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TyKa - Just a Kiss by TechnoRanma TyKa - Just a Kiss :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 507 292 BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY2 wpap by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY2 wpap :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 425 59 Takao and Atago by 0bakasan Takao and Atago :icon0bakasan:0bakasan 405 15 His Eyes by Glay His Eyes :iconglay:Glay 520 163 BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY wpap by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY wpap :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 324 96 BEYBLADE-Severed by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-Severed :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 1,198 128 Tyson to a Different Tune - 00 by Glay Tyson to a Different Tune - 00 :iconglay:Glay 396 62 BEYBLADE-BladebreakersWpap by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-BladebreakersWpap :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 1,569 311 Beyblade's Back by Glay Beyblade's Back :iconglay:Glay 816 271 Into The Dark by Glay Into The Dark :iconglay:Glay 1,035 195 BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY3 wpap by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY3 wpap :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 441 60 BEYBLADE-To the Rescue by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-To the Rescue :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 819 138 They Finally Got Together by Glay They Finally Got Together :iconglay:Glay 837 114 Beyblade - The Frog Prince by Gasara Beyblade - The Frog Prince :icongasara:Gasara 1,393 164
Detention [Takao Kazunari x reader]
Detention [Takao Kazunari x reader] – (Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko's Basketball)
'[Last name]-san, detention!' The walrus standing at the front of the classroom barked loudly, prompting other students to snicker quietly as you jumped to your feet with defiance.
'But sir,' You began loudly—loudly enough for the teacher to hear you from your position at the back of the class. 'I didn't do anything wrong.'
His already plump chest began to swell with rage, his large moustache bristling like some kind of mutant caterpillar as all the blood rushed to his face, giving him a strange purple glow.
'Miss [last name]!' He bellowed, and every student in the class instinctively leant back a fraction as saliva projectiles shot out from beneath his bristly caterpillar-moustache. 'You have been consistently disturbing my class for the past forty-seven minutes! If you do not sit down this instant—' He hissed loudly, and a small cloud of spit sprayed from his lips. 'I will send you str
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BEYBLADE-FantaRPGwptake2 by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-FantaRPGwptake2 :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 526 84 Rei Kon -go ahead- by Gasara Rei Kon -go ahead- :icongasara:Gasara 788 51 [4K UHD] Takao by AssassinWarrior [4K UHD] Takao :iconassassinwarrior:AssassinWarrior 148 0 All the Beyblade Plushies by TechnoRanma All the Beyblade Plushies :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 132 75 The Promise by Glay The Promise :iconglay:Glay 776 162 Bey: It doesn't suit you by TechnoRanma Bey: It doesn't suit you :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 428 66
Love Triangle | Various KnB x Reader
Three scenarios involving two friends falling in love with the same girl. Cliche? Definitely. Worth skipping? Not necessarily.

You didn’t understand how one day, two people decided that hanging around you would be their idea of a good time. And not just any people mind you, but the aces of the Yosen basketball team.
Not to mention that one of them is extremely popular with the female population. That, in itself, make for quite a bit of a scene in your seemingly normal life.
Like this one incident for instance.
“Ne~ _____-chin~ let’s go have lunch together~!” Murasakibara was by the door to your class, blocking the entrance as per usual (you have a feeling he didn’t realize this and if he did, he didn’t care one bit), and looking at you expectantly.
“Okay,” you replied, getting your lunchbox and coming over to his side. You failed to notice the pleased sound h
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Japanese Autumn by SheltieWolf Japanese Autumn :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 512 163 If we kissed? by Glay If we kissed? :iconglay:Glay 401 90