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Card Captor Sakura: Magic by Astellecia Card Captor Sakura: Magic :iconastellecia:Astellecia 1,591 207 .: H A L L O W E E N :. by luleiya .: H A L L O W E E N :. :iconluleiya:luleiya 11,817 629 Seiya+Usagi: Halloween Candy by YoukaiYume Seiya+Usagi: Halloween Candy :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 4,229 255 Commission - KuroFai by irenukia Commission - KuroFai :iconirenukia:irenukia 456 146 .: Sakura in Wonderland :. by luleiya .: Sakura in Wonderland :. :iconluleiya:luleiya 22,868 1,445 Commission for Tdi4eva 2. by inma Commission for Tdi4eva 2. :iconinma:inma 3,997 174 SyaoranSakura by 10721 SyaoranSakura :icon10721:10721 2,019 109 TRC Sakura and Syaoran by CHR0NIE TRC Sakura and Syaoran :iconchr0nie:CHR0NIE 424 35 Sakura hime (Tsubasa reservoir chronicle) by cos2play Sakura hime (Tsubasa reservoir chronicle) :iconcos2play:cos2play 256 59 TRC:Syaoran x Sakura cosplay by Kiarou TRC:Syaoran x Sakura cosplay :iconkiarou:Kiarou 310 153 Li Syaoran: Heir of Clow by bekalou-cosplay Li Syaoran: Heir of Clow :iconbekalou-cosplay:bekalou-cosplay 1,278 149 .: return to wonderland :. by luleiya .: return to wonderland :. :iconluleiya:luleiya 11,935 687 Sakura - Eternal Prayer by vaxzone Sakura - Eternal Prayer :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 559 34 TRC Sakura: Girl from Clow by CHR0NIE TRC Sakura: Girl from Clow :iconchr0nie:CHR0NIE 1,925 151 Tsubasa RC - The Jade Princess by vaxzone Tsubasa RC - The Jade Princess :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 430 27 BIGARSE Kimono: TRC Sakura by LiL-KRN-YUNA BIGARSE Kimono: TRC Sakura :iconlil-krn-yuna:LiL-KRN-YUNA 309 114 Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura n  Syaoran by vaxzone Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura n Syaoran :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 829 48 Tsubasa - Taking His Power by KellyJane Tsubasa - Taking His Power :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 332 102 Your Very Own Star by Yutaan Your Very Own Star :iconyutaan:Yutaan 559 51 Kingdom Chronicles by Hentai-Sweetie Kingdom Chronicles :iconhentai-sweetie:Hentai-Sweetie 1,770 410 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Sakura Hime by CHR0NIE Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Sakura Hime :iconchr0nie:CHR0NIE 213 33
Syaoran's Tickle Torture
Syaoran's Tickle Torture
" should we begin?" Sakura Kinamoto asked.
She had been assigned a project for school and had been paired off with someone who wasn't exactly on the best terms with her. Syaoran Li was her partner and he, despite only knowing Sakura for a little over a week, had decided that he didn't like her. Syaoran glanced at her carelessly and shrugged.
"I don't care. Just pick something," he replied in a grumpy manner.
Sakura flinched slightly at his harsh tone. "Uh....okay.... I'll start the drawings on the poster."
"Whatever," he muttered, staring at the small deck of Clow Cards on the living room table.
Although Sakura only had a few so far, they gave enough reason for Syaoran to hate her even more. Those should be his. Not hers. He was the descendant of Clow Reed and the rightful heir. However, instead of pondering on those angry thoughts, he simply took a careless glance at Sakura's drawing.
"That doesn't look very good," he told her.
