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Other Side Of The Grass (AU)
((AU where Noah was found MUCH MUCH MUCH later on in life. Just a quick story while I'm busy with RL shit but hopefully somebody enjoys this XD))
"Ugh, how much farther is it?"
Gamun Bi glanced to his side and eyed the person the complaint had come from. "We still have a ways to go. Bi Gak does not enjoy unwelcome guests stumbling upon the place we use." And for the most part, having a difficult path to the place they used for refuge was a small price to pay; the alternative was becoming used to walking into a random room full of blood and body parts.
"Why did he even call us here?" The younger Chachaoong groaned, putting his arms behind his head to stretch. Although the other ones with them were silent, Gamun Bi could tell they had similar concerns.
Suddenly, an energy tickled the edge of Gamun Bi's awareness, and he swung his arm out to halt the party.
"Huh?! What-?!"
He shook his head, eyes focused on the path. "Shh." Gamun Bi summoned his wea
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Bun Fam - TAL by forestchick501 Bun Fam - TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 3 2 Seo Jun Reference Sheet by forestchick501 Seo Jun Reference Sheet :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2
AfterMask: 33
((Remember ya'll, this might be a new story, but Kang Im's still the one who owns TAL and it's characters so please support the original webtoon! Thanks so much~!))
"And WHY are you dragging me around?"
Lotte's scowling was ruined by his blush, as Jin and Noah dragged him closer to Nabi, whom was waiting patiently at the bus stop. "WE are going to solve the Henry problem you have." Jin cheerfully replied.
"There IS no problem, he just bothers me LIKE YOU ARE DOING NOW-" Lotte began to snarl.
Noah waved his hand to cut Lotte off. "Now, now, we all know a first crush is difficult to deal with on your own. So Nu-Nabi-Nim, Jin, and I are going to be helping you bag yo man~" The Rabbit brightly giggled, though the way his ears were curved, he looked more devilish than anything.
"You all have lost your minds-" Lotte finally registered Nabi being there. "And Nuna why are you even agreeing to this?!"
Her eye were shiny with determination. "It needs to happen." She replied with a level o
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AfterMask: 38
((Remember ya'll, this might be a new story, but Kang Im's still the one who owns TAL and it's characters so please support the original webtoon! Thanks so much~!))
Gasun blinked himself awake, head foggy thanks to the drug he was being given anytime his captors decided to do so. His hands were still bound by the cuffs, and the chained was now barely seven links long. Logan was clinging to him, fast asleep, and didn't stir as Gasun sat up.

'...Beyond drugging me all the time, they're aren't really doing anything to me physically. Do they mean to break me mentally?'
 He moved his hands and gently moved a lock of Logan's hair away from his mouth. 'They've hurt my comrades, though, so I won't be finding myself with sympathy for them anytime soon.' The Joong thought to himself.
He glanced at the moss and vine-covered walls. 'That one with the waterbeast...Might be watching this place. Even if these cuffs had a key, there's seals. And ev
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AfterMask: 51
((Remember ya'll, this might be a new story, but Kang Im's still the one who owns TAL and it's characters so please support the original webtoon! Thanks so much~!))
"Well well well~" Ji-U smiled, standing about thirty yards away from Noah, Gip-Yun's tentacle wrapped around the once-TAL's throat. "I was thinking it'd be harder to separate you from the others, but here we are. Wandering away from the only protection you had."
Noah gagged, clawing at the binding on his neck.
"I can't believe you willingly walked off on them, you know?" Ji-U unwrapped a little roll in his hands, revealed to be a food of some kind he bit into. "Mm~ Gotta say, the Kings sure know how to pick a vacation spot." He strolled up to Noah and offered the roll, the faint scent of cooked ham and pineapple wafting into the other's face.
Gip-Yun's tentacle loosened, Noah choking and gasping for air. "-HHHH- The fuck- -HHHH- you want?!" He managed to snarl.
"Oh, who, me?" Ji-U gawked, grinning nonch
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Ji-U Reference by forestchick501 Ji-U Reference :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0
AfterMask: 31
((Remember ya'll, this might be a new story, but Kang Im's still the one who owns TAL and it's characters so please support the original webtoon! Thanks so much~!))
"Ah! There they are!"
Ho waved as Ara and Jenna came running up. "We ran as soon as we got the message! Is Rabbit Oppa okay?!" The Beu Ne gasped out as Mir and Haje leisurely walked up, having followed the girls.
"He's at home right now, actually. Cho wants to go and see him but I need another set of hands in here to help cook." Ho bleated out as Ara hugged him. "Jenna, can you and Haje greet customers and seat them? You don't have to do anything else, we haven't been that busy this week." The two Laons nodded and gave him thumbs up, heading to change into some uniforms.
Mir had his arms crossed. "We saw him running off already. Will this really be okay?"
"We're slow and maybe if they do well the old man can hire them." Ho shrugged. "They're too old to go to school like Jin."
The Rooster's stare was fixed on Ho. "...
