happily, her tongue once again running along the length of her frozen treat. It was melting rather quickly under the heat of the summer sun.
Her companion, Karasuno’s very own Guardian Deity, merely nodded at her thanks, his eyes wide open as he watched [Name] happily slurp away at her dripping treat. His own popsicle, which he had started to ignore upon seeing her actions, was held halfway in his mouth, his teeth hanging onto it for dear life as they barely bit through the frozen treat. His mind was far too distracted, the noises [Name]
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MegaTEASE by theCHAMBA MegaTEASE :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 1,159 109
Tease: Pajamas [Hinata Shouyou]
“Thank you again for allowing me to sleep over while my parents are away on business, Hinata-san.”
[Name] bowed deeply to the older female of the house, receiving a kind smile and a pat on the head in return. The older woman bid the two teenagers in the living room a good night, instructing them both to change into their nightwear soon so they could go to bed and rest up for the next day. Receiving reluctant nods and muffled groans, the older woman turned on her heel and ushered her youngest child towards her own room so that she may be put to bed.
“[Name]-chan, let’s watch a movie together,” Hinata piped up once his mother was out of ear shot. He gave his female companion a grin, remote control in his grasp as he pointedly looked at the television.
“Okay, let me change into my pajamas first,” [Name] answered enthusiastically, practically skipping her way to the guest room she would be sleeping in.
Turning his attention towards the television,
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Such a Tease by ForsakenIdeal Such a Tease :iconforsakenideal:ForsakenIdeal 463 38
Levi X Tall!Male!Reader ~ Shopping ~ Modern AU
You hummed to yourself as you inspected the bag of cookies, looking over ingredients and expiry dates. You could feel the glaring eyes of your vertically challenged boyfriend burning a hole in the side of your head, and you shot him a smile where he was stood irritably behind the trolley, arms crossed as he watched you impatiently. You’d begged him to allow you to come with him on his weekly shop, and you’d already added twice the number of items to the pile as he usually got before you were both halfway round. But he couldn’t bring himself to say no to you.
“_____...” Your beloved grumbled, glancing at his watch with a sigh as you set the bag of cookies down and picked up another. “Please remember I have work this afternoon, so I’d like to finish up here quickly.” You smirked as you made your way back to him, leaning down to press your lips gently against his chapped ones before adding a bag of [fave/type] cookies to the trolley.
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