Sakura flinch
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Little Valentine ::09 by Cvy Little Valentine ::09 :iconcvy:Cvy 518 35 Tsubasa: Wings of Hitsuzen by Astellecia Tsubasa: Wings of Hitsuzen :iconastellecia:Astellecia 1,136 100 Tsubasa - KuroFai - Lullaby by ECK Tsubasa - KuroFai - Lullaby :iconeck:ECK 1,595 146 TRC SakuSyao: Love Me Again by barbypornea TRC SakuSyao: Love Me Again :iconbarbypornea:barbypornea 1,935 236 Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura's Dance by vaxzone Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura's Dance :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 679 24 Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura n Fay by vaxzone Tsubasa Chronicles - Sakura n Fay :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 338 37 Tsubasa: Syaoran + Sakura by weem Tsubasa: Syaoran + Sakura :iconweem:weem 876 87 Cardcaptor - Syaoran n Meilin by vaxzone Cardcaptor - Syaoran n Meilin :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 429 35 Tsubasa - Sing for Absolution by ECK Tsubasa - Sing for Absolution :iconeck:ECK 1,295 107 Sakura and Syaoran by celesse Sakura and Syaoran :iconcelesse:celesse 3,987 771 Cardcaptor Sakura ::05 by Cvy Cardcaptor Sakura ::05 :iconcvy:Cvy 414 49 Tsubasa - Sakura and Syaoran by TohruHondaSan Tsubasa - Sakura and Syaoran :icontohruhondasan:TohruHondaSan 653 332 Blossoms by SarahJPhotography Blossoms :iconsarahjphotography:SarahJPhotography 358 98 Tsubasa : Celestial Crown by theonlyVU Tsubasa : Celestial Crown :icontheonlyvu:theonlyVU 404 110 Comifest 2011 - 01 by shiroang Comifest 2011 - 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 576 19 I'm With You Sakura x Syaoran by barbypornea I'm With You Sakura x Syaoran :iconbarbypornea:barbypornea 1,176 155 Tsubasa : Memory Fragments by thebakasaru Tsubasa : Memory Fragments :iconthebakasaru:thebakasaru 370 27 preorders- cardcaptor sakura charms by kaeryi preorders- cardcaptor sakura charms :iconkaeryi:kaeryi 437 13
'We have arrived in the next world' Mokona announced in almost a shout.  Kurogane lashed his hand out into the darkness and his hand curled around Mokona.  'Fai!  Kuro-puu is attacking me!  He's maddd' Mokona shreiked.  'Where the Hell are we, white manju?  I can't see my own hand in front of my face!' Kurogane yelled, steam almost sizzling from the top of his head.  He heard Fai's soft laughter and then something hit him in the face.  'Ooo, sorry Kuro-puu.  You were in the way of my finger, but there is light coming from that way, i think we are in a cave'.  'Syaoran...' Sakura whimpered.  Kurogane could imagine her hand searching for Syaoran's seeking comfort in this darkness.
'I'm here, Princess' Syaoran reassured her and then there was the racing of footsteps towards the light.  'Mokona is being left, Wait for Mokona' the creature squeeled.  Fai's side b
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Tsubasa : Overlapping Emotions by thebakasaru Tsubasa : Overlapping Emotions :iconthebakasaru:thebakasaru 276 22 TRC - Sakura-hime and Syaoran by Amapolchen TRC - Sakura-hime and Syaoran :iconamapolchen:Amapolchen 259 27 Tsubasa : Ballad in the Sand by Astellecia Tsubasa : Ballad in the Sand :iconastellecia:Astellecia 436 24 Tsubasa- Syaoran Jumpsuit by twinfools Tsubasa- Syaoran Jumpsuit :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,003 197 Mou Sukoshi...  Sakura and Syaoran by barbypornea Mou Sukoshi... Sakura and Syaoran :iconbarbypornea:barbypornea 486 62 Sakura Syaoran .Fancel paint. by escafan Sakura Syaoran .Fancel paint. :iconescafan:escafan 1,395 111 Pins - Sakura, Shaoran x3 by GwydionAE Pins - Sakura, Shaoran x3 :icongwydionae:GwydionAE 104 19