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NoahRefSheet by forestchick501 NoahRefSheet :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0 Q and A for Tale of TAL (Part Two) by forestchick501 Q and A for Tale of TAL (Part Two) :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 1 Q and A for Tale of TAL by forestchick501 Q and A for Tale of TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 4 Drugan Noah Rabbit TAL by forestchick501 Drugan Noah Rabbit TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2
AfterMask: 10
((Remember ya'll, this might be a new story, but Kang Im's still the one who owns TAL and it's characters so please support the original webtoon! Thanks so much~!))
Surprisingly, Maru's 'Kitten' seemed to behave a lot like Usagi.
The Yongma, once calmed down, was well at home with the other beasts, as well as with its master and his mate. And it didn't mind anyone else, shown well by its tolerance of the girls decorating it with pet clothing off a few of their dolls. While there wasn't exactly any study to base facts off of, the fact that Maru had recovered overnight from the mysterious fever was proof enough that the Yongma had been the right choice, even if it had been nerve-wracking.
Currently Kitten was resting with Shade watching it closely, Usagi snuggling on an embarrassed but pleased Shadow.
Mir was polishing his Mask gently and slowly, Haje's head on his lap with Jenna asking a million and one questions about his stauts as a new TAL. Sae Ha and Mano were still looking o
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Tale of TAL: Ch 15
((Because why the fuck not. It's been established I don't own TAL, Kang Im does. WONT STOP ME AND MY SIS FROM KICKING SHIT UP. Warning: we DO spoil shit. Mostly what hasn't been translated yet from the Korean chapters, so there ARE spoilers if you haven't seen the non-translated pages.))
Silence had fallen in the wake of Noah's offering.
Sae Ha's pipe had fallen to the floor, both he and Mano staring at the Yongma user in shock. "...Ya kiddin', right? ...An injury that old..."
Ei Mae was watching Min Jun, who had a mixture of emotions on her face.
"I have to try, right?" Noah glanced at Gamun Be. "...I've gotten stronger...So isn't it worth a shot?"
Min Jun's outburst made everyone jump. "NOAH YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" She was shaking. "DID YOU FORGET HE HAS GLASS EYES YOU CAN'T GIVE HIM HIS SIGHT BACK."
"...Are you saying, out of everyone, you don't want me doing this?" Noah quietly asked.
Yu Jin was looking between them, holding Baek Jeong's hand tightly.
"Idiot!! I
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World Tour: 3
((Shoutouts go to xxdarkblue_magexx for her character Sarah as well as all of her help back in season two, AfterMask, and to MemeBun for her character Nabi and being proofreader for all the chapters~ Don't forget to show love to Kang Im by going to the Naver site and showing the TAL webtoon support!))
"Ho my god."
Jin's eyes were sparkling as he peered down at a city, from RyuGuheul's shoulders. HaNaRin was standing next to them, Ho supporting an ill-looking Henry as they stood behind the three. "America. Of all places to end up." The HalMi grouched miserably.
"Lang said he's been here before. Maybe if we can find somebody who knows him they'll help us out. I have his face, after all." Ho indicated his own. Henry groaned in an ill manner, the Dog moving to adjust him. "Plus we'll need to find somewhere to settle down soon. Living with that guy back then, we didn't move around that much so Henry's not used to it."
The Snake made a noise '-ULP-' and sagged against him.
The bright
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AfterMask: 50 (Q and A Answers)
((Logan, Ji-U, Noah, and Lotte are all mine, Nabi belongs to Memebun, and Sarah belongs to xxDarkblue-Magexx but everyone else in TAL is Kang Im's, so show support for the webtoon on Naver~!))
1. Jin, what're your thoughts on Johan? How do you feel about him?
The redheaded King stares at the cheerful human drinking tea with him. "...I don't know." He wearily sighs as Ryu comes in to offer more tea. 'To be honest? Yun and I know we look alike because, well, we ARE brothers. But who is THIS guy?'
2. Gasun, how's it going trying to keep Logan from knowing you're free?
The TAL makes a shushing motion. "Not as easily as I'd like. Mannerisms aside, the little one's suspicious of me now, and it's even more difficult bringing myself to share-" He shivers violently, "-Affections with Logan. He acts as if he has been starved of physical attention for centuries - And I know what that looks like."
3. How does it feel being a TAL now, Jenna?
"I like it!" She cheer
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Guess Who by forestchick501 Guess Who :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0
AfterMask Q and A - Answers
((Thanks for this chapter of questions goes to the lovely MemeBun~! Logan, Ji-U, Noah, and Lotte are all mine, but everyone else in TAL is Kang Im's, so show support for the webtoon on Naver~!))
1. Who owns that magic orb? How does it work?
"That would be myself, Madmoiselle." Logan's deep rumble is accompanied by his beast's purring. "It is a special combination of quartz and moonstone pieced together. Not quite the prettiest tool, but it amplifies my power quite a bit. Percival enjoy shattering it occasionally, hence why I say 'pieced together'." He gives a dry smile as his beast paws at the lump nestled in the pillow.
2. For Noah: pick between one of the little ones. Go!
"NOOOOOOOOOO! CHOICES! MY ONE WEAKNESS!" Noah howls dramatically, Gamun Be covering his mouth and trying not to crack up.
Sae Ha coughs. "And samanko."
"...You wanna say something, Gramps?" The Rabbit TAL glowers flatly.
The veteran
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