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Jack In The Box: Ep 7
     Jack snuck out of the house, carefully making sure not to wake his father, although it had never been particularity hard before. His father was a heavy sleeper. Jack opened the front door and walked into the stale Old New York air. The buildings reverberated with the sounds of early morning chaos. Jack walked down the crumbling sidewalk in the lingering twilight. He looked to his right, down an alley he saw a couple of gang bangers smoking illegal tobacco products. he averted his eyes as one glared at him, he didn't want any trouble today.
     Jack kicked a pebble into the street, which was quickly run over by an ancient Cadillac. It looked funny with the solar panels welded all over it, and the chasey didn't fit the engine quite right. A hole had been cut in the hood so the engine could fit. Jack thought to himself how he would never drive something that trashy.
     Looking up, Jack saw an old billboard
:iconcaptainbaconman:CaptainBaconMan 1 6
inktober #1 by eseker031 inktober #1 :iconeseker031:eseker031 0 0